First Version of SQL server was first released in 1989

John Smith

  • Jan 28, 2019

This was the time when the revolution in the technology industry was about to begin. After this, in the next two decades wonders happened. Now the time has come tech trends take turns with every next moment. But, that time can never be forgotten when Microsoft company left its competitor spellbound by launching the first version of SQL server in 1989 with the partnership of Sybase.

SQL Server and Windows are those products of the Microsoft Industry that have played a key role in the technological revolution. These two products had raised the standard of Microsoft. Despite the separation from Sybase in 1990, Microsoft retained the rights of SQL server. After this, Microsoft kept updating versions of the SQL server. And now the time has come that SQL server has become the need of every home especially in a country like Pakistan. Where every third-born child is told to be a software engineer.

Xcentric Services provides SQL server 2017 and Windows 10 in Pakistan. This company has maintained goodwill in Pakistan and all over the world by providing CRM solutions to multiple businesses. Now they are facilitating users with access to windows 10 and SQL servers.
Success is always scaled with some parameters.

Those parameters are decided by society. For example, if you have been making a lot of hard work in your room where no one can see you achieve something then no one will respect your hard work until you do not have to show something existing to the common public which has achieved in the gain of your hard work. Or you have provided comfort to the local audience as in the achievement of your hard work. In my opinion, these are two of the ways to be regarded.

There are some set patterns of working for producing quality. A work that is appreciated demands a detailed history of synchronized working like Xcentric Services has proofed itself in both ways. Sensing the need of the Pakistani audience this company provides the cheapest Windows 10 price in Pakistan and SQL servers 2017 prices with all improved security.

Whenever a buyer has to buy something online it remains in confusion that is opting for the right website or not? I always check the credibility of the website for avoiding all this confusion. Especially Before buying any tech product. I have always found Xcentric Services a reliable company in Pakistan. Even more reliable than famous brands.

Sometimes unexpected happens like a miracle and sometimes we assume something definitely will happen, do not come to pass. And! Some of the times we get blind to those blessings in which we are surrounded. In the same way, we neglect those websites which provide better services in the market than others just because we expect some miracle will happen when we will unwrap the paper their brand. Or, you will get something extra in return if you paid for it. That never happens.

In the world of technology predicting is next to impossible that what’s going to long last and what is going to evaporate like a liquid. But one thing has cleared the mind of internet users that only that company will survive which will never try to deceit its customer. I am saying this because different online brands adopt this criterion for generating revenue but their bad intention gave them a downfall.

We have an example of the Microsoft Industry. I admit, Microsoft is the brand and it should not be compared with Xcentric Services but one thing is to be said that Microsoft is the producers and Xcentric Services are retailers of it.

In 1989 Microsoft started selling SQL server and Xcentric Services also have experience of three years of selling Windows 10 and SQL server in Pakistan. Globally the industry of information technology will rise and shine.







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