Father’s Day – Reach the DAD MARKET with the help of DIGITAL MARKETING

Ali Kazmi

  • Jun 19, 2020

Marketing research reveals that more than half of the modern dads are practicing an acting role in parenting their children and shopping for them. Tossing between work lives and taking responsibility for a child is not an easy-peasy play. Especially for the younger dads between 19-35 years, amid the milk and food feeding, cleaning, and diaper changing sessions; they need to know what their baby needs and how they can get it. This Father’s Day, to honor the Millennial Dads, we’ve covered this article on how businesses can make the Dad Market a part of their Digital Marketing campaign; to reach out and engage with them.

Transform your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Similar to other characters, dads have changing tastes and variations, which means that not all millennial dads want to savor a BBQ or buy themselves sports gear for Father’s Day. The world runs with dads that are sports fans, tech dads, and possibly DIY dads.

If you are running a Digital Media Marketing campaign focusing on Facebook Marketing PakistanInstagram Marketing Services, or Email Marketing Services, you need to target every personality with words and visuals that perfectly resonate with them. And for that reason, you can try using focus group experimentation and usability testing Digital Services strategies to make the most of your Digital Marketing Services in Lahore campaigns. Experiment the offers; discover what gets the response from the Dad Market. Besides, examine and optimize your website to maximize conversions.

Father's day Digital Marketing Services in Lahore

Create Dad-Focused Content

60% of millennial dads think that there isn’t any information online that is tailor-made for them. The same statistics also show that around 70% of them believe that this kind of information should be composed and made readily available for every millennial dad. Besides, if there are websites currently sharing this type of content, they are not optimized for mobile phones and other digital gadgets. 

The count of online searches, particularly for baby products, is growing every minute. Hence, it’s time to review your Dynamics E-Commerce Website by judging its efficiency. Ask yourself these questions before investing in Social Media Marketing Services:

  • Was your initial plan focused only on reaching higher on SERPs?
  • Did you miss out on any aspects of the Website?
  • Are you contributing quality information for Millennial Dads?

If any of the answers is a NO, it is high time that you rethink your Social Media Marketing in Pakistan strategies and start creating content that appeals to the Dad Market. And if you need some professional help, hire a Digital Marketing Company

Reach the Digital Dads Father’s Day

Just as everywhere, the millennial dads in the mountains and across the valleys are also tech-savvy. And there is no doubt to it that they are actively using mobile phones to communicate, research, and shop for what they want; all online. Considering that they cannot afford to set up some hours to step out and buy from a physical store, most of them rely on E-Stores for everything, be it baby cream, formula milk, and everything in between.

We assume you must’ve perceived what we mean to say. Hence, for reaching out to them effectively, hire us as your Social Media Marketing Company. We will inform them of the product you offer, and engage the digital dads always on the go by sharing mobile-ready content; accessible on any device.

Father's day Digital Marketing Company

Answer the Daddy Questions

One of the heartwarming impressions of Millennial Dads is that they are actively attempting to be better than their ancestors. Research have revealed that most of these Dads want to be the PERFECT DAD to their kids. They are actively playing an inspiring role to bring up their kids. Hence, they deserve to know how things work the right way.

We have noticed Millennial Dads going online to seek answers that help them bring up their kids better, whenever they are free. That’s where you can pitch in with Marketing Services that provide them with actually helpful answers. 

How-To Videos are a Dad-Favorite

Millennial Dads are dependent on the information available online; to learn the way to achieve the most primary tasks at home. Hence, they need the help of content that precisely elaborates a how-to for carrying the tasks.

The perfectly fitting format for this kind of content is seemingly a step-by-step video; showing how to prepare your baby’s formula milk, how to feed babies and change their diaper. Contrary to E-Books or self-helping guides, instructional videos have a much-influencing impact on information-hunting Millennial Dads. All in all, that’s precisely why these young dads hunt YouTube to learn about the hacks for better parenting. And, here is where we direct YouTube Marketing in Pakistan strategies and Facebook Marketing Packages for brands. 

Social Media Marketing

Millennial Dads actively scroll through social networks such as Facebook MarketingSnapchat Marketing, and Twitter to stay up-to-date with the trends and keep in touch with their friends and family. Around 30% of these Digital Dads follow brands on Social Media. They make choices of what to purchase based on actual information shared in their social circle.

That’s where opportunity jumps in for you; with the power of well-planned and targeted Social Media Management campaigns, you can convert these social-savvy Millennial Dads into loyal customers. A Social Media Manager might help you achieve this.

A Pro-Tip; While you are working on Social Media Campaigns, there is one thing that works as an instant connecting charm – Leveraging the Power of Emotions. Here’s an illustration of what we meant by connecting the human mind with your brand within a second; This Father’s Day post right here warms our hearts. Share your take on connecting with your audience this Father’s Day if this illustration inspired you!

Father's day Facebook Marketing, Snapchat Marketing

Are You Seeking Professional Help? We’re here!

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