Why Getting Email Marketing Services in Pakistan Is Important?

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 22, 2020

We will put it precisely – getting Email Marketing Services in Pakistan is a powerful and engaging way to connect with the target audience. Very rarely you would find someone who does not have an email address. Each one of us receives hundreds and thousands of emails every day. We read them, get inspired by them, and even open up the next one. At Xcentric Services, we consider Email Marketing as a critical part of a marketing strategy. And that too a very BIG part.

If you are a business that wants to reach the target audience in a more personal way, consider getting our Email Marketing Services in Lahore. We personalize and tailor emails to get the customers into action and communicate with the brand. By covering topics like sharing the changes in the client’s company, to notifying about the ongoing sale in an Email – we do it all.

Are you still thinking that Email marketing is not something you should invest in? Quite honestly, Emails are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you need some more convincing, let us give you the reasons why you need to invest in our Bulk Email Marketing Services NOW!

1. Better Customer Acquisition Than Social Media

Even though social media marketing is important for every business in Pakistan, we have another winner here when it comes to customer acquisition – Email Marketing. Social media platforms are a great channel to interact with the target audience and nurture relationships. And that is precisely why we consider Social Media Marketing as the first step towards reaching the goal – online conversion.

However, when it comes to converting the audience into customers, getting our Email Marketing Services in Pakistan is the way to go. With what our marketing team has analyzed, the customer acquisition through Email Marketing has doubled since the previous year. And the numbers keep on growing. Hence, to better acquire customers and retain them, let us leverage the power of email on your behalf.

2. Personalization

When providing Email Marketing Services, what we do is segmenting our client’s target audience into lists and send customers in the list a personalized email message. When drafting the email message, we make sure that it provides the readers – our client’s customers, some value.

Moreover, we consider Email Marketing as a way to build relationships with our client’s prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers. However, what we avoid is – SPAMMING. An email should not look like spam. If it does, the savvy customers of today simply mark it as spam.

Hence, when planning Email Marketing campaigns, our team makes sure that the email content does not seem spammy. All in all, we balance personalization perfectly by sending the email at the right time, with the right message, without sounding pushy.

Email marketing trends

3. Action-Oriented

Many businesses in Pakistan do not realize that every customer does something with an email. Some might reply to it, forward it, click through it, sign-up with the brand’s newsletter or straightaway make a purchase. You did not think it this way? Now that you did, we assume that you are convinced to get our Email Marketing Services in Pakistan as they are action-oriented.

By planning action-oriented Email Marketing campaigns, we drive traffic to the online web stores of our clients and ultimately increase their online sales. Also, the campaigns we plan do not only involve sending out newsletters or promotional emails. Being a Digital Marketing Agency, when planning campaigns, we also focus on automating emails based on customer triggers.

Moreover, this Digital Marketing domain does not have to do anything with the size of your business. Whether you are a small business, mid-sized, or large, our Email Marketing services guarantee great results.

4. Measurable

When planning an Email Marketing campaign for a client, our team does not depend on guesswork. By using the right analytics tools, they analyze who opened the targeted email, which links were clicked, and how many customers unsubscribed to the newsletter.

By doing so, we provide our clients with a clear picture of how the Email Marketing campaigns that we planned for them are performing. Moreover, using the metric, our marketing team also measures and monitors the marketing strategy as a whole.

Besides, we also practice A/B testing at Xcentric Services when planning Email Marketing campaigns. The testing helps a lot in getting to know what type of emails the client’s target audience opens up and which subject lines attract them the most. Do they respond more to subject lines like – 10% OFF and NOW ON SALE? Or they prefer a softer way of communication where the subject line is precise enough about what to expect in the email? We test it all with A/B testing to deliver the best results.

5. Mobile Phones And Emails – The Perfect Duo

We are living in a digital era where everyone is constantly using their mobile phone and checking emails. Whether they are standing in the queue at a grocery store, or in the waiting room at the dentist, or even at Starbucks – emails are never forgotten. Hence, pushing Email Marketing on the side and just focusing on other Digital Marketing campaigns is a big NO.

Ready To Get Started With Email Marketing?

All these reasons have you convinced of hiring us as your Email Marketing Services Agency? Draft an email with your business details in it, add connect@xcentricservice.com as the recipient, and hit SEND.







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