How We Can Help You Nail Ads It As A Facebook Marketing Company?

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  • Nov 18, 2021


Undoubtedly, there are countless benefits businesses can reap by marketing and advertising on Facebook. Similar to advertising on other marketing channels, placing Facebook Ads also helps. From securing new customers to boosting brand awareness, they help every business grow online – no matter what their size. However, advertising on Facebook is a whole new world, where surviving often gets too overwhelming. But, why give up the opportunity when Xcentric is here to the rescue as a leading Facebook Marketing Company? We can help you target converting Facebook Ads and generate real sales while you take the back seat and enjoy the benefits of B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook.

Top 15 Benefits Of Hiring Xcentric For Facebook Advertising

The list of benefits businesses get from marketing on Facebook blows our minds. Frankly speaking, if you are not leveraging them, you are missing out on a HUGE chunk of your target audience and sales. Already convinced to invest in our Facebook Marketing Packages or want to know more about its benefits? Whatever your answer is, give this blog a read to realize the potential of Facebook Advertising for your business.

Facebook Marketing Packages

1.  Customers On Facebook

We will start with the facts – almost 80% of internet users are on Facebook. Above all, even 60% of adults also use Facebook. The social media platform has a count of active monthly users in billions, with most of them opening Facebook multiple times every day. So, one of the first and foremost benefits of hiring us for advertising your business on Facebook is that your potential customers use it daily.

2.  Targeted Advertising

One major benefit Facebook provides businesses is the Ad targeting ability to the right audience. Also, advertising on the platform is very popular currently. Hence, marketing pros at Xcentric advertise for clients based on age, location, behaviour, and interests. This does not only engage them but also increases the chances of converting them to sales which is the end goal of our Facebook Marketing Services.

3.  Budget-Friendly Advertising

When talking about traditional marketing vs. advertising on social media, another benefit Facebook Ads provide is that they are budget-friendly. You just have to let our team know your budget and they can literally spend just $10 and reach 2,000 people with Ads. So, let go off the idea of spending on TV commercials, billboards, and other ways of traditional advertising and let our Facebook Marketing Consultants help you reach the target audience in a smart and digital way.

4.   Fast Advertising

Unlike other marketing ways like SEO and organic social media marketing, Facebook Ads do their magic real fast. They deliver immediate results – as soon as the Ads Campaign goes LIVE. Therefore, if you are worried about spending on Ads, stop procrastinating because with team Xcentric placing them, you can reach thousands of people in just hours.

5.   Increased Brand Awareness

Facebook advertising significantly helps businesses increase their brand awareness because it makes their target audience aware of what they have to offer. The more they become familiar with the products or services the brand offers, the more likely they are to convert into customers.

Hence, to make sure that your customers think of you while making a purchasing decision, hire us as your Facebook Marketing Company. We will get onto placing engaging and converting Ads on the platform for your brand – to increase brand awareness and conversions.

6.   Website Traffic

Advertising on Facebook also boosts the traffic volumes on the websites. If that is your goal behind targeting Facebook Ads, we can run a website click campaign for you – targeting your audience and driving them to your website. Even though marketers use many different ways to increase website traffic, we at Xcentric prefer B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook for our clients. They are precise and cost-effective compared to other advertising channels, which is a win-win considering businesses are always tight on budget.

7.   Measurable Advertising

Guessing games are always frustrating and when it comes to advertising campaigns, knowing the results is important. Most marketing agencies do not focus on this aspect of advertising on digital media. However, our team always lets the numbers speak with the measurable results of Facebook Ads.

To our clients on board, at the end of every month, we send out a report showing impressions, conversions, and click they are receiving on their Ads. We track it all by installing the Facebook Ads Pixel on their website – which is something only a marketing expert can understand.

Facebook Marketing Agency

8.    Customer Attribution

Attribution is the count of how many times someone from the target audience has seen and interacted with your brand. Facebook Ads help with increasing customer attribution, which means that the more people interact with your brand, the more likely they are to convert.

