Instagram & Facebook Marketing Packages – Which One Are Better?


  • Feb 03, 2022

Do you have a limited budget to advertise on social media platforms but are confused about where to invest it: Instagram or Facebook Marketing Packages? Actually, the question is tough, with an equally unsatisfying answer – IT DEPENDS. While both the platforms have overlapping users, the demographic and interaction specifics are different for Facebook and Instagram Marketing Services both. While there are many advantages to being on either or both platforms, running Ads on them does not yield similar results. Instead, factors like content, goals, and audience need to be figured out. We at Xcentric Services know how to do it right and make the marketing and advertising campaigns work in the BEST favour of a business.


By breaking down the components of Ads, we decide which platform is the ideal one for a business. Want to take the easier way into advertising and not care about the goal as long as the Ads are gaining traction? Instagram is the answer. Want complete control over every aspect of the Ads? We should suggest choosing Facebook. Overall, it is a confusing and tricky decision to make. Hence, let us take you deeper into their details so you can decide on where the marketing team at our Facebook Marketing Company should allocate your marketing and advertising budget.

Social Media netwo

1. Ads Management

Facebook and Instagram both can be managed through the Ads manager of Facebook, and that is what we do at Xcentric. Using the single location of Ad resources, we easily select placements and multiple audiences for the campaigns of our clients. They are easily manageable and all the results can be downloaded.

The campaign manager offers many options when it comes to Facebook Marketing Services – from setting objects to the sets, choosing Ad types, and more. Hence, we try out many combinations and preview the Ads to see which one would work the best.

Moreover, for Instagram, the Ads manager offers a simple yet practical route. With just a few taps here and there, our team smartly sets Ads for clients – using their existing stories or post. To be honest, if you do not want to get stuck into the nitty-gritty of advertising and just want to see the bigger picture, Instagram is the platform we will use for you.

2. Audiences & Demographics

One major thing we consider when choosing which Social Media network is better for advertising our clients is the existing audiences and demographics. But the question here is – what is the difference between them? Often used interchangeably, the demographics on a network are referred to as its user base over millions of accounts. However, the audience is an account’s own following showing its reaching ability.

If the goal of our client is generating new fans or followers, we focus on the demographics because they help make sure that the target audience is already there on the network. The demographics of Facebook cover a wider ground than any other network and have not changed for years. Every brand is likely to find a segment of its target audience on the network.

On the other hand, the demographics of Instagram include the younger segments, which has also not changed in the past years. Hence, after determining that the target demographics for the Facebook Marketing Services Packages exist on either of the social media platforms, we execute the Ads.

Technically, we believe that the audience targeting on Facebook is more detailed than on Instagram. Instagram is more simplified and streamlined for advertising and marketing newbies. However, overall, both networks are a tie in terms of usage and boosting engagement rates.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

3. Feed Content

Firstly, when deciding between Instagram and Facebook Marketing Packages for a client, we take a look at the existing content on their feed and the content budget. What type of content do they have on the feed? Are they able to invest in it more, or are there any existing videos or photos posted for Ads purposes? When it comes to interactions and content types, both platforms are different. On the social giant Facebook, we use the following options of Ad types to advertise our clients:

  • Single Media – videos, a single image or a slideshow or multiple images
  • Carousel Ads – two or more videos or images that are scrollable.
  • Existing Posts – including links and posts that are already shared

The visual-sharing platform Instagram also provides similar options that are mentioned above. However, the links added to the Ad captions on the platform are not clickable. So, instead of them, we use call-to-action buttons linked to the client’s website.

In our experience being a Facebook and Instagram Marketing Agency, if the content includes more blog posts, case studies, or newsletters that are shareable, we place Ads on Facebook for the client. But, if they have a stronger hold on visual content that can be spared for Ads, Instagram is the better choice.

Facebook Ads

4. Business Industry

Another thing we consider before placing Instagram and Facebook Ads is the industry the business belongs to. Industries favouring visuals such as fashion, food, and other consumer products have a stronger influence on Instagram. If the client is already there on both platforms, we take a look at their social media analytics to see where there is more organic interaction. More clicks on Facebook posts? Our marketers take it into account and create similar Ads.

Besides, the industry a business is in also determines how much it will have to pay for the Instagram and Facebook Marketing Packages. Products on the expensive side need to be advertised multiple times for promotion and consumer awareness – before the customers move down the marketing funnel. However, with that being said, do not worry about going out of budget. We at Xcentric know the art of targeting Ads that perform while staying within the budget of the business.


Advertising on social media successfuly is a mix of analysis, planning, expertise, and most importantly – LUCK. A strategy that performed well this month might not work in the future. In addition, both Instagram and Facebook constantly update their algorithm and features. Hence, advertising on them is often similar to going on a blind date – you do not know what is coming your way. Trust the professional marketers at Xcentric by hiring us as your Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan.

Being experts in the advertising and marketing field, they test out the waters on both platforms for every business with different objectives and content types. Once some real-performing Ads are planned, they are put into action. If the campaign starts going overboard on the budget, they end it earlier. Is one type of Ad performing better than the other one? They end one performing poorly. All in all, with them, you are sorted for everything. So, get started with us NOW by sending a query to connect@xcentricservices.com.







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