How We Help Businesses Grow Being A Facebook Marketing Company?

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 30, 2020

Every business today probably knows the importance of hiring a Facebook Marketing Company to succeed in the digital world. With a whopping 2.5 billion active monthly users, Facebook is famous for being a social giant with a large audience base. However, what most businesses don’t know is how often their target audience uses Facebook to interact with others who are selling on the platform.

For instance, around two-thirds of Facebook users claim that they purchase from a business page on Facebook, at least once a month. Sounds promising, right? So what’s the wait? Your potential customers are already on the platform. Let’s start interacting with them with a clear, concise, and focused Facebook PPC Marketing strategy. Though handling it all on your own can be a hassle because marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds, be it a small business, mid-sized, or a top-notch brand.

Our team of Facebook Marketing Consultants at Xcentric has the expertise to handle it all for online retailers and help them succeed. Their mantra is what Facebook puts forward – your Facebook Page is the cornerstone of your online identity. In detail, this article covers the 6-step strategy our marketing team follows to help businesses grow;

1. Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals for Facebook Marketing

The initial step we take when providing Facebook Marketing Services is setting up the goals for our client. And for that, we begin by asking the client a few questions, such as;

What results do you want to achieve from a marketing strategy?

Do you plan on increasing brand awareness, driving traffic, or generating quality leads?

Once we get the answers to these questions, we determine the client’s goals and adjust the marketing strategy accordingly. Though not to forget, Facebook Marketing Packages aren’t one-size-fits-all. Hence, by setting goals, we make sure that the strategy we plan is customized according to our client’s specific needs.

We know, you must be thinking about where we exactly start. It’s been years serving as a Facebook Marketing Company. And every time a client gets on board with us, to set the goals, we use the S.M.A.R.T strategy. It is defined as setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

For instance, instead of stating that our client’s goal is to increase brand awareness, we say that their goal is to gain 2K followers in two months through B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook. This goal is S.M.A.R.T. Why? Because it specifies a number, is trackable and measurable, sounds realistic, and has a time element. Precisely, setting S.M.A.R.T goals has always helped us determine how well our strategies are working in providing value to our clients.

Smart Goals Facebook

2. Reaching the Target Audience

Being an agency, we believe that putting efforts into strategizing marketing campaigns is of no use if the business doesn’t reach the right target audience. Reaching the right target audience is as essential as setting up a business in the first place. Though you don’t have to worry about finding them, as your partner Facebook Advertising Agency, Xcentric will do that for you. Whether your target audience is grand-dads, gamers, or Gen Z, they are all on Facebook, and we know how to reach them.

To start with reaching the client’s target audience, our team starts building the audience in Facebook Ads Manager, which allows for building a custom audience. Here, we have a list of options. Either the client provides us with the information of previous customers, including their names, contact numbers, and email addresses, or we re-target. Either way, we make sure to get our clients the most out of their investment in Facebook Advertising Packages.

Technically, re-targeting enables targeting the people who have already visited our client’s online web store or have engaged with them on Facebook. This type of targeting works wonders for clients who already have engagement and want to convert their followers into potential customers by paying Facebook Marketing Prices. In our marketing world, we call such an audience as Warm Audience. Plus, there’s a secret – retargeting helps us drive most of the customers to our client’s online web store

3. Planning a Budget

Moving forward, we go by the old saying – To make money, you have to spend money. Quite obviously, this couldn’t be truer when it comes to B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook, which is money-motivated.

So, to put our clients in front of the target audience, being a Messenger Marketing Agency, we prefer putting some money behind their posts and Ads. And for that, we decide on a budget that goes well with the initial goals we set in the first place.

Typically, the budget includes Ads, conversions, lead generation, post boosting, and content creation. However, the major task is to decide how much of the budget should be spent on each of these marketing sides. Well, there’s no definite answer to this because it depends on every business’s individual goals, finances, and Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages. Ideally, to figure out the budget, we do a test run first and determine what brings in the best ROI.

4. Drafting and Scheduling Engaging Content

After we’ve set the goals, planned the budget, and have the target audience in mind, we dedicate a team to begin drafting content for porting on the client’s Facebook page. Ideally, we plan the posts and get them approved by the client beforehand, to maintain a regular posting schedule. This way, there’s a diversification in the postings, and the quality is maintained.

Being a Facebook Marketing Company, the last thing we want to do is publish a messy graphic on short notice. Hence, we prefer scheduling content ahead of time with the help of scheduling software.

At this point, the most challenging and fun part other than planning a schedule is drafting the posts. Whether it’s an image, video, or gif, we make sure that every post is one of a kind, and for that, we focus on;

  • Posting images with faces in them to draw audiences’ attention
  • High-resolution Visuals
  • Staying away from stock images
  • Creating videos that convey messages even when the sounds are on mute

Another thing that we keep in mind when providing Facebook Marketing Services Packages is diversity in the posts we do on behalf of our client. Whether it’s the text, videos, images, or Ads, we make sure that there’s a bit of everything on the feed in a consistent tone; to encourage interaction.

Facebook Marketing Management

5. Placing Winning Ads

Being a Facebook Ads Agency, we use the same strategies that go behind drafting engaging content to create winning Ads. However, there are a few more rules we follow when it comes to placing image Ads. Firstly, we don’t add more than 20% to the images we use for Ads. Though this does make things a bit tricky to handle, we’ve got hold of it.

Moreover, we also place CTAs on Ads that are dependent on the set goals and objectives. For instance, if the client wants to build brand awareness, we focus more on boosting the posts on their Facebook marketing page. However, if they plan on just converting the followers into potential customers, we focus on conversion campaigns

6. Regular Monitoring

Once we have the posts planned and the Web Design Facebook Ads ready to be created on an affordable yet efficient budget, the next step of our strategy is monitoring the client’s Facebook account. To make sure that every post scheduled is appropriate, we monitor the account regularly, along with responding to the comments by viewers.

We all know that the savvy audience of today loves interacting with brands and recommends positive interactions with brands to others. Hence, to make sure that no customer feels left behind, a dedicated Facebook Marketing Expert from our team engages with them over the comments on the posts.

Though that’s not all about the benefits of regular monitoring. We are all humans, and even after proofreading the content twice, typos can happen. Grammatical errors are still too smart to slip through our eyes. Hence, at Xcentric, we prefer monitoring every post we schedule and publish on behalf of our clients. This way, we get our sweet time to catch a mistake before the audience notices.

One more reason to monitor our client’s Facebook page every day is to improve the response rate. Facebook marketing noticed how quickly businesses respond to customers. So yes, if your response rate is low, you might look unappealing. Though this won’t happen when you have our Facebook Agency Support. Our team will answer every message as quickly as possible.

Need Help?

There are many Facebook Marketing Agencies out there that offer Facebook Ad Management Packages. However, only a few Facebook Marketing Partners like Xcentric have the expertise to provide unique and professional digital solutions after a thorough analysis of your business. So, as you embark on your journey towards growth, why not partner with us? We are a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan offering Facebook Promotion Packages that help businesses grow in this loop of marketing trends.







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