Features Good People Counting Camera Should Have

John Smith

  • Feb 18, 2019


In the past few years, a new concept of people counting cameras is getting widely common among retail businesses as it offers accurate data for the study.

The businessmen are fully getting benefits from the new innovation of people counting cameras. The retailers get to measure, test, and study the customer behavior as well as the store and its topmost demanded products. People counting camera collects the customer data and then save it to your phone or any online cloud storage.

As more retailers are knowing about it, they are willing to get served by the technology. Noticing the current need of the retailers Xcentric Services provide the best people counting solutions, with partners with V-Count. Now it is easy to spread the technology to the retailers of Pakistan so that they can stay up to date according to the technology culture going on.

If you wish to improve your retail business and want to get the piece of technology do visit the Xcentric Services website store to get the best people counting camera. Before you buy any of the people counting cameras you should check if the device supports the following features. The latest people counting cameras should consist of the qualities that we are going to discuss further.

Plug And Play

You will notice people counters with different percentages of accuracy, but the 3G people counting camera device is right now on the top with 96% of accuracy. V-Count’s 3G enabled plug-and-play is the only device available in the market with the most accurate data collection. The function of enabled 3G in the people counter device it helps to transfer the collected data directly to your phone with the help of the 3G operators plus it removes the mess of the cables.

Mobile Friendly

The people counting device you chose must be mobile-friendly means you can operate it from your phone. V-Count partners of Xcentric Services have their very own V-Count application which is available on both the Google play store and Apple app store. This means our clients whether they are running a big shopping mall or a single store retailer. They will be able to keep a check on the cloud-based reports from their smartphones anytime anywhere.

Moreover, the app and the people counter device notes the number of people present in the store or in the mall real-time. It collects the data when people enter and exists from the points where people counters are set. So it also indicates the real-time results from the people counter and shows them on your smartphone through the app. This feature is currently supported by V-Count devices only.

Get Data In Seconds

As soon as the people counting camera device is set to use, it starts collecting the data by counting people coming and going in the mall or the store and uploads the collected data to your cloud storage.  V-Count also offers infinite storage on the online cloud that gathers people counting data from the people counting camera device you are using.

Moreover, you can add your sales, revenue, and marketing campaigns the cloud storage. You can also analyze the data later or it can be analyzed by learning machine methods. This will create data on which you can take action to improve your business.

Get Pure Counting Data

The people counting devices collect the data of people count that enter and exit from a store or a mall and the data is approximately 95 to 96% accurate. The main reason is that the device also counts the staff members of the mall or the store which make difference in the data of the customers.

If in a store 50 customers come for shopping according to the data actually they might be 35 or 40 customers rest of them are the workers or other staff of the store. This results in inaccurate data provided to the owner of the store but V-Count has a solution to overcome the problem of the retailers once for all.

The new staffing optimization technology by V-Count is an application-based and Ibeacon product. It is a solution to avoid the repetitions in the data and it uses Ibeacon units and a user-friendly mobile application installed in the smartphones of the staff members.

How Does Staffing Optimization Work?

The app should be installed in the smartphone of the staff members and then they are automatically checked in and track the activities of staff members all day after they come in contact with the beacon radars. This is an effective way to deduct the counting of the staff members from the data of the customers. This will give the retailer accurate data of 95 to 98%.

These were some main features you should check before getting the people counting camera device. With the help of V-Count, Xcentric Services is introducing the latest people counting cameras in Pakistan now. Get the counting devices with the latest technology and features. Visit the Xcentric Services website to get the products and best people counting camera price.







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