How to make your game UI design shine and increase conversions

John Smith

  • Oct 09, 2018

A user interface or user interphase as it is commonly known is one of the main determinants in the success of any game. The convenience players are offered throughout the gameplay determines game conversions.

The user interface can be seen as an amalgamation of several other factors that form it and in turn affect user convenience. These factors include navigation, positioning and layouts, cohesion in design and colors, strategic data handling and lastly simplicity.

Looking at the first two components of a successful user interface that are Navigation, positioning, and layouts, it is easy to realize their importance. Any player must not be made to spend a lot of time trying to navigate through the game’s menu in search for a required field.

The fields that targeted players will search for should be predetermined through research and then positioned according to ease of access. Positioning and layout determine the ease of access. Both of these components should be strategically handled and important field should be highlighted, be in an attractive font and also put upfront.

Cohesion in design and color is another vital element that ensures a consistent user experience throughout the gameplay. From developing similar color schemas to constant fonts it is imperative to understand that haywire designs cause confusion among users and makes them doubt their own actions. When a game has a cohesive design the user experience will be quite intuitive and players will inherently know where the game is going and what to do even to when navigating through the user interface. This, in turn, increases user convenience and favorability.


Strategically handling the data that you display on your user interface will impact user convenience and information satisfaction. Information vital to the players should again be determined beforehand through accurate research and displayed very elegantly in reach of the player.

Information is thrown in face of consumers that they do not even require innately develops in their dislike for the game.
This naturally brings us to the last component that is simplicity. From information to animations designers should keep in mind that the more clutter players have to deal with the more distinction and favorability they lose in the mind of the players.

So one should let their user interface breathe and keep it simple, only displaying that which truly is necessary and positively affects the consumer perception.







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