Facebook Marketing Services & Conversion API – How To Set It Up?

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  • May 27, 2022


Do you use Facebook Ads for reaching out to the qualified leads of your business? Then, you might be going every mile to get every benefit and maximize the results of the Ads, just like every other business does. Hence, we are here with this blog on how you can set up Facebook Marketing Services conversion API to grow your business and drive better results. It has everything covered – from what is Facebook conversion API to what it does when it comes to advertising and how to set it up for tracking. Keep on reading the blog to learn more!

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What is Facebook Conversion API?

Facebook CAPI is a server-side tool, allowing businesses and Facebook Marketing Agencies to track the actions of customers on the server-side, rather than the browser-side. By sharing such data with Facebook, businesses can improve Facebook pixel tracking, which in return maximizes the results and performance of Facebook Ads. Now, if you are thinking about what is Facebook Pixel, we have you covered for this too as a Facebook Ads Agency. Facebook Pixel is a code that is placed on the backend of a website for tracking users visiting a website.

When a user visits any page on a website with pixel installed, the Ads can be served to them easily while scrolling through the Facebook feed. However, the tool tracks data only through the browser of a user, Facebook Conversion API, and Pixel both work hand in hand to gather customer data accurately and deliver them the best Ad experience. This is a BIG win if you have invested in Facebook Advertising Packages for increasing conversions and boosting sales.

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What Does Facebook Conversion API Do?

Now that you have got the answer to what is Facebook conversion API, you might be wondering what it does. Every Messenger Marketing Agency providing Facebook Marketing Services does not miss out on integrating conversion API tracking for a business. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect out of it:

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✓    Understand Audience Better

By measuring the actions of customers in multiple ways, this B2B Marketing On Facebook feature enables getting detailed insight into the journeys of customers. As a result, you as a business can deliver more targeted marketing material to the target audience.

  • Improved Targeting

With conversion API tracking, businesses can gather more precise information for their advertising campaigns. Technically, the tools allows collecting data on page visits, conversions, and more. As an outcome, the targeting accuracy of the Facebook PPC Marketing and advertising campaigns is improved and they deliver optimized results.

  • Transferring Data

If you use third-party tools for tracking and measuring the performance of your Facebook Promotion Packages, the conversion API makes it easier to send the data to Facebook Ads Manager. Therefore, allowing the advertisers to use it in their future advertising campaigns. Overall the conversion API in Facebook enables having greater control over the data for improving the quality of Ads and increasing the revenues for businesses.

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How Can You Set Up The Facebook Conversion API?

When it comes to marketing and B2B Advertising On Facebook, setting up the conversion API is very important for every business. Worried because you do not have any idea about how to set up conversion API on the social giant? We have got you covered being Facebook Marketing Partners.

Start off by making sure that Facebook Business Manager is set up and Facebook pixel is installed by your Facebook Advertising Agency. After the two steps are complete, move towards setting up the conversion API, for which you have the following two options:

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1.  Partner Integration

One of the easiest ways to set up conversion API tracking is by partner integration. This way is quite simple to use as it does not require writing codes and everyone can do it without asking for help from a developer or Facebook Marketing Expert. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Events Manager
  • Open the Data Sources tab
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll to Conversion API
  • Below the Set Up Through Partner Integration, hit the Choose a Partner button
  • Choose the provider from the given options
  • Follow the provided instructions for the partner and complete the setup

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2.  Manual Integration

In case you are not using the partner platform, another option you have is to go ahead with a manual integration. However, for choosing this option, you will need to hire a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan and a developer, as the process is trickier. For starters, you can set up CAPI tracking by:

  • Clicking the Add Events and selecting the Use Conversion API option
  • Manually installing the codes
  • Choosing the events to track
  • Selecting parameters for the event
  • Entering the email ID of the developer or agency representative

From this point, the developer or marketer from the Messenger Marketing Agency will complete the process on behalf of your business.

Ready to set up your Facebook conversion API tracking? Xcentric is here to provide Facebook Agency Support. Speak to one of our Facebook Marketing Consultants by calling at 0300-800-2094 or drop a query at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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