Email Marketing Tricks that can help you Increase Your B2B Sales in 2022

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 17, 2019

B2B Email Marketing is very different as compared to B2C. B2B is the selling of one brand’s product to another, considering its needs. Quality Lead Generation is the backbone of a B2B Marketing Strategy, which ensures a steady growth rate. As a business, you need to prove that you can solve the problems of your lead by providing them value and attention. A lead is not a random potential customer, it’s a business that is only a step away from you. Targeting a Marketing strategy is important in B2B, to reflect that you are valuable and professional.

Wondering how Email Marketing can help you increase your B2B sales? Here are some tricks that may work for you.

1. Address the Right Clients

To increase sales in B2B, you need to understand your clients and their differences. Although the Email Marketing Strategy remains the same, in B2B you are targeting a more rationalized audience. Normal customers are easy to target. But does the fact remain the same when targeting a business? No.

Businesses as Clients, from the very beginning, are sure of what they want because they are not spoiled by trends. They make a decision based only on what they want and at what price. Thus, you need to understand who you should address. These kinds of businesses can be your clients:

  • Companies buying your products, to create New Products
  • Companies using your products for Office Automation
  • Government Institutes whose Needs match your Products
  • Reseller Companies

2. Pay attention to your Visuals

The most important visual of your email campaign is the email header you’ve used. If you want to increase your B2B sales through email marketing, you need to catch your viewer’s attention first. According to different research, an average corporate worker receives 121 emails a day, which means you get a few seconds only to catch their attention towards your business. The first thing that appears when your viewer opens up your email is your header. Here’s what you need to do next!

Make your best effort to put in a vision of your business, on that header. Deliver a professional look, add your business Logo to it, and transmit a very clear message over your header because it’s the first thing your viewer will notice.

3. Use a Catchy Subject Line and Title

Do you think writing a Subject Line is a piece of cake, just because it’s only a single line of text? This isn’t as easy as it sounds. When a viewer receives an email, the first thing that shows up is the subject line. You only get a few seconds to win the game, make your viewer curious enough that they open up after reading your subject line. Congratulations, if you’ve made the viewer curious enough that they opened your email. But hey, the game isn’t over yet!

The trick is to convince your viewer to read content after they’ve opened it. And to do so, you need to use a catchy and convincing title. Furthermore, everything they need to know right from the beginning and convince them to read the rest of your content.

4. Generate Valuable Content

Now that you have a header, a catchy subject line, and a title for your email, the next step is to create something of value for your viewer. To make sure you get the best out of your content, consider these tips.

  • Pick Ever-green Topics
  • Generate Relevant Content
  • Trigger emotions by Unique Content
  • Prefer Quality over Quantity
  • Write Readable and Comprehensible Content

Generating valuable content is very important, even if you’re selling products. In such a case, your product descriptions are considered your content, which needs to be precise and appropriate.

5. Use an Authenticated Domain

Authenticating your domain is very important because it can drastically impact your B2B sales. Do you know what happens when your email is not authenticated?

Emails from unauthenticated servers immediately end up in the spam folder on Gmail. Missing authentication records lead to your emails being marked as spam, dropping your number of emails opened which consequently decreases your sales. To make sure that you increase your B2B sales and don’t end up in the spam folders, authenticate your email and DNS provider.

Email Marketing is proven to be very effective, whether it is used to generate B2C sales or B2B sales. Do you wish to try this strategy to increase your B2B sales but you’re not sure about how this can work for you? Hire some professionals from Digital Marketing Agencies to make this strategy work in the best way for your business.







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