Do Facebook Marketing Packages Promise Lead Generation? YES!


  • Jan 28, 2022


Agree or not, every business on this planet is focused on the same goal of generating leads. They go to every extent for finding leads and capturing them to eventually make a sale. However, this is also leading to the digital market getting more competitive; where Facebook is offering features that help in driving qualified leads. If you have tried your hands on everything from link building to email marketing, it is time to invest in Facebook Marketing Packages that promise lead generation.

With more than 2 billion active monthly users, the platform has evolved. It is now an engaging space for generating leads and reaching a new audience base. Interested to know how you can take advantage of it with the help of marketers at Xcentric? Read the blog to get an insight into how we being Facebook Marketing Partners generate leads for our clients.

Four Ways We Generate Leads On Facebook For Businesses

We have been repeatedly shedding light on the HUGE volume of active monthly users on Facebook. And with such high counts, growth opportunities are there for every business. So, no matter what size your business is, your target audience is surely there – which calls for investing in Facebook Marketing Services. Moreover, people are actually engaging with brands on the platform.  In fact, more than 40% of the users follow businesses on Facebook to stay updated with the offers.

As a marketing agency, we are fully aware of all the figures and help businesses in generating leads through Facebook. To convince you more of the platform’s power and our strategies, we have broken down how our Facebook Marketing Packages can make a difference in your sales with successful lead generation. Let us take you through them before our team puts in efforts for taking your business to the next level!

Create Facebook Business Page

1. Creating Lead Ads

Whether it is a marketer, business owner, or a normal customer, everyone has seen paid Facebook Ads at one point. Now, what many businesses and Facebook Marketing Agencies claiming to market business on social media do not know is that a subset of Facebook Ads is dedicated to lead generation.

By using the opt-in Ad that is designed in a user-friendly way, we create a Facebook PPC Marketing lead form and target it in the Ads. People seeing the Ads simply click it and complete a form that appears rather than having to type the same information repeatedly at different places. Precisely, the top benefits such Ads provide include:

  • Easy To Use

Lead Ads are quite simple to use because rather than entering contact information over and over from the mobile phone or desktop, they can fill the lead form which captures information. They help reduce the bounce rate and keep the information in records. Hence, being a Facebook Ads Agency, we count on them when advertising a business on the social giant.

  • Highly Targeted

With the massive audience base on Facebook, targeting has become very important. So, with lead Ads, as a Facebook Advertising Agency, we target the exact niche group that our client wants and reach the planned audience.

  • CRM Integration 

The lead Ads can also be linked with a CRM. It makes responding to the leads quickly and tracking progress easy; without juggling between several systems along with B2C and  B2B Advertising On Facebook.

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

2. Call-To-Action Ads

With a call-to-action advertisement, we promote the call-to-action button on the Facebook page of our clients when providing them with Facebook Agency Support. Whether it is Enroll Today, Shop Now, Book Consultation, or any other, a call-to-action Ad drives the exact action.

In simpler words, these Ads help with gathering qualified leads by convincing the visitor to take the intended action – which is hitting the button on the top of the Facebook page. Hence, for clients at Xcentric, we leverage such Ads too when a business invests in our Facebook Marketing Packages. The trick that we apply here is choosing the right call-to-action Ad format, and then things automatically work to accomplish the goals.

3. Interactive Facebook Page

Usually, brands just create a Facebook Business Page and take a leave thinking that it is enough. However, when you get on board with a Facebook Marketing Company like us, we do the opposite by looking for ways to add engaging elements to the page. Interacting with the followers one-to-one in direct messages, responding to the comments, and getting back to customer reviews – we do it all to build a rapport with our clients on Facebook.

Moreover, to increase the interaction on their Facebook page, we also host giveaways with the client’s approval, create engaging content, ask for customer opinions and incorporate video content. Overall, when we make the page interactive, the visitors also take it positively and interact more. Being a Messenger Marketing Agency, this is our ultimate goal – yielding qualified leads through ongoing conversations.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

4. Using Facebook Messenger Bot

It is no surprise that artificial intelligence has become a trendy buzzword in the digital marketing world and every Facebook Marketing Expert has started counting on it. From the healthcare field to information technology, it is impacting how everyone interacts. They considerably lessen the effort and time spent on tasks like responding to customer queries.

Hence, to help our clients save money when planning their B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook strategy, we reduce customer service requests by integrating the Messenger Bot. If you think that this is the only benefit, let us tell you that there are many more, the major ones being:

  • Increased Customer Awareness 

Just like you greet guests coming to your home, we greet the customers of our clients with an engaging message through the Messenger bot. It shares some information about their brand, what they sell, or how they can help the customer. Therefore, generating leads and getting them the most out of their investment in Facebook Marketing Services Packages.

  • Improved Customer Service 

Providing good customer service on the social media platform does not only help with building a strong brand reputation. It also increases the chances of capturing more leads that convert into sales. Hence, by making the Messenger bot a part of our Facebook Promotion Packages, we make sure that every question the audience of our clients asks is answered with a pre-set query response.

Wrapping Up

Many business owners think that generating leads that convert is very simple. However, with every business using the platform and paying Facebook Marketing Prices, attracting an audience on Facebook gets challenging. Hence, to score qualified leads with Web Design Facebook Ads and other strategies, get on board with Xcentric. Being a full-service Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we will plan your marketing budget and target Ads while keeping lead generation in mind. With our unique strategies and Facebook Ad Management Packages, you will surely increase the leads and eventually SALES. To start off on lead generation and invest in Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages, email connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY.  Our team of Facebook Marketing Consultants will get back to you soon with customized Facebook Advertising Packages that fit your needs and budget.







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