How Do Facebook Marketing Services Make Ad Campaigns Thrive?

kashif ali

  • Feb 15, 2022

The past few years have been challenging for businesses – especially the ones that use Facebook for marketing and advertising. Firstly, the pandemic disturbed everything and then, a new iOS 14.5 was rolled out by Apple earlier in this year. Now, everyone is wondering what would happen to the cookies across the web. Well, honestly, for almost everyone, the game on social media platforms like Facebook has been named SURVIVAL. And, the only answer is Facebook Marketing Services.

No one knows how to maintain the return on investment of Facebook Marketing Packages and cost per action on their Ad Campaign as they did in 2019. If you are also struggling, count on our Facebook Marketing Services. The marketing savvy team at Xcentric can get you through the challenges and save you from losing leads. In this blog, we have shared HOW and WHY.

COVID-19 And Advertising On Facebook

Worldwide, businesses experienced a significant decrease in their ROI from B2C marketing and B2B Advertising On Facebook during the pandemic. Unfortunately, there was even a 100% drop in earnings in many industries. Hence, depending on which industry you belong to and the level of hurt the pandemic did to your Facebook PPC Marketing strategies, we can help you recover. Also, be relieved because the cost and revenues have started to balance – despite the threats of lockdowns and other variants.

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How To Thrive On Facebook In 2022 With Us?

The regular updates on Facebook sound uninviting but being a Facebook Ads Agency, we always remain in pace with them. Facebook Marketing Agencies have decided to shift the advertising spend of their clients to other platforms. However, we are still investing in Facebook Ads for our clients. In fact, our team has also analyzed that the revenues of advertising on Facebook will hit an all-time high by the end of this year.

Now, you must be thinking about how do we take this risk and make things work when a business invests in our Facebook Marketing Services. One foolproof way we increase the visibility of our Facebook Ads placed for our clients is by diversification.

In simpler words, being a Facebook Ads Agency, we run Ads of different types and then see which ones work better. A lot has changed since the pandemic took over the world for both – businesses and consumers. So, to double on conversions with Ads and make the most out of Facebook Marketing Pricing Packages, we experiment with:

  • Messenger Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Single Image Ads
  • Instant Experience Ads
  • Video Ads

Apart from experimenting with the types of Ads mentioned above, we also go beyond placements, and test creativity, content, and targeting too, as it is a part of our Facebook Advertising Packages. Every industry is now operating in a new landscape than it did in 2019. If that is true for you too, stop relying on old strategies to manage your Web Design Facebook Ads campaign and get on board with us. We will provide you 24/7 Facebook Agency Support and handle your social media presence on the platform.

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3 Tactics We Are Using Right Now For Facebook Advertising

The marketing team at Xcentric – a Facebook Advertising Agency, recently brought together the data of Facebook advertising from the past two years for pulling out the best-performing Ads. Out of billions spent on Facebook PPC Marketing and impressions earned, they did not only compile the cost spent. Instead, they also identified the following THREE tactics leading to the most revenues and engagement for the clients.

1. Transparency

In the current age of unreliable claims in B2B Marketing On Facebook and fake news, the audience on the social media platform craves transparency. Practically, this does not only mean that you need to operate with a spotlight on the people and integrity but use real data and back the claims with sources.

People are now becoming more and more conditioned toward looking for real data that is backed by reliable resources. Hence, being a Facebook Marketing Company, we make sure that the Facebook Ads we place for clients comprise impressive data that is hard to ignore.

In one of the Ads placed for a real estate client, our Facebook Marketing Expert wowed their target audience with stats showing that they are rated the best in the industry. Once the target audience was hooked, the click-through rate went low. In fact, the Ads received more than expected engagements, giving the client a high return on their investment in Facebook Ad Management Packages.

2. Customized Creatives

We know that this one is not groundbreaking but many brands throw up Ads by using stock images and only basic creativity. However, when a business gets our Facebook Marketing Services, we spend the advertising budget on creative Ad creative. They catch the eye and convert more potential customers. Therefore, making the most out of the client’s budget spent on Facebook Promotion Packages.

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3. Storytelling

There is a proverb that says – people who tell stories are the ones who end up ruling the world. During the pandemic when everyone was in lockdown, storytelling became something that connected brands with customers. So, no matter what we are placing, Facebook retargeting Ads or targeting an audience for the first time, as a Messenger Marketing Agency, we try sharing stories because they are:

  • Resonating – customers connect more with stores compared to sales copies.
  • Appealing – no matter where a potential customer is in the sales funnel, a story works.
  • Praise Customers – marketing through stories promotes products or services and also paints customers as a hero.

Ready To Advertise On Facebook?

The landscape of marketing and advertising on Facebook is unstable since COVID-19.  It took over the world and led to businesses investing in Facebook Marketing Services Packages. However, as a business, you should not let that fearfully creep into 2022. Start facing the reality of the digital world, and let Xcentric face your risk by targeting sound strategies at reasonable Facebook Marketing Prices.

Hire us as your Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan – our team of Facebook Marketing Consultants is ready to help you nail marketing on the social media platform. Moreover, being Facebook Marketing Partners, we are always on top of the current trends on Facebook, so you won’t have to worry about being left behind too.







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