Google Advertising – How We Make It Successful For Businesses?


  • Jan 06, 2022

Nailing the Google Advertising strategies is a challenge in itself. However, having a solid one is also more than essential. With more than 3.5 billion daily searches, Google provides businesses a HUGE opportunity; to catch the eyes of their target audience. But of course, one needs professional help to make it all work. So, if you have been looking for an agency to get you the most out of Google Ad campaigns, Xcentric Services is here to the rescue. Before we get on board for planning your strategies, let us give you an insight into how we place converting Google Ads; for businesses aiming to meet their sales goals.

Four Ways We Place Highly-Targeted Google Ads For Clients At Xcentric

With an advertising strategy that is targeted right, we drive qualified traffic to the websites of our clients. Then, we connect them with the target customers and drive sales. One of the best aspects of a Google Ads Campaign is that they allow staying within a budget by setting Ads within a monthly, weekly, or daily limit. Moreover, their budget can be limited and they can be paused or stopped completely at any time.

User Intent

However, keeping a close eye on the budget of the campaigns and adjusting it according to the performance can be a challenge. Being a full-service marketing agency, we at Xcentric Services can get you complete control over the Ads campaigns flexibly. Still not convinced how we can make the platform effective in your favour? Scroll below and give the blog a read. You will get more clarity on how we create converting Google Ads that help our clients stand out in the virtual war.

1.     User Intent

Normally, when agencies search keywords for using them in Ads, they focus on the figures. From the monthly search volume of keywords to the cost-per-click and everything in between, numbers are considered essential. However, when planning an Advertising Campaign for our clients, we consider user intent as the most important element. But the question is – WHY? Simply because it gets the answers to many why’s behind a keyword search.

user intent

Why did the target audience search for particular keywords? Were they searching for information about it or planning to make a purchase? Precisely, by understanding the intention of the audience, we discover the keywords that are BEST to target for increasing the ROI. Usually, the kinds of user intents our team comes across are:

  • Navigational – when users want to visit a particular website page. For instance, if they want to navigate to the blogs we write at Xcentric Services, they type that in the search bar of Google.
  • Informational – when users want more information related to a product or topic. For example, a search asking “how many calories are there in a brownie?” is typed with the intent of getting information.
  • Transactional – when users want to take any action, like purchasing a product. For instance, a search typed “cheapest flight from Pakistan to the US” or “Apple Airpods”.
  • Commercials – when users are looking to research for a particular service or product and are likely to purchase in the future. However, at this point, they are just researching for whatever they see in trends such as “New iPhone Specs”.

All in all, when advertising a client on Google, our marketing team pays special attention to user intent as it helps rank them better and attract the target audience by giving them what they want.

2.     Advertising Time-Limited Offers

Offers with a time-ticking clock naturally convince the target audience to act fast and purchase a product or service, and that is exactly why we prefer advertising time-limited offers. In short, limited-time offers are discounts, deals, or rewards that allow customers to purchase at a lesser price during a fixed period.

A direct example of how we make Google Advertising work for our clients is by placing Ads for time-limited Black Friday Deals. Every year, it becomes a BIG hit and sets new records because the target audience spends more and more. Why? Simply because they know that to get a product or service at a discount, they will have to wait again for a long time. Hence, they are convinced to make the purchase quickly.

Advertising Time-Limited Offers

3.     Tracking & Using Google Ads Data

One of the main elements that make an advertising campaign successful is keeping track of the KPIs. Depending on the goals, we track many important metrics when placing Google Ads for clients at Xcentric Services, including:

  • Cost-Per-Click
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Number of Clicks

Tracking all these KPIs helps our marketing team know if they are on the right track; to meet the advertising goals of the client. In case they are not, a slight tweak here and there fixes the Ads. For instance, if the number of clicks on the Ads is great, but the click-through rate is low, we might tweak the headline or keywords to get it in front of the target audience. Whatever the case, we look up the KPIs and then adjust the Google Advertising campaigns.

Tracking & Using Google Ads Data

4.     Perfecting Landing Pages

Even though creating a catchy heading, using the right keywords, and bidding smartly gets clicks on the Ads, what happens after that is also a BIG deal for us. When a business trusts us to Advertise on Google, we do not take the back seat after the Ads campaigns are LIVE.

Technically, when an Ad is clicked by someone from the target audience, it means that they want to buy the product or service that is being sold. Here, having a landing page becomes important. It is what the audience sees as soon as they click the Ad. Therefore, when planning and targeting Ads campaigns for our clients, we make sure that the landing pages address every pain point, are easily navigable, and grab attention immediately.


Planning and placing Google Ads takes creativity. While the results are also worth the increased conversions and clicks, the process is also lengthy and effort-taking. Hence, to get on the right path and place different Types of Google Ads that your target audience responds to, hire Xcentric Services. We are a full-service marketing agency having on board a team of experienced marketing experts. They know how to advertise the smart way on a budget. To get started, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com NOW!







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