Enjoy Free Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise for 6 Months

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 29, 2020

With the increasing concerns around the recent Corona Virus outbreak, businesses have been directed to work from home, to avoid any exposure to stay safe. Consequently, Microsoft has lately offered a 6-month Office 365 Enterprise Trial, including Microsoft Teams. In this article, Being Microsoft Partners in Pakistan, we’ll discuss what exactly an Office 365 Enterprise provides you in terms of features and functionalities when you Sign Up with Xcentric Services, and also how this will empower your team; Because now is the opportunity to make Microsoft Dynamics Implementation in Pakistan a part of your remote working strategy. Following are the features available in free Microsoft Office 365 Trial for 6 months:

The service plans that the Microsoft Office 365 Admin will see as part of the Teams Exploratory experience are:

  • Microsoft Forms (Plan E1)
  • Exchange Online (Plan 1)
  • Flow for Office 365
  • Insights by My Analytics
  • Microsoft Planner
  • PowerApps for Office 365
  • Microsoft Search
  • Yammer Enterprise
  • Microsoft Staff Hub
  • Office Online
  • Microsoft Stream for O365 E1 SKU
  • Office Mobile Apps for Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Mobile Device Management for Office 365
  • SharePoint Online (Plan 1)
  • Sway
  • To-Do (Plan 1)
  • Whiteboard (Plan 1)

Office 365 Enterprise enables your teams with user-friendly, agile, and secure file sharing, real-time co-authoring, and online conferences. With each of these being accessible from any place, your organizational teams can generally achieve more. Moreover, you can connect Office 365 Enterprise – E1 with your current setup and pick mix-and-match services to provide the appropriate applications for multiple users. With automatic tasks and smooth management, businesses can also decrease IT costs and gain connectivity advantages. Hence, it’s time for you to move to the cloud on your terms with Xcentric’s Microsoft Office 365 Implementation services and Dynamics 365 Services in Pakistan.

The Benefits of Office 365 Enterprise Free Trial

Here’s a set of featured advantages you would get to enjoy while signing up Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise with Xcentric you so that your teams can accomplish more.

Office 365 Applications on Mobile Phones and Tablets

With Office 365 Enterprise, you get access to the web versions of Office applications on IOS, Android, and Windows devices, with screen dimensions of 10.1” or less. So whether your teams are working through their mobile phones or applications, they’ll hold seamless access to every application. Plus, every user can install the Office mobile applications on five tables, and five mobile phones, simultaneously.

Business-class Emailing

By signing up Free Office 365 Enterprise with Xcentric, experience 50 GB mailbox and additions up to 150 MB via Outlook on desktops or Outlook Web Application with a browser on any of your gadgets. Interact and stay in sync over tablets and mobile devices with the Outlook Application, available for both; IOS and Android, or on the web browser.

Online Meetings

Conduct online conferences with HD Video, Audio, and Web Conferencing using any device; Whether a PC, Tablet, or a Mobile Phone. Moreover, this feature also includes single-click screen sharing and enables real-time note-taking, with as diverse as 250 participants in the meetings.

Professional Storytelling with Sway

Sway is the brand-new Application in Office 365 Enterprise that empowers a business to generate and share interactive stories, web-based reports, newsletters, training sessions, engaging presentations, and much more – All through a convenient browser on your mobile phone or tablet.

Teamworking Hub

Connect and strengthen your teams with Microsoft Teams available in Office 365 Enterprise, where your employees can discuss, share content, and have digital conferences because all these tools live together on Teams. Moreover, you can also use Teams to organize schedules, allocate tasks, and connect them to different applications and resources. 

Plus, You might be interested to know why Microsoft Teams daily active users now total up to 44 Million amid Corona Virus Crisis.

One Drive File Sharing and Storage

Signing up with Free Office 365 Enterprise highlights OneDrive for businesses, offering 1 TB of cloud storage per user. Data uploaded on OneDrive can be efficiently shared from any location. And will in sync so that it is accessible through laptops, mobile phones, and desktops for offline usage.

Automated WorkFlows

With Office 365 Enterprise E1, you can build automated workflows within applications and services to get notified, synchronize data, manage data, and much more with Microsoft Flow – All without any coding!

Enterprise Video Portal 

By signing up, you can upload, administer, and playback visual information within your enterprise. Microsoft Office 365 Video is a robust enterprise video solution for uploading, spreading, and creating stable playback across devices used by your teams.

Microsoft Office 365 Video portal

How Xcentric Deploys Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise?

