Facebook Marketing Services – How To Grow This Year & Beyond?

kashif ali

  • Apr 20, 2022

As a business owner, you do only need to have HUGE funds to invest in all-inclusive digital marketing plans. Even unpaid social media marketing strategies can help a business grow – without a big budget. But the question is – HOW? With more than 2.9 billion actively monthly users, Facebook is growing into a popular social platform for marketing. No matter what type of business you are or what size, Facebook Marketing Services will work for you because your customers spend time on the social media platform.

It is no wonder that more than 93% of marketers are already using Facebook for marketing businesses and 54% of them claim it to be the most important network. Marketing on it does not only boost brand awareness but also helps find new customers, nurture the old ones, increase the website traffic and improve sales. All it will take is a FREE business page to get started on it and hire a Facebook Marketing Company like Xcentric, that knows how to make the most out of the platform.

Want to do well on Facebook and do not want to take the risk of marketing on the platform on your own? Xcentric has your back. Speak to our Facebook Marketing Consultants by ringing at 0300-800-2094 or email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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How Can You Do Well On Facebook?

Any and every business can do well on Facebook – whether it’s a coffee lounge, online web store, or grocery store. If your customers are there on it, then you can surely get successful on the social media platform by investing in Facebook Marketing Services.

However, in case you have got time to focus only on a few social media platforms, make sure that Facebook is the popular one with your future and current customers. Moving on, here is how you can set up your business for success on the platform by setting up a business profile and getting on board with Facebook Marketing Partners.

Facebook Marketing Services


1. Know The Content Types

Engagement rates are the highest on video posts. Also, compared to the plain text posts, the ones with photos in them see a higher engagement rate. However, because every type of content on Facebook has its own place, using them is worth it. But yes, depending on the audience the business is trying to engage with, a Facebook Advertising Agency focuses on these content types:

✓  Link Posts

Posts with a link show the preview of a business’s website, so visuals get more attention compared to plain text-based posts. Post them when you are looking forward to encouraging specific actions like promoting blogs or sales.

✓  Plain Text Posts

For sparking conversations, plain-text posts work great with B2B Marketing On Facebook. You can use them for asking feedback from the fans or asking them questions.

✓  Video Posts

The videos on Facebook play automatically, making it easy to grab the attention of people. Such video posts do not even have to look professional too. Casual videos that are made on a mobile feel more authentic to the audience and help in building connections. Hence, we use videos for showing new products, behind-the-scenes, Q&As, and Live,  to engage the audience of businesses who invest in our Facebook Advertising Packages.

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✓  Stories

Skip the algorithm of the Facebook newsfeed and post a story, because according to the stats, 62% of people become more interested in products or services after seeing them in stories. Similar to video posts, stories should also be casual where you can ask fun questions, post polls, and do anything creative to connect with the audience.

✓  Photo Posts

Posts on Facebook with photos catch the attention of the users when they are scrolling through their newsfeeds. Creating them takes lesser effort than videos while they still increase the engagement rate the same way. Hence, our Facebook Ad Management Packages include the creation of static photo posts too.

Want help with creating high-quality Facebook posts? Speak to a Facebook Marketing Expert at Xcentric by calling 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

Facebook posts

2. Be Relatable – Not Salesy

Fans come on a Facebook page for the products or services of a business, but they stay only when they like the style and your way of engaging with them. Think of Facebook Marketing Services as an extension of the personality of your brand.

While you can still go ahead and post promotional content, make sure that it is mixed in with content that is engaging and non-salesy. Therefore, growing your brand into one worth following on Facebook. Now, the tricky part is that every business cannot maintain this balance – and that’s where we come to the rescue being a Messenger Marketing Agency.

3. Publish Media On Facebook Directly

Sometimes, businesses want to drive people to their websites or blog. In that case, they can benefit a lot by posting on Facebook directly whenever possible. And, if you are not sure about what and when to post, simply invest in affordable Facebook Marketing Packages.

The algorithm of Facebook favours media that is directly published on the social media platform over linked posts. Hence, when providing Facebook Agency Support, we limit the posts on other platforms and focus more on Facebook posting. Doing so also strikes the conversations on the right platform, which is a plus for generating leads and engagement.

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4. Create Your Facebook Group

With 10 million groups already on Facebook and almost 1.4 billion people using them monthly, Facebook groups are a fun way to create a community around your brand. They are a great way for the brands to motivate the people through challenges, offering sneak peeks or exclusive discounts. And, creating such groups also helps in making the most out of Facebook Promotion Packages that businesses put their budget in.

Social Media Marketing

Even more, groups act as the source of information for people seeking advice related to using a product or service a business offers. In addition, those in the group can also share product or service feedback, start conversions and support each other. In fact, the Facebook Marketing Services Packages that we offer specifically include the creation of a group for the business.

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5. Post Consistently On Facebook

Building a fan base on Facebook takes time, but do not get discouraged. It might feel like you are not reaching anyone at the start but post consistently. This way, the fans will get habitual of interacting with your brand and the Facebook Marketing Prices that you have paid will pay off.

However, if growing a presence on the platform and nailing the Web Design Facebook Ads strategy is not something you can do consistently, start by posting once a week. From there, you can increase the number of posts with time.

Save time that you’ll have to spend on Facebook PPC Marketing by getting on board with Xcentric. Speak to our marketing strategists by calling at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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    B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook is not a small task, it requires having the back of a Facebook Ads Agency. Every business has millions of tasks to manage and will need a dedicated team to maintain a strong presence on the social media platform. So, because it is not a one-man show, make it easy for yourself and hire us as your Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan. Unlike other Facebook Marketing Agencies, with Xcentric, your content will be planned weeks in advance so that you never go dark on the social media platform. The cherry on top? Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages that we offer are also very affordable – and there is a package for a business of every size.







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