Facebook Marketing Services: 4 Key Analytics Metrics We Track

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  • Jun 07, 2023

Facebook Analytics is a helpful tool that plays a significant role in assisting agencies like us who provide Facebook Marketing Services. Designed to provide deep data analysis and insights, Facebook Analytics empowers our marketers at Xcentric to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s audience, optimize their marketing strategies, and effectively measure the success of their Facebook marketing campaigns. By harnessing the power of this platform, we make sure to uncover valuable audience insights, track conversions, and refine their approach to deliver targeted and impactful marketing campaigns.

Considering the robust features and capabilities of Facebook Analytics, we make tracking analytics a part of our Facebook Marketing Packages. It helps in growing the client’s presence and engagement on the world’s largest social media platform. Moreover, it provides a wide range of features and capabilities to track, analyze, and interpret data related to user interactions with a Facebook Page, website, or mobile app. However, multiple metrics need to be tracked to get the most out of this tool. Want to know which metrics we track to help businesses succeed on Facebook? Keep on reading the blog – we’ve covered everything right here.


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Making Businesses Successful By Tracking Facebook Analytics

In today’s digital landscape, there are many ways through which people engage with brands online. However, it often gets overwhelming if a business tries to handle it all on its own. Facebook Marketing Services that we provide open up doors to endless possibilities for businesses to connect with their target audience and foster meaningful interactions.

Marketers at Xcentric understand Facebook metrics and gain a holistic view of the client’s audience to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their Facebook marketing strategies. When providing Facebook Marketing Services Packages, they track the following metrics to create a compelling online presence that converts the target audience.

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1. Engagement Rate

Nurturing a loyal community and actively tracking user involvement are essential aspects of our Facebook Marketing Services. When gauging user interaction, engagement serves as the go-to metric, encompassing the collective sum of likes, comments, and shares that your posts receive. However, to gain a deeper understanding of the true level of engagement among your followers, it’s valuable to examine the engagement rate.

This metric calculates the average engagement per post by followers. To ensure effective marketing, we monitor the performance of the content by analyzing Facebook Analytics. This regular assessment empowers Facebook Marketing Consultants at Xcentric to identify areas for improvement in clients’ strategies and attract a greater number of individuals who are genuinely interested in their niche.

2. Post Reach

The reach metric provides valuable insights into how many individuals actually view your content within their Facebook news feed. Monitoring the reach metric is a vital component of our Facebook Marketing Services. In simple words, it accounts for the total number of unique users who come across your posts as they scroll through their timelines. Importantly, your posts can reach individuals who do not currently follow your Facebook page, allowing you to extend your brand’s visibility to a wider audience.

When fine-tuning existing ads or creating new ones through our Facebook Ad Management Packages, we rely on the insights gained from Facebook analytics. With the help of these analytics, our team at Xcentric provides valuable data and feedback on the performance of clients’ ad campaigns. Moreover, we also help them make informed marketing decisions and optimize their advertising strategies for maximum impact.

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3. Impressions

Impressions refer to the total number of times your posts have been viewed, including multiple views from the same users. In the realm of Facebook Marketing Services, impressions play a significant role in gauging the effectiveness of your content strategy and increasing brand awareness. In addition to this, this analytics metric is worth monitoring as it provides insights into the reach and exposure of your content.

This feature enables marketing agencies such as Xcentric to access in-depth data and metrics related to clients’ page performance, audience engagement, and content effectiveness. However, we use dedicated tools with a unified Facebook analytics dashboard because they provide a comprehensive and consolidated view of the client’s Facebook marketing performance, allowing you to analyze various metrics and KPIs in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

4. Page Views

Page views are the overall number of views your brand’s Facebook Page receives. When providing Facebook Marketing Services, we monitor various metrics, including page views. Some individuals might come across your brand through word-of-mouth recommendations and subsequently search for it using the Facebook search bar during conversations with their friends. Others may click on one of your advertisements, leading them directly to your brand’s Facebook page.

Facebook Marketing Agencies including Xcentric find it crucial to target the appropriate client’s audience segment that is most likely to convert into potential customers. This consideration is especially relevant when analyzing the key performance indicator (KPI) of Facebook page views.

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Final Thoughts

Through Facebook analytics, businesses and marketers can gain a deeper understanding of how individuals engage, enabling them to identify strategies to enhance their conversion rates on a larger scale. This knowledge also empowers marketers at Xcentric to build a more effective and relevant audience for marketing campaigns of clients. Hence, let our team provide you with Facebook Marketing Services and take your business to new heights of success on the social giant.







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