Game-Changing PPC Marketing Trends You Need To Tap Into

kashif ali

  • Jun 14, 2022

Ad clickers are 50% more likely to shop a product than organic visitors, which is why every marketer needs to stay up-to-date on PPC Marketing trends in 2022. What worked for a business’s PPC campaign last year will never bring out the same results now and in the years to come. Not only do the customers and their needs change but so does the technology available to the marketers and businesses. Search engines also introduce changes in the algorithm from time to time. So, all of this boils down to staying on top of all the trends. Ready to know about all the latest trends? We have got you covered. Read on!

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Top 6 PPC Marketing Trends You Need To Adopt

Keeping up to the speed of the changing trends is important for every business – in 2022 and beyond. Here are 6 of the top trends that are a MUST to consider if you are investing in PPC Advertising. Though you might notice that some of the trends such as video Ads are already implemented, the fact is that they are becoming more important now.

1.   Say Hello To First-Party Data & Goodbye To Third-Party Data

Even though waving goodbye to third-party cookies via the Chrome browser is delayed by Google, it is apparent that they are going away. With this goodbye, first-party data will grow beyond valuable, which is why businesses should invest in first-party data now.

First-party data comes from different places, whether through email sign-ups on the website or the business cards. To nurture and qualify leads, different tools can also be used. You as a business can go even further with the help of digital marketing experts who know how to:

  • Feature marketing and advertising channel performance in bottom-line results
  • Sync sales and marketing data
  • Integrate data from third-party tools such as Shopify, Salesforce, and more
  • Calculate ROI across advertising and marketing efforts
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2.   Revamping Company MarTech Stack

Before you go ahead and empower your advertising campaigns with third-party and first-party data, it is vital to audit the MarTech stack. Now, the question is – WHY? Because after moving to first-party data, your business will have to introduce new data routing, processes, and tools. To audit the marketing technology stack, think about answers to these questions:

  • Is there any gap in your way of collecting first-party data?
  • Where is the data getting sent and stored?
  • Which tools integrate with each other?
  • How is data transferring between the platforms?

If you hire a full-service digital marketing agency like Xcentric to plan your PPC Campaign, it will be easier to keep the MarTech stack operating and organized. Moreover, there will be no worries about managing the setup as the dedicated account manager and our marketing team will take care of it.

PPC Advertising

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3.   Experiment With Ad Formats

Advertising platforms like Google Search Ads and Microsoft Advertising make it easy for businesses to promote their services, products, and brand all over the web. On the other hand, we have more advertising mediums too that come with a high cost – limiting them to BIG brands only.

Now, the good news is that all of this is changing. When it comes to PPC Marketing trends, it is predicted that more small and mid-sized businesses will get access to new types of Ads at a budget-friendly cost.

For instance, your business can experiment with video Ads, connected TV, and even podcasts. Hence, experiment with the different Ad times not only for the sole reason of generating sales but to also help your business:

  • Target the audience at every stage of the buying funnel
  • Evaluate the way different Ad formats influence the conversion rate
  • Go ahead of the competitors sticking to traditional advertising campaigns

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4.   Machine Learning & PPC Automation

More and more automated bidding strategies are being launched by Google for PPC. In fact, back in 2019, Google even actively encouraged the marketers to automate the management of the advertising campaigns. As a result, PPC automation is now on our list of top trends to tap into.

In the year we are currently living in and beyond, there is surely going to be a rise in third-party and first-party automation. Moreover, evaluation systems will also give the marketers more choices to automate processes than what the big-name marketing platforms offer.

PPC automation uses Machine Learning and Artificial for doing everything – from optimizing an Ad for the bids to tracking its performance, and even testing. However, it is tricky to experiment using these automated strategies effectively and efficiently.


You might not already be using scripts for automating the workflows, and if that is the actual case, then you are likely to fall behind other marketers in pay-per-click marketing.  But, an increase in open access to Machine Learning algorithms like Google’s BERT will make incorporating Artificial Intelligence in your strategies easier in 2022.

Automating workflows means that all the time-consuming and tedious tasks that are important but do not have a huge impact on results will be done by automation. This way, you will get more time to focus on other intricate tasks. Hence, this year, start with automating small pay-per-click advertising tasks.

Once you hit that sweet spot and learn the art of staying competitive by automating tasks with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, take a big step next. Rest assured, once you perfect automation, you will spend less time tweaking the bids and have more time to focus on the overall campaign results.

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5.   Branch Out With PPC

Businesses do not get limited to search engines only after investing in Google Pay-Per-Click marketing. They have the option to branch out on other alternative platforms too – including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the list goes on.

Though, let us make one thing clear. Branching out on other platforms does not mean targeting EVERY platform. It precisely means advertising on the platform where your target audience spends the most time online and reaching out to them without sounding promotional.

So, for the win, spend time on discovering where your target audience spends time and if they are likely to move to use any other platform in 2022. Then, test your pay-per-click Ads on those platforms to check if they perform or not. If they do perform, you hit the jackpot, but in case it’s a flop, do not lose hope and try luck on any other platform.

Google Pay-Per-Click

6.   Video Ads

One of the biggest Search Trends taking the advertising world by storm is video Ads that everyone wants to watch. In fact, more than 90% of people say that videos help them in making a purchase decision. Not convinced? Check out these stats for video marketing:

  • 88% of people spend more time on pages with videos
  • 83% of marketers claim that videos deliver a good ROI
  • 80% of people switch from online search to videos for searching products

The impact of videos on the audience of today is obvious with these stats. Hence, start integrating more videos into your pay-per-click marketing campaigns in 2022. The cherry on top is that just last year, Google created an easy way for marketers to create Ads using YouTube content.

Video ads now account for a major portion of social media advertising. Hence, to make sure that your target audience has you in mind, incorporate video Ads in your PPC Marketing campaigns. Rest guaranteed, there will be no going back to the static image posts.

Ready to benefit the most from these PPC Advertising Trends in 2022 but need professional help? Xcentric is here to your rescue. Talk to our strategists by calling at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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