Facebook Advertising Agency: How We Generate High ROI?

Mahum Khalid

  • Feb 16, 2023

ROI serves as a benchmark for molding future marketing strategies – what tactics are working and which areas need improvement. It also helps measure all a business has spent as an investment and the total return received in the form of leads or sales. Considering its importance, being a Facebook Advertising Agency, we at Xcentric help businesses generate a high ROI. After all, no one wants their investment to go in vain, right?

Through engaging, persuasive, and converting Facebook advertising strategies, we bring in a high ROI for businesses in no time. However, we do understand that before getting on board with us, you as a business need some more convincing. Hence, in this blog, we have given an insight into how we provide Facebook Marketing Services that promise a high ROI.


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4 Tactics We Use To Increase Facebook Advertising ROI

With every passing minute, the potential reach of Facebook Ads is reaching up to 2 billion active users, which means that they share millions of content pieces by the second. Keeping this in mind, the marketers at our Facebook Advertising Agency create Ads with catchy headlines, engaging visuals, and a strong Call to Action.

Moreover, at Xcentric, we also use this as a basic formula in our Facebook Ad Management Packages to make successful Ad campaigns for our clients. Without the formula being put into action, an Ad campaign might not stand a chance to gain attention from users. So, when planning and targeting an advertising campaign on Facebook we use these tactics to instantly boost the ROI for our clients:

1. Perk-Packed Headline

Are you offering a discount on your product or service? Or are you giving your customers something that your competitor lacks? If it is so, then this needs to be mentioned in the Ad headlines. Being a Facebook Advertising Agency, we at Xcentric use concise headlines to define our client’s products and how they are different from their competition.

Moreover, if our client is offering some discounts, we write headlines that emphasize that discount.  We also make sure that the headline, body text, and product descriptions are related to each other because you don’t want the reader to lose interest by reading the first word. For this purpose, being a Facebook Advertising Agency we write our client’s value proposition in the headline for ROI generation and grab their attention within seconds of them seeing the Facebook Ad.

Facebook Marketing Consultants - Xcentric

2. Strong Call-To-Action

After the customer’s attention is grabbed, the next thing that comes up is a strong Call-to-Action button. According to top Facebook Marketing Consultants around the world, there should be consistency in headlines, descriptions, and CTA – without repetition. Otherwise, it will create confusion, and the chances of an Ad getting clicked decrease.

Keeping this in mind, the marketing team at our Facebook Advertising Agency makes sure to use relevant CTAs that match the client’s advertising goals and helps them achieve maximum ROI. For example, for a business that provides retailing services “Shop Now” and “Order Now” are the two best CTA button options. Unlike other agencies that put up the same CTA on every Ad, we at Xcentric use CTAs according to the Ad objective and goals.

3. Add Emphasis

There are multiple ways the marketers at our Facebook Advertising Agency grab customers’ attention and one of them is “Emphasis”. The emphasis can be on anything – a font, colour, or image. In an image, we usually highlight the product to apply emphasis whereas for a font we use capitalized letters like “NOW” or “YES” etc.

Moreover, the Facebook Promotion Packages we offer at Xcentric include designing promotional posts for clients – relevant to their products or services. All in all, we also make sure to highlight the product to create emphasis so that customers lay their eyes on the product right at the first glance.

B2B Marketing On Facebook - Xcentric

4. Facebook’s 20% Rule

With the rise of social media usage, businesses are shifting more and more toward online shopping. For this purpose, Facebook has also introduced numerous advertising features. However, with the evolution of B2B Marketing On Facebook, a new and revised set of rules and regulations also takes place. Every marketer needs to keep these rules in mind, otherwise, Facebook doesn’t allow posting an Ad.

Keeping the evolution of business in mind, Facebook made the 20% rule which allows businesses to put text on the image in an Ad. BUT – the condition is that the text takes less than 20% of the image’s total area. Any business owner can make these ads but it gets a bit overwhelming. Hence, it is more convenient to hire a Facebook Advertising Agency like Xcentric. We go by Facebook’s 20% rule and generate the maximum amount of customer engagement for businesses.

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Want assistance with your Ad campaigns? We at Xcentric are Facebook Marketing Partners who can deliver a high advertising ROI. Call us at 0300-800-2094 or email us at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

Conquer Your Facebook Ad Campaigns!

If you are planning to post Ads then Facebook Marketing Prices may vary by how much you are willing to invest in the campaigns and the advertising goals. Moreover, the ROI also depends on how well the strategies are targeted, managed, and tweaked. Hence, to play it safe, hire Xcentric as your Facebook Advertising Company and let our marketers take care of your Facebook Ad campaigns. They are willing to handle everything for you – from planning to target the Ad campaigns and everything in between.







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