Therefore, to increase your touch points on Facebook, interact with the target audience and convert them into leads, hire us as your Facebook Marketing Company. Counting on our expertise and experience, by placing Ads on the social giant, we can increase your sales by two folds.

9.    Low Cost-per-Acquisition

Once the marketing experts at Xcentric make Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages work for you, it will lower the cost-per-acquisition. Considering that advertising on Facebook is budget-friendly and with us as your partner agency, you can surely cut the advertising expenses. Unlike other agencies, we do not just target Ads campaigns with a blind eye. Our savvy marketing team sits together, plans a campaign fitting the client’s budget, and then targets it to get the highest ROI.

10.  Offline Sales

Most of our clients getting our Facebook Marketing Services Packages also notice an increase in their in-store sales after we run their Facebook Ads Campaigns. But, how does this happen? When we place Ads on Facebook promoting a brand, it is very likely that a customer sees it, visits the website, and then decides to visit its physical store. Thus, hitting two birds with one stone – driving online and offline sales simultaneously.

11.  Engage Website Visitors

Ever noticed that whenever you visit the website of any business, its Ads keep popping up on your Facebook feed? This is one of the tactics we use being a Facebook Advertising Agency. We call it REMARKETING.

Remarketing is a tactic that allows advertising to those visitors who have recently visited the website. This means that when there are visitors on your website who leaves without purchasing or taking any other action, we being a Facebook Ads Agency retarget them with Facebook Ads. In boosting the conversion rate for our clients, this tactic is our go-to preference which always gives a HUGE benefit.

12.  Build Engagement

Facebook Ads increase engagement with the target audience. Engagement is a combination of likes, interactions on advertisements, and comments. For every business on Facebook, it is important to have a high engagement rate. It is a sign of a strong connection with the target audience – and who does not want that after investing in Facebook Promotion Packages?

To increase your engagement with the target audience and develop a connection, hire Xcentric as your Messenger Marketing Agency. The more our team will engage with the target audience on your behalf the stronger connection you will have with them. And, the stronger the connection, the more likely they are to convert into customers. So, in short, you will not just increase engagement but also generate more revenues.

13.  Word-of-Mouth & Referrals

The socializing aspect of advertising on Facebook makes it a better option compared to other channels. Well-targeted Web Design Facebook Ads that look visually appealing can go viral in just a few hours. Once it reaches the right people, they are sure to share it with their friends and family. We call this word-of-mouth and spreading referrals that always benefit our clients significantly.

14.  Blog Traffic

Blogs provide are not beneficial if there is no one to read them. To expose them to the target audience and drive traffic, invest in Facebook PPC Marketing. This way, when we at Xcentric will advertise your blogs in Ads, audience trust and credibility will increase. Thus, bridging the gap between the blogs on your website and the traffic. The best part about it? Once the visitors read your blogs, they might even go through the complete website and take more actions – like placing an order.

15.  Mobile Advertising

Mobiles are the future because almost everyone uses them to access the internet. Moreover, around 80% of Facebook users also access it from their mobile phones. In fact, it is one of the most popular mobile applications existing today and Facebook Marketing Agencies have started taking this as an opportunity.

If you want to follow the trends of advertising, us placing your Facebook Ads will not be a failed attempt. A dedicated Facebook Marketing Expert from our team will advertise your brand to the target audience on the device they use every single day. Thus, ensuring that you reach the millions and billions of potential buyers of your business that are out there scrolling through their Facebook feed.

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Wrapping Up

Convinced with all these benefits that investing in Facebook Ad Management Packages is what you need right now to boost conversions and sales? Well then, invest in Facebook Advertising Packages TODAY. To discuss your advertising goals and hire Xcentric as your partner Facebook Marketing Agency In Pakistan, contact us.

We are Facebook Marketing Partners and will answer every question you have before diving into advertising and planning a full-fledged Ads campaign. Besides, our team providing Facebook Agency Support definitely understands every nitty-gritty of Facebook Marketing Prices. Hence, without any second thoughts, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com. One of our marketing specialists will get back to you soon with customized Facebook Advertising Packages.







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