8 Ways to Find the Best Social Media Influencers

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 29, 2019

In today’s digital world, social media influencers bring the most value to your Social Media Marketing in Pakistan domain. Digital Marketing Consultants in Pakistan and PR pros are headed toward these influencers because they offer more value to businesses. Even though your marketing team is developing the best strategies, influencer marketing might pitch your clients more easily. For example, an Instagram user might not visit your website to buy your products but will possibly end up buying them on the recommendation of an influencer on Instagram. In short, people have grown so dependent on social media influencers that in near future they might be the only way to pitch customers.

Finding The Best Social Media Influencers – THE EIGHT WAYS

Here are 8 ways to help you find the best social media influencers for your Influencer Marketing Strategy!

1. The Three R’s of Influence to consider

Before choosing the right social media influencers for your business, these three R’s of influence considered may give you the best outcomes.

  • Relevance: Does the influencer shares content relevant to your business?
  • Reach: Does the influencer’s follower base potentially reach your target market?
  • Resonance: Does the influencer has a high level of content engagement?

2. Define your Target Audience

Social media influencing campaigns might not be effective for all people using social media. Therefore, making your campaign effective requires you to influence the right target audience. To make sure which audience you want to target, in the first place, develop audience personas and then create matching influencer personas. By doing so, you will be able to find influencers providing digital marketing services to target your business’s audience.

3. Key to a successful campaign: The Influencer’s Trustworthiness

Generally, when you look out for influencers you might get captivated by looking at their number of followers. Choosing the wrong social media influencers can be a game-changer for your business. Therefore, check out their posts, and go through their comments. Are the followers engaging with them? Do they trust the particular influencer? If yes, then your campaign can be successful.

Social Media Influencers

4. Consistent and Complementing Content is a must

While choosing an influencer, you must retain a bigger perspective. For example, when choosing a laptop you don’t rush to buy it because it looks good, you buy it when its functioning complements your nature of work. Therefore, finding influencers whose content complements your business with consistency, is the best way to present your business.

5. Is their Sponsored Content too much?

At some point, an influencer with too much-sponsored content may feel unattractive to the audience. With the increasing trend of influencer marketing, influencers have a long stream of sponsored content. Ultimately, because of this long stream, they have desensitized their audience. Laura Reid – a YouTube influencer recommends having only one sponsored post out of five or ten posts. Therefore, look out for influencers who have a well-balanced volume of sponsored content.

6. Get to know the influencer you have decided to work with

As more businesses are engaging with influencer marketing, you might need to know a lot about the influencer to approach them. To approach in-demand influencers, get to know what their content is about and start interacting with them organically on their content. Later, when you approach them for sponsorship they’ll know that you’ve put in the time to learn about what their content is about.

7. Plan your Budget

Usually, on-demand social media influencers are more likely to charge you a lot for influencer campaigns. Therefore, you need to decide on which kind of influencer your business needs to reach target goals. i.e. a micro-influencer with lesser followers or a macro-influencer with a higher budget. Make a budget that makes you achieve most of your goals, and then decide on which kind of influencer is the best for your business within your budget.

8. Reach out Professionally

In the end, being a business after you’ve chosen social media influencers, approach them professionally. Influencers with a lot of followers may have a flooded inbox, most probably you won’t be getting any response. Therefore, reach out to the influencer through an email, sharing all necessary details about your business and the influential campaign you wish to carry out. Keeping notice that this email is the only way to indicate that you want to build a professional relationship, with the influencer.

As a business, you need to stay genuine with your audience. Social media influencers are a big advantage, till the time you choose the wrong person. And to avoid getting this wrong, hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan is not a bad idea. Let them help you choose the right person, while you can focus on other business activities that demand your utmost attention.







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