Fun Things You Can Make With Microsoft Word

John Smith

  • May 09, 2019


Microsoft enhances its product line with Office 365, it is totally next-level enterprise-level product, if not bought do buy Microsoft Office in Pakistan.

Microsoft Word helps its users in different industries of business and its products are fun as well. There is an excess of things that you can use in this Microsoft Office software other than just writing a letter or typing an essay or maybe drafting a memo. Aside from being fun, creating these things yourself can also put some extra money back in your wallet. Out of so many options, let me tell so some basic things that you can do using Microsoft Office. It will help you both in productivity and creativity I guess!


Microsoft Office contains calendar templates that are can be customized as you wish to do, but if you are not willing to use one of the Microsoft calendars which are set as standard templates, you can create your own calendar and customize it just the way you want. It is simple to turn the layout of a document to landscape position and adding a table that is seven columns wide and five or six rows long, you can make a monthly calendar on one page and then print it out to keep your schedule on the exact time.

If you are willing to make a smaller calendar, you can use the portrait orientation instead of document landscape and add a header at the top of the page with the calendar part at the bottom of the page. You can even add some images, watermarks or other artworks to modify it before hanging it out somewhere on your wall.

Stationery or Letterhead

With the excess of clip arts that Microsoft Office includes, you can create personal notepads or professional letterheads easily. For this, you have to choose from a full-frame or partial frame to insert on the page.

From there, you can continue modifying it with your own images or creating watermarks plus you can also use different fonts to beautify the page. Microsoft Word also comprises stationary and letterhead models that you can use if you do not want to make your own.


Rather than paying for expensive postcards on your trip, wait until you get home and create them yourself with pictures from your own camera. Microsoft Word makes it easy to create postcards by including a 4 x 6-inch setup that is ready for you to use.

By clicking on the Page Layout tab and then changing the size of the document to the postcard size, you can start to modify it. You can even print out the postcard on photo to make it tougher when you send it off in the mail.


the multiple-column feature in Microsoft Word helps users a lot, you can easily create family or business newsletters. For this, you have to choose whether you want your newsletter on portrait or landscape direction and then from there, you can modify it the way you want. You can add as many columns as you want to one page and even put a solid line between them for a more individual appearance.

Moreover, Microsoft Office contains some built-in newsletter samples that you can work on if you do not want to waste the time to create your own.

Flyers or Invitations

Whether you need a leaflet for a yard sale or a work party or an invitation for your child’s birthday party, you can easily make it in Microsoft Word instead of overpaying someone to do it for you.

If you want to be very creative or productive, you can start from a new document and create a flyer or invitation all from zero but if you are not feeling up to it, you can also choose from many built-in flyer and invitation samples that Microsoft Office comes pre-installed with for quick collection.

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