Why Get Instagram Marketing Services To Drive More Website Traffic?

kashif ali

  • Jul 01, 2022

Driving traffic to the website from Instagram is one of the best digital marketing tactics for a business. By planning and targeting the right strategy, you can get clicks on your website, its product pages, and even the latest blog. You must be thinking that the posts on Instagram are not actually clickable, so how can you drive website traffic by investing in Instagram Marketing Services? Well, there are plenty of ways that help take the users in the exact direction. We have shared those strategic traffic-driving ways right below – give them a read!

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6 Ways We Drive Website Traffic For Businesses Through Instagram

Instagram is famous for not being link-friendly, but well, this face of the social media platform fades away very quickly. Sure, a standard post on Instagram cannot be linked, but this does not mean that significant Website Traffic cannot be driven from the platform. Let us take you through the list of strategic ways we add clickable links on the Instagram profiles of our clients and earn them website traffic.

1.         Linking A Mini Landing Page In Profile Bio

Adding a link in the Instagram profile bio is an effective way to drive traffic to a website – and for all the good reasons. This option is available to every user, regardless of the number of followers, and can be used to send followers to a web page, YouTube video, or even a blog.

Website Traffic

For capitalizing on this feature, the marketers at Xcentric use a tactic that enables sharing multiple links from a single easily navigable landing page. When the link is shared in the Instagram bio of a business and followers click on it, they are directed to the landing pages added to the link. So, whether you are planning to drive traffic to your website, a specific product, or a blog post, highlight its link in the bio and let the magic begin.

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2.      Using Instagram Stories Link Stickers

When it comes to driving traffic to a website, the link sticker in Instagram Stories is a surefire tactic that always works. If you have a creator or business account, you can easily share links straight from Instagram Stories. Overall, using stickers is a great way to boost Instagram Traffic and catch more eyes on the website content.

Besides, to streamline marketing more, you can schedule the Instagram Stories and take the back seat; to plan content further. This way, you will be able to stick to a consistent strategy for posting on Stories, and the audience will begin engaging more, leading to them taking more actions – like driving to the website.

3.      Adding Most-Clicked Stories To Permanent Highlights

Although the Stories on Instagram disappear immediately after 24 hours, by targeting an effective marketing strategy, they can be kept on the page FOREVER. Thinking how? By simply adding the most-clicked stories to permanent highlights on your Instagram profile.

Every business wants to increase the shelf life of their Stories, and they do so by adding them to highlights. It does not only give the Stories better visibility and reach but also boosts the volume of Website Visitors – given that a link to the website is added to the stories.

Drive Traffic To Website

All in all, Highlights help put Stories under the spotlight and let the audience find the content of their interest quickly. It is one perfect way to send clicks to your websites continuously and highlight interesting content.

TIP: Always keep your highlights on Instagram up-to-date to make sure that visitors instantly discover what your brand is all about.

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4.      Placing Written & Verbal CTA In Instagram Reels

It is no secret that Reels are a one-way ticket to growing on Instagram. But did you know that they are also massive website traffic drivers? Placing a clear CTA in the Reels encourages the viewers to head over to the link given in your profile bio.

A call-to-action in Reels can be a verbal call-out, on-screen ext placement, give in the video caption, or all of these too. By directing the viewers to the link in the bio – which is your website’s link, you can Drive Traffic To Website and generate more value from your Instagram profile.

5.      Setting Up An Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop is a game-changer for E-Commerce businesses, as it helps reach more customers and drive website traffic. Using the feature, a list of shoppable products can be created and made accessible through the View Shop button on the social media platform.

Even better, businesses with an Instagram Shop can also get features within the Instagram Shop tab. Therefore, making the products more discoverable by the customers using the social media app. To open up a world of ways for customers to discover your brand and drive website traffic, set up an Instagram shop. It will surely create a win-win situation for you.

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6.      Investing in Instagram Ads

Looking for a fast-paced way to drive traffic to your website from Instagram? Start creating Instagram Ads because they are a guaranteed way to target more users and can benefit your business a lot.

When providing Instagram Marketing Services, we make placing Ads successful by carefully considering the business’s goals. Moreover, for driving traffic, the focus of marketers is on using a strong call-to-action button that encourages viewers to click.

Instagram Marketing Agency,

Overall, what will help you the most as a business placing Instagram Ads is defining the target audience, planning the budget, and having a clear idea of the advertising goals. All of this will make the complete process more efficient and targeted.

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