How Are Our Facebook Marketing Packages Highly Converting?

Ali Kazmi

  • Oct 19, 2020

Every day, around 2.2 billion people log into Facebook. And because of such a large audience base, which is always active, every online retailer is eager to invest in Facebook Marketing Packages. However, not every one of this 2.2 billion audience base will be your business’s potential customers. Luckily, Facebook provides the opportunity to place highly targeted Ads.

Hence, online retailers can make sure that their Facebook business marketing Ads only show up in front of their target audience, who will likely buy their products and services. But, the question here is – Have you ever created a Facebook Ad before? Don’t worry if your answer is NO. We’ve got you covered with our Facebook Marketing  Services that are highly converting. Let’s go through every step we follow as a Facebook Marketing Company to make them a success.

1. Identifying Your Basic Facebook Business Marketing Objectives

Before we start off on anything else, we determine our client’s primary aim behind B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook. In most cases, the objective of online retailers is to drive more traffic to their online web store or boost online conversion rates.

Being a Facebook Advertising Agency, we believe that both these objectives go hand in hand. Hence, our social media managers focus on achieving the goals with the best marketing strategy for every client investing in our Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages.

2. Choosing an Audience Base

Facebook business marketing filters allow choosing who you want to see your Ads. However, finding the most valid filter for targeting a client’s ideal customers isn’t that simple. Preferably, for our clients, we place Web Design Facebook Ads based on filters such as location, education, age, gender, and importantly – Interests.

To begin with, being Facebook Marketing Partners, we target a limited audience base and then refine the strategy based on the results. For instance, one of our clients sells organic supplements that promote women’s health. While strategizing their Ads campaign, our Facebook Business Marketing Consultants started by targeting women who are in their 30s and interested in staying fit. Once we ran the Ads campaign for a few weeks, we analyzed that they’ll perform much better if targeted to women aged between 35 to 40. See how we tailored the targeting?

We’ll be honest here – There are times when being a Messenger Marketing Agency, we are not sure which filter to choose. At this point, we use our client’s online web store analytics to know more about their potential customers. And this includes knowing which keyword search led them to our client’s online web store.

Audience Based Facebook Marketing

3. Deciding between the Type of Ads

Depending on business objectives, Facebook provides options to place different types of Ads, such as;

  • Clicks to Website

If our client chooses this option, we either place single-image Ads with a link to their online web store or a multi-image Ad, which is also called a Carousel.

  • Page Post Engagement

If you want to increase your Facebook reach by investing in Facebook Promotion Packages, this is a good option for you. In this Ad type, we boost your post, which helps us show it to your existing potential customers. The cherry on top – Facebook’s algorithm also favors such Ads.

  • Lead Ads

These are yet another type of Facebook ad. And as the name hints, such Ads help us collect information about our client’s leads. The Ad shows up as a form in the potential customer’s newsfeed. Being a Facebook Ads Agency, we believe that this Ad type is the most successful and simple. So, rather than asking customers to fill out our forms on your online web store, why not ask them about Facebook business marketing by investing in Facebook Advertising Packages? It will surely benefit in the long run.

4. Planning the Ads Placement

Facebook business marketing allows placing Ads in front of the target audience in three possible areas;

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Right Column of the Desktop
  • Mobile Newsfeed

If a client chooses to place Ads in the mobile or desktop newsfeed areas, they likely pay more Facebook business Marketing Prices. After all, these Ads are more visible to the audience and show up with organic posts from their friends and family. Besides, for these Ads, competition is also too high among advertisers.

On the other hand, if a client is a bit tight on budget and invests in our affordable Facebook Ad Management Packages, we choose to place their Ads on the right column of the desktop. Visually, they look like traditional banner Ads. Are you thinking about how we’ll choose your Ad placement? Well, initially, we place Ads in the right column of the desktop.

However, when the Facebook PPC Marketing strategy grows more sophisticated, we move forward to putting up newsfeed Ads. And between all this, a Facebook Marketing Expert at Xcentric also keeps on testing different placements to analyze where our client gets the most ROI.

5. Creating Engaging Ads

One reason behind Ads failing is that their design isn’t engaging and doesn’t grab the attention of the target audience. We’re saying this by counting on our years of experience. What works for your competitor might fall flat for you. Hence, unlike other Facebook Marketing Agencies who hit in the dark, we follow a few guidelines when creating Ads for every client;

  • Using emotionally connecting visuals
  • Looking for complementing colors
  • Picking an image that reflects our client’s value proposition
  • Feature faces of people in the Ads

Moreover, we also include clear CTAs in the Ad text. Precisely, we tell the target audience what to do next. Commonly, we use these CTAs when providing Facebook Agency Support. 

  • Buy Now
  • Shop Now
  • Browse Latest Products
  • Download Our Guide
  • Signup Our Newsletter

6. Campaign Length

We always have businesses coming to us who believe that running an Ads campaign for the longest time is the best idea. However, being a Facebook Marketing Company, we believe that even the most active Ad also stops converting when it runs for several weeks. The reason? Ad blindness!

The target audience usually starts ignoring Ads that show up for days, and in the worst-case scenario, they hide them from their newsfeed. Hence, keeping this in mind, when a business invests in our Facebook Marketing Packages, we run an Ads campaign for a maximum of two weeks only. The period is short enough that our client’s target audience doesn’t get frustrated or immune to the Ads, and success is guaranteed!

7. Optimizing the Ads Campaign

Regularly testing the ads we’ve placed and optimizing them is one of the elements behind the success of our Facebook Marketing Packages. For every client, we run identical Ads by changing just a single variable and analyzing which performs the best. Precisely, this is called A/B testing of the ads, which helps us identify what resonates with the target audience. Usually, we start A/B testing by;

  • Creating different versions of the Ad Headline
  • Using different Visuals
  • Comparing the success rates of Ad Placements

Moreover, along with A/B testing, our social media managers also keep a check on the metrics to know if their B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook strategies are paying off.

Need Help?

Be it a small business, mid-sized, or big brand, there is no denying the fact that the marketing process is overwhelming. However, when you hire Xcentric to handle your business’s Facebook Feed, everything is doable, and success is guaranteed. We are a leading Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan that knows what it takes to take the lead on Facebook. Hence, contact us at connect@xcentricservices.com to get your tailor-made Facebook Marketing Services Packages and maintain a strong presence on the social giant.







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