How Facebook Marketing Services Can Help Your Business Grow?

kashif ali

  • May 10, 2019

Keeping in mind that Facebook is a platform with the most active monthly users than any other, Facebook Marketing Services can help your business a lot. This means more chances of spreading reach and getting high potential traffic. Facebook is the ruling platform of all social media, let’s see what it has to offer to businesses and how can we grab the traffic from Facebook to your website.

Facebook Business Page

Facebook allows you to create a profile for your business as a business page. It is a great tool for free marketing for any business. These pages let businesses recognize themselves not only by listing products and services, but by sharing links, images, and posts on a customizable page. Therefore, giving a better sense of a business’s personality and character.

Your Facebook business profile or you can say the page is a great place to grow your brand awareness and show your human side. Facebook is where you can be versatile so do not get afraid to be witty.

Sooner, you will know what your targeted audience would want to see. So, keep going with sharing images, links, videos, and anything – as long as it is connected to your business and it seems like your audience is getting attracted to those things.

Facebook Advertising: Classic Ads

Facebook has its own form of advertising known as Facebook ads, which usually appear in the side columns of the site. The classic ads are more specifically categorized as Marketplace Ads. The ads are displayed as a headline, an image, and a click-through link added so that the user can be directed to either one of these; a Facebook page, a Facebook app, or an outside website.

Adding Facebook advertising into your Facebook marketing strategy is one possible scheme to increase likes or website clicks. For a better understanding let us tell you about what Facebook advertising features include.

  • Demographic audience targeted by Facebook user data based on age, location, education, and interests as well.
  • The skill to set ad budgets.
  • Ad testing, in which several Ad versions are run instantaneously to compare ad designs and their setup.
  • Ad performance measurement tools added built-in.

Hosting Facebook Contests

Hosting Facebook Contests

Facebook contests, draws, or different promotions are other Facebook Marketing Services schemes that can increase followers and brand awareness. While conducting a Facebook contest, be aware that contests cannot be hosted through Facebook itself.

To tackle this, businesses use a third-party application to create their Facebook contest and then direct their users to the application through their Facebook page. There are varieties of paid tools that can help you make such third-party applications, there are some free tools as well.

Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts allows Facebook page owners to pay a rate so that their posts can get good reach than normal sharing to reach along with the impressions as well.

Many page owners have questions about it like – why do I have to pay just to ensure that my post is seen by users who are my followers? If a user is already following my posts, they should always see my posts on their news feed, or not? The answer is simply a NO.

Even if a fan of your Facebook page looks at their news feed when you share your story, they are likely to see it, but there is no guarantee if their news feed is flooded by other posts. That is where Promoted Posts fits in.

Apart from all the aspects that we have talked about, Facebook is much more than just fun. It is taking digital trends and marketing to another level. We at Xcentric Services specialize in providing Facebook Marketing Services in Pakistan that are in pace with all the recent trends. Hence, we have got you some more details on how your business can be marketed on Facebook and the strategies we count on as a marketing agency. Keep scrolling and reading!

Facebook Marketing Services

Nine Facebook Marketing Ideas To Try For Increasing Conversions

Are you ready to try out some new ideas to market and advertise your business on Facebook? Well then, you are at the right place. However, before going ahead, we have some stats for you to go through. Do you know that the circulation of newspapers dropped from 54 million to 28 million between 2004 to 2018? Facebook was also launched in the year 2004 – a strong marketing channel that now keeps millions of people worldwide updated all day.

Facebook has left marketers and every business in search of the golden blueprints of the ideas that make B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook work. A quick search on Google displays hundreds of marketing services providers that claim to plan the best strategies fuelling your growth on Facebook. However, we at Xcentric believe in working together initially for understanding the changing market of a business and then providing result-driven services.

On average, the conversion rate of advertisements on Facebook is 9% across almost every industry. But, in this world where the marketing landscape keeps changing and new technologies getting introduced every other day, consumer interests evolve. Our team thrives at learning about all the pieces that keep moving on the social giant and plans the best Facebook PPC Marketing strategies to promote businesses online.

Over the past few years, many changes have also been made to the algorithm of Facebook. There is a direct effect of all those changes on the brands who are trying to market their products or services on Facebook. Besides that, the updates related to advertising can easily derail all those marketers wanting to stay ahead of the competition.

So, if your answer to the question we asked above was a YES, then you are lucky. Right here, we have put together a list of all the ideas that work wonders when it comes to marketing a business’s products or services on Facebook. Below are the marketing techniques that help engage the active monthly users on the platform.