Providing Microsoft ERP Strategy and Consulting Services, we deliver a lot more than simply the product. When you sign up Office 365 Enterprise with Xcentric, we start with supporting you through Microsoft Dynamics Migration from your existing setup. Our Microsoft-certified professionals assure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration in Pakistan without any business downtime or information loss. And post the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation in Pakistan, we’ll provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support in Pakistan 24*7. To give you a deeper insight into how we deploy this valuable suite after complete planning, we’ve listed down the 7-Step process we follow;

1.      Setting up your Network

An important part of your Office 365 Enterprise sign up is to assure that your system and internet connections are optimized for seamless access. Hence, the first step involves connecting your Internet domains and optimizing the networking performance for your on-premises users.

2.      Determining the Identities

Includes defining an identity model, it could be Cloud or Hybrid. Additionally, for Hybrid deployment, Xcentric is introducing directory synchronization within your on-premises Active Directory Domain Services and Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise subscription.

3.      Security Implementation

This step involves configuration and working out on essential and enhanced security, notifications, and data protection for your holder and connections in the initial 30 days, 90 days, and beyond.

4.      Client Software Deployment

Includes deploying Office 365 Pro Plus, the cloud-updated and always-current version of the Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others) on your devices. Moreover, every Office 365 client license includes a license for Office 365 Pro Plus.

5.      Mobile Device Management

By signing up on Office 365 Enterprise with Xcentric, you get mobile device management capabilities that help you to secure and maintain your users’ devices.

6.      Services and Applications Configuration

Involves information on the migration of your enterprise data and connects to features that get you started on essential Office 365 services. For instance; Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams.

7.      Training Users

Though by now, you’ve got your hands on Office 365 Enterprise by signing up with Xcentric, your solution users might need some training on how to get the most out of Office 365. Hence, we provide ongoing training and Microsoft Dynamics Support in Pakistan to make sure that you make the most out of this sign-up.

Office 365 Enterprise Deployment

Office 365 Enterprise Deployment – Xcentric Answering Some FAQs

Are you ready to deploy Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise by signing up with Xcentric to enable your employees with the power of cloud-based productivity and collaboration but have some questions? We’ve got them covered too!

Will Office 365 Enterprise work with your version of Office?

Office 365 Enterprise works seamlessly with the brand-new Office, Office 2013, and Office 2011 for Mac. Prior versions of Office, such as Office 2010 and Office 2007, may operate with Office 365 with decreased functionality. Though you aren’t required to have a desktop version of Office to use Enterprise, you will get a much better experience if you establish a connection between the desktop version of Office and Office 365 Services.

What is Microsoft FastTrack?

Microsoft FastTrack for Office 365 is the client service that supports your move to Office 365, effortlessly, and with assurance to deliver business value quicker. Our FastTrack Engineers will provide you out-of-the-way and modified assistance. To help you prepare a practical setting and guarantee a smooth sign-up experience.

What if you already own a Domain Name?

You can add-on the domain name to Office 365 to generate domain-based email addresses.

You need some extra help with Office 365 – Who can help?

Our Microsoft Experts and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgradation in Pakistan professionals will help you shift to Microsoft Office 365. Moreover, if needed, they’ll develop custom solutions for your business.

Can Office 365 plans be mixed and matched?

Yes, Office 365 plans can be mixed and matched. Though please know that there are several licensing limitations at the planning level. However, Microsoft 365 Application for business, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, and Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan all hold a limit of 300 users. While the Enterprise plans are for an endless number of users. But Xcentric can help you in case you have more than 300 users.

Can you switch to other Office 365 Plans?

Yes. If you want to upgrade, you’re permitted to transition your account to another modified plan. For instance, you can update from a Microsoft 365 Applications for a business plan to Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise plan.

In case you cancel your subscription – What happens to Data?

The data is your asset. Hence, if you decide to cancel your Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you can download it. For instance, you can download and save your email and documents on team sites to another location after you’ve canceled your subscription. However, the data connected to your Microsoft Office 365 account will only be open to your administrator in a restricted function account for 90 days.

Can you cancel your Subscription anytime?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, there’s a penalty for canceling the Office 365 annual subscription before the contract ends.

How to get a free Office 365 Enterprise E1 Trial License through Xcentric?

Contact Xcentric’s account representatives. They’ll get you a promo code that you can use to sign up for the Microsoft Office 365 E1 Trial. We are Microsoft Partner, and we would love to work with you in setting up and configuring Microsoft Dynamics Services in Pakistan and letting you enjoy a free 6-month trial of Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise.







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