4 Must-have Features in a Loyalty Management System for your E-Commerce Store

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 10, 2019

Generally, loyalty exists when a potential customer buys from a particular e-store, repeatedly, showing a sense of likeness and trust in the brand. Likewise, Loyalty Management System is a tool, with retention being the ultimate benefit, rewards your loyal customers, who are continuously making repeated purchases at your E-Store. With the increasing trend of E-Commerce stores, customers are bored with being bombarded with irrelevant masses of offers. As a business, your only way to win their loyalty management system and support is to have an LSM. An LSM that delivers to your customers’ demands, at the right time.

Aiming more towards excellence, look out for these features while you’re choosing a Loyalty Management System for your E-Commerce Store.

1. Integration with CRM Database

A Digital Marketing campaign’s success is purely dependent on how the audience reacts to it, which means an LMS with a feature of syncing with the CRM database is a great deal. Every business wants their marketing strategy to drive them towards success. Moreover, for this, marketers should have access to certain information about the targeted customers.

In other words, marketers should be able to see a unified customer view, which includes customer profiles and history. The best loyalty management system is the one that is capable of syncing along with your CRM database and on top of that stores relevant data related to your offered incentives.

2. Dynamic Segmentation

Browsing customer profiles, after going through the unified customer view serves as an initial step for Dynamic Segmentation of customers. This helps in leveraging the data of a marketing campaign. As the next step, this gives marketers assess, to invite customers to an exclusive campaign only available to the chosen market segment.

Likewise, Dynamic Segmentation helps marketers to split their customers into fine-grained groups, personas, and incentive groups, which helps them evaluate the impacts of loyalty management system campaigns on the customers. Precisely, the crux of a Loyalty Management System lies in its ability to transform a marketing campaign into a successful business reality.

3. Personalized Incentives

Segmenting requires you to target different niches with different products, whichever interests the audience. Likewise, the best Loyalty Management System is the one that has the feature of providing personalized incentives. The features are for customers, fitting your unique segmentation and objectives. Translating more of personalized incentives, here’s what your LMS should support in its features;

  • Gamification – Provides out-of-the-box milestones, based on time, frequency, or virtual currency, compelling customers for a repeated purchase.
  • Points – They define how customers should be able to earn points over your E-Commerce store. For example, how many points should a customer get on liking your business’s Facebook page?
  • Multiple Rewards – Personalization is one of the best approaches to get more engagement. Same way, offering various rewards in the form of coupons and gift cards is a way to tweak your strategy. So make sure that your LMS supports the multiple reward feature.

Loyalty Management System

4. Self-Serve Customer Portals

In this tech-savvy era, a businesses’ marketing campaign’s success is dependent on customer attributes. Generally, like physical stores function, there has to be one person always prepared to answer any queries of the customers.

A smart solution to cover this aspect over your E-Commerce store is to have a self-serve customer portal integration. These portals will have your back when customers need answers, related to your Terms & Conditions, and rewards. Furthermore, they are a great help for customers to monitor their collected rewards over time.  The cherry on top – people will be visiting these pages more religiously, you can take advantage of it by using it as an advertising space.


To stand out in competition, in this era, where everyone prefers buying from an E-Commerce store, having a Loyalty Management System with the right features can bang on your effectiveness and Increase your E-Commerce sales. But if you’re not sure that you’ll nail the decision of choosing the best one for your business, hire a Digital Marketing Agency to take things forward.







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