Do Facebook Marketing Services Overshadow Instagram?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 21, 2019

Facebook and Instagram were formerly used only to connect to friends and family.  However, they found new light as people across the globe started showing interest in spreading their business through these platforms. And perhaps, in 2020, it’s safe to say that Instagram and Facebook Marketing Services are two tech giants in the digital world, clawing their way up with every passing day.

Facebook is the largest social media marketing platform with over 2 billion users as per a recent report. While on the other hand, Instagram is the 3rd one with an increasing population of about 1 billion active users. With the growing viability of social media management platforms, even the smallest of businesses take refuge in these platforms. Having said that, it all depends on the services your business offers. Hence, you have to decide on which domain suits your niche better.

Are you confused about whether Instagram Marketing Services is your new best friend or Facebook Marketing Packages? We suggest, before you figure out your answer, consider these couple of things we’ve listed in this article;

Digits can say a lot…

Given the fact that Facebook has almost 6 years over Instagram, it boasts a greater user turnover. However, what Instagram has achieved ever since 2010 is nothing but impressive. It has at least 500 million active users visiting Instagram on a daily basis, worldwide. 37% of US social media users are on Instagram, while 60% of the total users seem to be using this platform on a daily basis. Instagram marketing hit a new boom when marketers claimed that they have been using Instagram and Facebook Marketing Services as part of their brand’s social strategy.

On the other hand, Facebook stats suggest that an average of 2.1 billion use the app on a monthly basis. And 96% of them operate Facebook through their mobile devices. There are about 65 million Facebook pages small businesses have made to market their products and services.

So while the reach shouts out Facebook, it doesn’t conceal the amazing engagement achieved by Instagram. A social media engagement report by a Facebook Marketing Company suggests that on average, Instagram posts have an engagement rate of 1.60% per post. While on the other hand, Facebook’s engagement rate is 0.09% per post.

The audience demographics speak volumes

Making social media strategies might be overwhelming. But if you’d just be a little considerate about the demographics, it will be your cup of tea. The age, income, gender, and education differences once sorted out, make it easier to analyze which platform is better than the rest. Research suggests; Instagram users are mostly below 30 years while Facebook users range from teens to 65 years old adults. Consequently, making it easier for a Slimming Tea brand to invest more on Instagram marketing to get more desired results. On the other hand, an Insurance Company might be more inclined towards Facebook Marketing Services, considering that their target is a more mature audience.

Figuring out the Functionality is a Sensible Thing to do

If you are planning on picking sides with one Social Media Platform, then maybe assessing their functionality first is the smartest thing to do as Facebook and Instagram have almost similar marketing techniques. Though being a marketing agency, we might give some bonus points to Facebook for having extra options like the right-hand ads. However, the content you choose might differ, making photo-based posts a hit on Instagram, while Facebook posts encourage more informational content.

So it’s a good idea if you consider analyzing what each platform is used for and then strategize your marketing. Facebook is primitively detail-oriented; You can find out about a company’s addresses, and product details, all through a Facebook page. On the other hand, if you are more interested in visual content, or you want to engage, Instagram can be your best bait. Engagement seems to have a positive impact on the brand if that’s what you are looking for. People open Instagram to engage. However, they will still resort to Facebook marketing when they really want to find out about a company. Hence, making it imperative even for small businesses to make a Facebook page for their company.

What content goes to which Platform?

We have already established that content selection is one of the keys to digital marketing.  However, one of the biggest mistakes you can possibly make is when you use the same content for both Instagram and Facebook marketing. To understand, if you aim to gauge potential customers, you have to be picky about the content you publish. Considering that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to Digital Marketing.

If you want to curate the content, direct your attention to Facebook Marketing Services Packages. Considering that a lot of the posts on Facebook are curated and shared from different accounts. On the other hand, Instagram has original photos, videos, and captured moments.

The conclusion? Facebook is more text-based. So if you plan on publishing a piece of news about your company, Facebook marketing might serve your purpose better. The Facebook-ers are inclined to read full updates. However, on Instagram, you might share photos of how your company operates, graphics illustrating your services, or just play around with the Poll and Question stickers over Insta Stories.

Hosting big conferences, important meetings, or any social events in the company? Instagram is where you post your pictures, bringing your company to the limelight. Simultaneously, live videos on Facebook marketing serve the purpose too.

So all in all, any original photo/video you have of your company needs to be on Instagram. While any information, detail, product, and service descriptions are better directed to Facebook. However, Facebook can never replace Instagram or vice versa. All you need to do is assess your audience and be smart about where you want to showcase your company. Before jumping to a conclusion, analyze where will you generate more reach and from which platform can you attract more potential customers.

Are you Confused? Still unable to figure out how to sort things and what you need to focus on to the market successfully? Don’t worry, Xcentric has got your back. And perhaps, that’s precisely what a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Agency is for. So concentrate on the business, while we, an Instagram and Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan concentrate on choosing a network that suits your company the best.







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