Earn your first Online Sales platform IN JUST 2 DAYS with Effective Ways

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 10, 2020


E-Commerce platform integration services: When starting an online retail business, your initial sales are some of the most valuable. They are the sales that get the online selling drive advancing, help you perfect Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan, and iron out crinkles in your performance. Naturally, though, your initial sales will be unusually one of the hardest to achieve.

In this article, we’re going to show you some super-effective ways to earn your first sales in JUST 2 DAYS. Rest assured, these approaches will get your online store on the right route. And most significantly help you better recognize what works and what doesn’t for your online store platform.

THE GOAL – Start Earning in JUST 2 DAYS!

As a newbie, your goal is to generate sales instantly by practicing each of the techniques we’ve mentioned below. However, being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we’d suggest you that don’t jump to the next one until you’ve benefited from the previous one. Your goal behind getting your first online sales is to realize how each channel works for your brand. As well as their level of complexity. So let’s get through them!

Build a Pre-Launch List

We’ve discussed it previously in one of our blogs. But creating a buzz and an email list, even a quick one, is an imperative step to launching your business online. If you cast a pre-launch list, then you should consider emailing the people on the list. Before you explore any other tactics. These people will be your most qualified leads when inaugurating your online store since they have already raised their hands with enthusiasm and given you their email to discover more about your business.

Being a Web Design and Development Company in Pakistan, we’d suggest you get some Email Marketing Services in Pakistan to effectively build an Email Marketing campaign and send an email to your pre-launch list because you’ll surely have heaps of other tasks at your hands, so let professionals handle this job.

The Basic Tactic – Sell to Family and Friends

The most basic tactic for securing your initial sales super-fast is to get a friend or family member to legitimately buy from you. Though this doesn’t mean guilt-tripping your mom into buying a product from you, that she can never use. What you want to do is visualize and seek out a person from your homies or buddies that would acknowledge and utilize your product. Try connecting with them, ask them for a few moments, and present them with your product.

If your E-Commerce platform is integrated with Odoo ERP Solutions, you can use the Odoo POS application to create the order and accept payment in person, all while saving your friend or family member from the shipping charges. Though don’t forget to get your POS Retailers Integrated with FBR Services because it’s never too late to get some Odoo ERP Development Service for Businesses.

Odoo ERP Development Service for Businesses

Attract Customers with Contests and Giveaways

Let’s be honest, giveaways have always been a prominent way to get some eyes on a unique product. Although it can be debated that giveaways mostly boost interaction from people watching out for a deal. If done accurately, the viral character of a contest can accumulate a lot of quick traffic and word of mouth. All while growing the presence and awareness of your online store and its products platform.

There are some exceptional Instagram Marketing Services in Pakistan out there that help intensify your giveaways and develop their reach by providing participants contest entries based on them sharing your products on social media platforms. So get hold of this tactic by getting some assistance from a Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago.

Digital Marketing Agency in Chicago

Sell on Multi-Marketplaces

Being productive as an E-Commerce platform entrepreneur means experimenting with everything, this covers experimenting with other channels like marketplaces. Sites like Daraz and even Amazon can be prominent places to get some of your first sales instantly.

These are ideal when launching at first because these marketplaces beforehand have traffic and people hunting for products. This renders you with a boost when you’re initially inaugurating out. And while you work on building your SEO to reach higher on Google’s SERPs. The Vitamin Company is one of our clients whose products we’ve strategized to be sold on Daraz with our E-Commerce Platform Integration Services in Pakistan, and confidently, we’ve got high sales!

E-Commerce Platform Integration Services in Pakistan

Launch Facebook Ads

Stepping into online selling, one big challenge is to use Facebook’s essential advertising platform to make your first sales. Facebook enables some of the most explicit ad targeting features of any platform. And is a channel all online retailers should utilize.

Though keep in mind that although Facebook Marketing Services in Pakistan offer some all-embracing targeting choices, you need to allocate some time reflecting on your target market, their lifestyle, the stuff they like, and the stuff they don’t desire to find a good fit with your Facebook Ads platform. When you first start placing Ads on Facebook, you’re probably going to pay a significant amount for your initial customers. Foresee this, spend some hours and dollars tweaking your campaign, and monitor the outcomes.

However, your initial sales shouldn’t be about earning dollars and profiting only. They should be about winning a market fit and earning your first happy customers in two days.


An online store’s initial sales are some of the most prominent ones. They light the powerhouses and get the drive going. Honestly, the most important thing a newbie should know is that generating these initial sales platform will be the toughest. While they’ll be trying to find their success path and discovering the marketing formula that works for their particular niche.

Hence, if you’re a business in the same boat as them, don’t hesitate to spend some dollars on hiring a Web Development Services Provider in Pakistan to trail out the initial traction. Rest assured, profitability will knock your door as time goes by, though just ensure that you’ll keep on fine-tuning your business, your offering, and Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan.







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