The Future of Online Retail in Pakistan

Mahum Khalid

  • Jan 29, 2020

The instant satisfaction cravers of Online Retail, aka E-Commerce made physical stores irrelevant in 2019. There’s no single person left behind who isn’t going to scroll through Amazon or Daraz looking for anything and everything they need. Yes, this influential revolution is for real.

The result? Traditional Brick and Mortar Stores compelled to be a part of this Online Retail game. Let’s look into what predictions hit them hard and why they are looking ahead to being a part of the Online Retail industry.

Better join them Competitors, even if you can’t beat them

That’s one motivational verdict every one of us must’ve overheard because you never know when your business might reach success. That’s precisely why conventional brick and mortar stores should put their best foot, in the field of online retail, rather than being one of those endangered brands who collapse because of tech-advancements.

The best business is the one that fights back. Hence, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to reach the same heights of success, you’ll nevertheless be a contender, in the game of online retail.

Here’s what our E-Commerce Web Design experts at Xcentric suggest – Respond to the call of the time which says; Online Retail is the Future.

What 2020 Predicts about Online Retail?

The brands who’ve embraced the digital age and are driving themselves to keep up with the ever-evolving customer demands by providing them custom-made experience through online retail are growing. Hence, if you’re not online, you’re surely missing out on great opportunities. Moreover, the worst that can happen is; Customers assuming that you don’t exist.

Are you ready to strive and enter in this competitive online marketplace? Let’s get some help by looking into some predictions about online retail we’ve listed out.

1. Well-rounded product pages will matter A LOT!

The Millenials and Gen Z make the most of the online consumers today, and they consider visuals as the HERO. Yes, you head it right. They only look into pages that have at least 6-8 images of the product they’re viewing.

Embedded a Product Video too? Perfectly Pitched!

Moreover, In-depth information about the products on an E-Commerce website will top the list of concerns of a consumer in 2020. Hence, consider building a well-designed product page that gives your consumers a complete product knowledge.

2. Savvy Shoppers will demand Product Reviews

The consumers of 2020 are not only avid buyers but also savvy. They hunt the social media platforms to get a review of your products from their friend, influencer, or previous customers too before buying your product.

Hence, it’s time that you focus on Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing in Pakistan, and getting Google Reviews. Focus on getting Product Reviews and rise above because 2020 is all about it.

Online Retail

3. You’ll need to reach a new mile by BTS Innovations

Molding your E-Store into what most of your consumers demand is one great BTS innovation, and your competitor might not get a hint of it too. Providing your customers with multiple delivery options is one great example of BTS Innovations in the online retail arsenal.

Online retail titans like Amazon are offering consumers multiple choices; From same-day delivery to two-day shipping, and many more perks. However, the right integrations are the key to the success of these innovations in 2020.  What will be your take on BTS innovations?

4. Voice Search game will be real

Hey Siri!

OK, Google.

Alexa, add the leather boots to my Cart!

And that’s all you’re about to hear in future.

Considering that around 50% of the household in 2020 will have smart speaker technologies at their homes, integrating these voice tools to your E-Store will surely bring in great opportunities. A consumer might be building a shopping list using voice search on your E-Commerce website, and that’s as great as them purchasing because that’s one way you can embed specific products to their wish lists, as they shop.  

Online Retail

5. Consumers will go Omnichannel; Follow them!

Online Retail stores are the only place where consumers won’t mind you following them. So if your consumers are going Omnichannel, follow them by integrating multi Omnichannel to your E-Store.

Researches show that consumers are very likely to switch between channels and opt for E-Stores that offer them shopping experiences over all these channels. Hence, this has a great effect on your customers’ online purchasing journey. Though this can be a big shift, it will surely help you win the online retail games in 2020.

Online Retail

The Next Step? Planning your take on Online Retail in 2020

Currently, there is a growing number of brands getting into this Online Retail space. Metro Cash & Carry Marketing and The Vitamin Company Marketing are also one of those aiming to leave their marks in the Online Retail arena in Pakistan. Hence, there’s a hint that it’s going to take over the retail game in 2020.

Speaking of NRF 2020: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella cites Walgreens, Canada Goose, and Walmart as Retail Tech Leaders. In his opening keynote at NRF he quoted for retailers;

“You cannot be cool by association with a tech brand. You have to be cool on your own”

Though it’s not possible to predict the future accurately, but still, putting in your best efforts is a safe play in the Online Retailing Industry. Need some help re-shaping your E-Commerce Store following these predictions? Get in touch with Xcentric Services today!







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