What Are The Must-Have Features In A B2B E-Commerce Platform?

kashif ali

  • Dec 06, 2022

B2B E-Commerce platforms are the ones that cater to businesses selling services or products to other businesses. Mostly, a B2B E-Commerce Platform is used for diversifying the revenue stream. It provides every business with the tools needed for selling online on a digital storefront. In the opinion of E-Commerce experts, the major benefit of using B2B platforms is the easy access they provide to a HUGE pool of customers. The icing on top of the cake is the customization level these platforms offer. Are you confused about how to choose the right platform for your B2B retail business? Keep on reading the blog to find out all the must-have features that your platform needs to have.

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b2b e-commerce platform

6 Core Features Every B2B E-Commerce Platform Must Have

In the world of B2B, E-Commerce has become table stakes. Even though B2C stays in the headlines, the B2B E-Commerce platform market is five times bigger in comparison – and is still growing BIG at a fast pace. Therefore, gives retailers plenty of opportunities to improve B2B customer journeys and increase their bottom line using the Best E-Commerce Platforms. The core must-have features of these platforms that help retailers grow include:

1.  Cart Abandonment

Carts are critical for online web stores, which is why the B2B E-Commerce Platform that you choose should make the ordering process easy for every customer. For instance, if navigating through the cart is confusing, it results in cart abandonment and a bad customer experience. In the opinion of E-Commerce experts at Xcentric, the B2B platform you choose should enable options like bundled purchases at a single price and loyalty-based discounts.  Moreover, the platform should also allow stock replenishment notifications, split purchasing, the creation of buying lists, and personalized discounts.

b2b e-commerce platform

2. Product Searches

B2B retailers face many different kinds of hurdles when it comes to search. Generally speaking, the B2B E-Commerce platform product catalogs are quite extensive – with many SKUs and product details. On top of it, the products are also complicated because of their complicated characteristics and attributes. However, when you choose a platform with the best Features of E-Commerce, specifically catering to a B2B retailing model, there will be multiple search options. In short, to improve the product searching experience for your B2B customers, ensure that the platform offers such search features.

3. Checkout Process

Mostly, checkout procedures are the same. Customers initially view the products, add them to the cart, review the cart, add the shipping details, choose the payment method and confirm the order. However, in the B2B retail world, the processes work a bit differently, which is why the B2B E-Commerce Platform you choose should enhance the customer experience through the checkout process. For example, it should streamline the buying process for a potential customer by offering a quoting system – allowing them to quote a price. In addition, for bigger orders, a request quote is quite beneficial. Flexible payment options like credit card payments and payment refunding options should also be available.

4. Customer Experience

While interacting with a B2B E-Commerce store, the customers usually have very high expectations. Therefore, being a B2B E-Commerce Agency, we suggest that retailers manage customers well by fully understanding their needs. In fact, the best strategy to make the most B2B sales is personalizing the experience for every customer. Personalization includes showing them products that are relevant to what they need, therefore, preventing them from unnecessarily searching through the web store. Integrations of a CRM and ERP system can help manage business-customer relationships better. And if you need help with that, our B2B E-Commerce platform website developers are here to the rescue.


5. Ordering Process

To further improve the customer experience and add to the ease of B2B customers, make sure that your B2B E-Commerce Platform enables easy and seamless ordering. In simpler words, you can offer the buyers a one-click order and re-ordering option that will help them skip the multiple steps of ordering. Moreover, a feature that enables repeat orders can also be quite useful for your B2B buyers who want a particular order repeatedly. Similar to the B2C retailing model, order reporting and processing details shared with the customers also prove to be very useful and are a critical component of the retail experience.


6. Customer Data Security

Cyber attacks are rising day by day, and so is the need for securing customer data. For every B2B business owner, it is a MUST to prioritize the security of customer data. There are several platforms out there that provide high customer data security through a secure infrastructure. Hence, choose the one that is secure, allows the creation of site-specific roles for your team, and prevents unauthorized people from viewing the user data.

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