Evolution of Xbox to Xbox One

John Smith

  • Jan 28, 2019


After the launch of Xbox One in 2013, many things turned out good for Microsoft. The previous console Xbox 360 was not that good as Xbox One.

Xbox 360 was saved by the new technology used in it such as Kinect. It is a user interface to sense the motion and the purpose of using this hardware was to eliminate the wires from the controllers. Users liked the concept very much. Talking further about the console let’s take a brief view of how Microsoft stepped into the gaming console business. In 2001 Microsoft officially stepped into the field of gaming consoles by launching very Xbox in November.

The competition was already high by the Sony PlayStation. First Xbox went not as good as a gaming console but the company didn’t leave the ground. They worked for the improvements moreover; they were concerned about what their customers really want. With some new features and improving old mechanisms Microsoft then came up with Xbox Live in 2002. The feature allowed the users to connect via the internet and play with friends online. This boosted the Xbox business as they got millions of Xbox live subscribers.

The innovation and technology were so rapidly enhancing that Microsoft came up with a massive gaming console in 2005, Xbox 360. A milestone was achieved by Microsoft when the launch of Xbox 360 turned as a success for the company. As mentioned before a few new features were added to the console such as an extended screen and improvement in controller hardware replacing wires with the sensors Kinect.

New games were added to the list and the players are allowed to get game passes. Rather than buying each and every game on Xbox game pass allows you to play hundreds of games just by paying for the pass. New controls and new accessories were added to the console.

It was a while since 2005 when Xbox 360 was launched so in 2013 Microsoft came up with the ultimate gaming console Xbox One. The launch of the Xbox One was a win for Microsoft against Sony and the company stood ahead of competitors. The screen extending concept by Microsoft was known as the Smart Glass and an application was added to the operating system of the console to use it.

The purpose of smart glass was to use the TV, the company added a secondary HDMI port to connect the personal TV Box to the gaming console and to watch TV while playing the game. Microsoft has worked hard to bring the best gaming experience to the players with all-new features and we are really looking forward to Xbox’s future. Get Xbox One games in Pakistan now! Yes, Xcentric Services have a collection of Xbox One games in Pakistan; you can enjoy the games after buying them.

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