1. Facebook Custom Audience – Using & Creating

The tools Facebook provides for advertising provide every Facebook Marketing Expert the capability for creating a customized audience based on their current and past behaviour. From within the tool, you can create the following Facebook custom audiences using the following:

  • Visitors to your website
  • Followers of your Facebook page
  • People who like the Ads and other content you post on Facebook
  • Customers on your email marketing list
  • Old customers who have previously shopped from you
  • Facebook users with behaviours and interests same as your target market

Once your custom audience is built, you can either use it for promoting a new service or product or even re-marketing with discounts and upselling the existing products.

Social Media Marketing

2. Increasing Engagement By Boosting Page Posts

Whether your posts are filled with content, content & offers, or promote events, the only way you can make it reach the desired audience is by targeting a paid marketing strategy. The latest update on Facebook disappointed the advertisers because it cut down the organic reach of posts significantly. Unless they are shared by family, friends, or customers, they will have no reach.

The good news here is that the posts can be boosted by spending as little as one dollar every day for making sure that they are reaching the target audience and keeping them engaged. Boosting the posts does not only help them with promoting specific posts on the Facebook page to the target audience but also improves its health in terms of reach and followers.

Applying this tactic also allows putting call-to-action buttons on Facebook posts, directing the users towards taking specific actions on the landing page of a website. Or, they can also open a message window allowing them to contact directly with you. Besides, there are many other tactics too such as utilizing the Facebook page audience and insights that we have also talked about in detail being a Facebook Marketing Company. Give them a read if you want to keep your audience engaged.

3. Promoting To Lookalike Audiences

With such a varied and enormous user base on Facebook, there are chances that there are many people similar to your customers active on the social media platform. What if we told you that they are your potential targets and only Facebook Marketing Services can help you reach out to them?

The B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook tools enable matching all such users with your email list of customers and then creating a new list of the audience called Lookalike Audience. Such an audience shares behaviours and characteristics that are similar to those of your current customers.

Leveraging this audience will allow you to promote relevant products, services, and content. Compared to the other audience and users that are less interested, there are more chances of the lookalike audience getting more receptive to whatever you are promoting on Facebook. Want to know how you can benefit more from this tactic? Talk to our Facebook Marketing Consultants.

Facebook Marketing Company

4. Taking Benefit From Custom Conversions & Pixel Data

Another useful tool of the social giant is Facebook Pixels. It is a code that is added to the HTML of the website which triggers when an action is performed. In fact, being Facebook Marketing Partners, we never miss out on adding this code. Technically, the evidence of this tool is that it allows building customized conversions from the actions taken on the website like:

  • Video Views
  • Button Clicks
  • Online Orders
  • Page Visits

All these actions are then recorded in the Pixel Data and can be used further for either retargeting Facebook Ads or reporting. Moreover, the following business insights can also be extracted from Pixel Data to tweak or define the Facebook Marketing Packages and strategies:

  • Traffic flow on the website
  • Decrease in online orders

5. Using Page Insights & Audience

Inside this resource of business tools that the social giant offers, there is another feature that enables seeing the insights related to the target audience and the Facebook page. Being a Facebook Advertising Agency, we access the insights from the admin panel and see high-level insights such as:

  • Best posting times
  • Attractive post formats
  • Location-specific information

To see the detailed demographics and data related to the behaviour, you can check out the Audience Insights in the Business Manager. By using all these insights, the reach for every type of post format can be gauged and the time when the audience is active on Facebook can be determined. Moreover, you can also take benefit from the data like the behaviour of your target audience or their job titles that help target Ads precisely and make the most out of Facebook Marketing Prices.

Page Visits

6. Ad Tools Filled With Estimates & Analytics

Facebook provides all the access to the impactful tools that we have mentioned above. They join together at an Ad creation tool named Ads Manager. New Ads can be created by targeting an audience based on interest to generate high ROI on Facebook Promotion Packages. They are the people following a specific interest group or behaving as interested in your brand. Or, you can also target the custom audience like the past visitors on the website and lookalike audiences that we have explained before.

The best thing about this Web Design Facebook Ads tool is that being dependent on the objectives of the campaign and strategy, it provides estimates of daily performance. This is also based on the campaign duration and Ad spend. Usually, owners of small businesses and agencies like us enjoy seeing these predicted metrics.

How many people may see an Ad or the number of clicks that can be expected from a campaign before a single dollar is even invested – an Ads Manager shows more than that. So, whether you plan on using it for marketing on Facebook or just as a tool for reporting the progress of Facebook Ad Management Packages, there are chances that it will never disappoint. As a bonus, you can also get to see a preview of how your Ads appear across different formats and devices. It will help you in determining how the Ads look before the launch.

7. Posts That Work Better – Ad Formats

Throughout the years, many updates in the Ad formats have been introduced by Facebook. While a shift to mobile from desktop traffic has been seen, the Ad formats also changed to fit different screen types. Moreover, with the algorithm of Facebook preferring visibility on the new Ad formats, it is better to keep on testing different formats of Ads.

