Facebook Marketing Packages: 8 Ways to Analyze Paid Results

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 28, 2020

Ever thought about how you can evaluate the influence of Facebook Ads in boosting the growth of your business? Is your spending on Facebook Marketing Packages acquiring a noteworthy valuable ROI or are you just wasting your assets on a Facebook PPC Marketing strategy that isn’t functioning well for your business?

To accomplish success in any Facebook Ads campaign, there are significant social media metrics that every business needs to track. In this article, Xcentrica Facebook Marketing Company will be highlighting eight ways through which businesses can benefit while analyzing their Facebook Ads.

It benefits if you consider using a tool with a comprehensive Facebook Ads dashboard to keep track of the whole strategy, but the measurements are accessible openly on the platform, too. So let’s get started and see how you can analyze this paid social media marketing strategy.

1. Analyze Ads Reach and Impressions

The initial step is to manage the number of audiences that view your paid ads and Facebook Ad Management Packages. To measure this, you need to observe your Facebook Ads reach and the number of impressions it wins. However, reach and impressions are different metrics that marketers seldom confuse. While Ad reach is the total number of people that saw your ad, Ads impression is the number of times a person saw your Ad, either twice or thrice. And the more impressions you get, the more awareness is accumulated with your Ad.

However, a business needs to be careful of the Ads fatigue when it comes to B2C and B2B Advertising On Facebook. It is a situation where a particular viewer sees an Ad multiple times while scrolling by the Facebook Feed. Hence, decreasing the number of conversions your Ads would generate, while there’s a notable waste of your resources. So to make sure that your audience isn’t annoyed with the same Ad popping up again and again, and you don’t end up with an expensive campaign that didn’t generate you any profit, take these steps to combat Facebook Ads fatigue;

  • Pause Ads with High Frequency – Once Facebook Ads drive to a high frequency of impressions, consider pausing them. However, if you’re operating tons of Facebook Ads together, pausing manually isn’t an effective deal. Hence, use Facebook’s automated rules from the Facebook Ads Manager. Create a new rule for all your active Facebook Ads, and voila, you’re all set to limit the Ads activity. Here’s a snapshot of how we create a rule looks being Facebook Marketing Partners;

Facebook Ads drive to a high frequency of impressions

  • Place new Facebook Ads – Considering that you are pausing your Ads with high impression frequency, you would require to design new Facebook Ads, to keep generating revenue.

2. Calculate the Ads Engagement Rate

Engagement metrics are performance indicators that demonstrate a business how their user interacted with its Facebook Ads content. Some of them that Facebook Marketing Consultants evaluate include; Likes, shares, comments, and reactions to Ads.

However, the decision that a business should dwell on engagement metrics or not is entirely dependent on the Facebook Marketing Services campaign objectives. Thought here’s one thing we’re sure about; the Facebook algorithm marks an Ad with more engagement as worth viewing, hence, leading it to success.

Facebook Marketing Services in Pakistan

3. Track Social Media Referrals

Google Analytics has made development more apparent for every Facebook Advertising Agency. With it, businesses can accurately analyze the number of referrals they get from social media. And when you’re running a Facebook Ads campaign, knowing the number of referrals you’re getting from the platform is essential because it helps in gauging the performance of Ads.

However, the referral values a business receives from Facebook’s inbuilt analytics tool can be misleading, because it might show added traffic than your site receives. While Facebook analytics count every click as a referral, even when the Ad didn’t load completely, Google Analytics shows a real picture of a brand’s referral rate. Hence, get help from a Facebook Ads Agency at this point. 

4. Never calculated the Click-Through Rate? DO IT NOW!

Click-through rate (CTR) is interpreted as the ratio of Ad clicks to impressions. It helps a business determine the effectiveness of its Facebook Promotion Packages. However, if your Ads are observing high impressions with lower CTR, it indicates you are performing something reverse. Possibly your advertisement cast is off, or the service you are contributing isn’t worthy enough to drive the users to click. And, this calls for tweaking the B2C and B2B Marketing On Facebook strategy. 

Pro Tip – To boost the CTR of your Facebook Advertising Packages, you must create such advertisement content that offers a distinct value proposition. And for this, you need to know what your audience wants to see; All through consistently offering value to the right target audience by using powerful visuals and worthy Ads copy.

boost the CTR of your Facebook ads

5. Is your Return on Ad Spend higher?

Return on Ad spend is characterized as revenue divided by Ad cost. The greater the return on your advertising spends, the added conversion you get. Fundamentally, ROAS answers the question; if a business puts X amount of dollars on a Facebook Ad, how much would it get back? 

This is an imperative question to investigate because if the Facebook Marketing Prices you have paid aren’t producing profitable dividends, then it isn’t worth it. A business should target a positive ROAS value, which indicates that it is making more dollars than it is spending on advertising. 

TIP –  When measuring ROAS, ask the Facebook Marketing Expert to examine your Ads budget and click-through rate and get at least 100 clicks before measuring ROAS. 

6. Estimate Conversion Rates

Conversion introduces the precise action taken by a viewer on your website. However, the conversion metric would modify depending on a Facebook Marketing Packages objective. Though there’s one thing to note – capturing a huge amount of clicks does not assure high conversion rates. Possibly, the user might just click your ad and not take any desired action. But perhaps, in our opinion being a Messenger Marketing Agency, you can still take these actions to get them in action; 

  • Design Eye-Catchy Visuals
  • Place a precise Ad Copy 
  • Add a precise Call-To-Action 

7. CPC and CPM – Real Efficiency Indicators

Facebook proposes several measures to be charged for advertisements. The most customary ones used by Facebook Marketing Agencies are: 

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM)

With CPM, businesses are charged for every thousand impressions their Facebook Ads get. However, the downside is that a business has to pay, regardless of the Ad’s performance. Though with CPC, a business only pays for every click of their Ads after having invested in Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages

Even though Facebook Marketing Packages are cheaper than Instagram and LinkedIn Advertising, a business can still slide down and lose their dollars easily if they don’t track these Ad performance indicators.

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8. What’s your Follower and Page Like count on Facebook?

Your Facebook Page Likes are the representation of the viewers that have opted to follow your business. Those are the viewers who see your posts in their feeds automatically. Businesses can also take this further by examining their page’s like trends over a period. This will involve a division of unlike, organic likes, and paid likes. Page likes reveal the reach of your Facebook audience, so if it’s not driving up, you’re either missing the same number of likes that you’re winning, or people aren’t following you at all. 


Analyzing the achievement of Web Design Facebook Ads is not something you do on the fly. There are numerous metrics that a business needs to consider. But, it is up to you to decide which metrics are most relevant to your brand.

While it is simple to interpret metrics such as reach, impressions, and engagement, a business needs to take out time to measure KPIs like CPC, CPM, and conversion rates. Unfortunately, not many businesses have the time and expertise to measure these KPIs – and that’s where Facebook Agency Support comes into the picture. 

Periodically analyzing metrics would assist you to decide if you are getting a convinced ROI from your Facebook Ads campaign. However, if you’re not sure that you’ll be consistent with analyzing these metrics, being a Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we’d suggest investing in Facebook Marketing Services Packages. 







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