Email Marketing: The Trends You Need To Watch Out For

Mahum Khalid

  • May 13, 2022

The way businesses communicate with customers undergoes lots of changes continuously. For example, some time ago, face-to-face meetings were preferred, but now, conducting them on Zoom is the new trend. And, staying up to date with the current trends is a MUST – or else you are at the risk of missing out. The case is the same with Email Marketing too. If you follow the best practices and trends of the early 2000s for promoting your business through email, bid farewell to leads, conversions, and revenues. To help businesses like you, we have covered this blog on the latest marketing trends to follow this year for making campaigns successful.

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5 Email Marketing Trends To Follow In 2022

Honestly, if you ask us, there is a lot of marketing flimflam that dominates search engines, which is why we have tried simplifying things right here. We have separated all the hits from the missed and made this list of five trends of marketing through email that you should not ignore at any cost in 2022.

1. Hyper-Personalized Emails

Personalized emails were a thing of the past because the only emails driving conversions in 2022 are hyper-personalized emails. According to stats, 71% of subscribers decide whether they want to engage with an email or not depending on the personalization level it offers.

Hence, take our word – move past the practice of using the name of the prospect in the subject line of the email. Hyper-personalized emails gather data from many customer touch points and use it when planning an Email Campaign to offer highly personalized experiences.

Email Campaign

For example, send emails with product recommendations based on the previous purchases of the customer, yearly or monthly usage reports, and offers tailored according to behaviour. One of the on-point examples that we can give is Spotify Wrapped. Every year, the audio streaming company highlights the listening patterns of every user and shared them across channels.

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2. Email Automation

Have you still not joined the bandwagon of automating Email Marketing? Well then, you are surely missing out on audience engagement. Now, the thing is that every business’s prospects are spread worldwide. And, no matter how hard one tries, reaching out to them manually when they are all set to convert is hard.

Automation comes to the rescue in such situations and facilitates the marketers via creating when and if scenarios for sending action and behaviour-triggered messages. Known as drip or triggered emails popularly, a sequence of emails is developed to send the right message to the right people automatically. Leverage them to provide your customers with next-level personalized experiences.

3. Engaging Email Designs

The design of an email determines the fate of the overall Email Marketing Strategy. The equation is very clear; poor email design = low conversion rate. Fellows, it is 2022, and your emails have to look just like mini-websites. Or, they will get lost within the cluttered inbox of the subscribers.

Email Marketing Strategy

While countless email designs are trending this year, the important thing is finding out which one will work for your customers. Pro tip? Test out a bunch of email designs, see which one works better and stick to it.

Note: An email design does not have to be very complicated. Only ensure that its colour palette is balanced, the email copy is effective yet concise, the graphics are engaging and the whole email itself is not heavy in size.

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4. Responsive Email Template

When did you last open your laptop for reading a specific email? You could have simply viewed it on the mobile phone instead. Just like you, the consumers these days are always on the go, and hence, they look out for solutions that make their life easy.

Mobile phones are portable and convenient, which is why more than 80% of people prefer reading emails on their smartphones. However, drafting responsive emails is not an easy play. You need to design them for rendering different email clients, add call-to-action buttons that are large enough to get clicked, and limit vertical scrolling. And lastly, work smart when writing an email for marketing, the results will be worth it.

Best Email Marketing

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5. Agile Strategy

If you have watched the popular season FRIENDS, you might remember the iconic pivot episode – like Ross and co. Well, you also suggest pivoting your Email Marketing strategy. In simpler words, create an agile marketing strategy.

Such a strategy involved adopting the trial and error method, which means that if something works, continue with it. And, if it does not, just pivot. You might be thinking that an agile strategy is useless, but honestly speaking, it does make a difference when the performance is evaluated at year-end.

The trick is to never lose sight of the outcomes when adjusting the outputs. The outcome is what you are hoping to achieve, while outputs are those actions needed for realizing them. For example, your outcome is achieving a 10% higher click-through rate in 2022. For it, you adopted the output of gamifying the emails. Once the campaigns are live, you can test the results through different metrics. If the outcomes are positive, you are good to go, and not, tweak the output.

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