Many researchers and Facebook Marketing Agencies claim that rich Ad formats such as videos and carousels perform much better than the traditional and static image Ads on Facebook. Though this varies from one industry to another, the availability of new Ad formats helps brands in reaching the target audience in a better way. For the same reason, the marketers providing Facebook Agency Support at Xcentric also prefer creating and placing Ads in three different formats for every marketing campaign.Facebook Marketing Services Packages

Once the same is done for your campaigns, you will notice how the new Ad formats like collections and carousels cost less per result – in comparison with the traditional single-image Ads. In addition, videos are also a great way to bump the performance of your advertising campaigns running on Facebook. For instance, the video content on Facebook has 3x more engagement than that on YouTube, which is very impressive.

Previously also, posts or Ads with videos were used to generate more user engagement. Hence, we have now added them to the Facebook Marketing Services Packages – along with the other types of Ads that our advertising services cover. This helps with improving the effectiveness of campaigns.

Besides, in the recent algorithm updates that were implemented by Facebook, restrictions on mobile Ads have increased and they will be smaller now. This means that the Ads showing on mobile will only show three-liner text. Therefore, prompting the users to hit the SEE MORE button when the Ad captions are long. Moreover, the aspect of the videos and photos has also been changed to 4:5 from the previous aspect ratio of 2:3.

8. Using The Power Of Hashtags & Emojis

The prominent feature that social media platforms offer is their adaptability to the trends that keep changing and engage the audience on Facebook mentally. All of this has transformed into creating internet slang, #Hashtags, Gifs, and emojis.

Moreover, according to research, 75% of people use emojis regularly in their communications online. In fact, they are considered the pepper and salt of visual proof in text. We all will agree, they give more sense to a text and make it more approachable – so much that using them in Ads boosts the conversions too.

As per the researchers of Facebook itself, simply using an emoji in posts increases engagement rates and reach by almost 75%. For the given reason, it will not come to you as a surprise that businesses and BIG brands now use emojis in their Facebook advertising campaigns.

From brands like Domino’s delivering hot pizzas to those tweeting a pizza emoji by tagging them to Holiday Inn allowing the customers to order their breakfast in their room – emojis are here to stay. The audience of today uses them as a shorthand – Angry? Sad? Excited? Just add an emoji at the end of the message and the receiver will know your mood.

Besides the emojis, another popular product of the social media platforms is #Hashtags. They are a combination of all the trending posts united by a single tag in the caption or text. For instance, when you search for the hashtag #FacebookMarketing, all the posts with the hashtag will show up clubbed together in one place. Looking at this while standing in the shoe of the users, using hashtags is a perfect way to see all the posts related to your search.

Additionally, the hashtag trend has also increased the popularity of social movements by activists and brands. Well, if you are not convinced, let us tell you that their power is valid. Being a Messenger Marketing Agency, we have actually seen an increase in engagement rates when marketing our clients on Facebook using #Hashtags. For brands that we have had as clients and used trending hashtags in their posts, there has been a two-fold increase in Facebook engagement rates. This happened because their posts got visible to a large base of users on the social media platform searching for a specific hashtag.

Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan

9. Campaign Optimization To Reach Specific Goals

Owing to the high reach of the social media giant Facebook, there are many brands out there who try getting in front of their customers every day on the platform. All of them employ unique marketing ideas for trying and achieving their respective goals.

The team at Facebook understands it well and allows automatically selecting from a list of available optimization tools. From engaging the users with comments on the posts to reaching out to the maximum audience, no matter what the goal is, you will get access to optimization options including:

  • Increasing count of views on landing pages
  • Persuading the users on clicking call-to-action buttons such as Sign Up or Order Now

On the whole, this feature enables businesses to optimize their marketing campaigns automatically and meet their goals. However, if you are not a marketing person and feel like optimization is not your cup of tea, hire a Facebook Ads Agency to do it for you.

The Verdict

With the continuous increase in technological advancements, we can safely say that marketing on Facebook can make or break the marketing ROI of a business. So, no matter which industry your business belongs to and what size it is; small, mid-sized, or large, investing in Facebook Advertising Packages will help succeed online.

However, another problem is that mixing and nailing the above-mentioned tactics can be hard along with managing other day-to-day business tasks. Being a full-service Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we can help you make it all work, and that too on a budget. With our years of experience and an in-house team that loves marketing businesses on Facebook the BEST way.

Get in touch with us at connect@xcentricservices.com or call 0300-800-2094 to book a consultation with the team at Xcentric. After discussing your requirements and marketing budget, we offer you tailor-made Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages that meet your needs.







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