Email Marketing – Is Investing In It Still Beneficial For Businesses?


  • Feb 04, 2022

Business owners often hear that Email Marketing is now dead and this concerns their in-house marketing team. However, we at Xcentric Services are here to end your worries with the good news that the trend of marketing through emails will stay this year too. In fact, more than 40% of B2B businesses claim that email newsletters have played a crucial role in their marketing success.

The cherry on top? Millennials and Generation Z also prefer having business communications through emails. Furthermore, almost 90% of the consumers check their inbox every day because it is their preferred way to receive updates from brands. Sounds interesting but do you still want some more convincing that emails are still beneficial as a marketing channel? Dive in the blog then!

Top Five Benefits Of Email Marketing For Businesses

Often, marketing agencies and businesses together ignore the statistics given above. However, as a full-service digital agency, we do the opposite and plan a strong Email Marketing Strategy for every client. Below, we have listed all the benefits it provides them, proving that emails are an effective channel for marketing.

Email Marketing Strategy

1. Personalized Content

Marketing through emails means that our marketers will personalize your campaigns and draft highly-targeted content. The personalization can be minor – like simply including the name of the recipient in the email. In fact, in our years of experience, we have noticed that emails that have the first name of recipients get a high clickthrough rate compared to the generic ones.

On the other hand, we also create personalized content that is based on the audience segments, so that the right email is sent to every customer. For example, an Email Marketing campaign might be targeted to returning customers and another one to first-time customers. For both of them, the audience segment will be different, and targeting them right is our responsibility.

Given all the reasons, the major benefit of marketing through emails is the content personalization options – according to the need of the target audience. The emails can include different subject lines, content, and images that combine to boost engagement rates.

2. Surveys & Feedbacks

Keeping a pulse on customer experience is important for businesses if they want their customers to continue interacting, engaging, and purchasing from their brand. With marketing strategies targeted using emails as a channel, we do this for the clients at Xcentric Services. For example, we send out customer satisfaction surveys to customers through emails to get their feedback.

Actually, these surveys and feedback also help us calculate their Net Promoter Score (NPS). It is a score that counts the percentage of customers acting as the brand ambassadors for our client’s business and those acting as detractors. Using such information, our marketing team comes up with strategies that customers experience and also tweaks the existing campaigns to optimize their results.

Email Marketing Campaign

3. Improved Sales

While it is clear that emails act as an exceptional marketing channel, a rightly-targeted Email Marketing Campaign is sure to improve sales. Almost all of our clients claim that the biggest source of their ROI is email.

Hence, marketing campaigns that we target through emails for our clients feature their products or services, encouraging their customers to purchase cart abandonment. Besides, we also incorporate such messages in the campaigns that encourage those to purchase who have subscribed for the client’s newsletter and other updates.

4. Communication With Audience

No matter which industry a business belongs to, improving communication with the target audience is important for all of them. When the audience feels that you can be easily reached out for one-to-one conversations, they are likely to become loyal customers. Precisely, people appreciate good personalized emails, and team Xcentric Services knows how to craft them.

Think of the last time you received an email from a brand. How was it – disruptive or engaging to read? If it was by your favourite brand, you must have enjoyed reading their email, because there is a reason you opened up the email at first.

Now, our goal as an agency is always to make sure that the customers of our clients experience the same with them and open up every email sent with their brand’s name. This helps reach more of the target audience every time a campaign is targeted, communicate better and increase conversions. Plus, such emails also keep the target audience engaged even when it is not the season for sales.

Email Marketing Software

5. Website Traffic

Producing good content is not enough because it needs to be circulated for getting the best results. Therefore, to spread the content of our clients, we leverage Email Marketing. It helps direct traffic on their website and improves their SEO score too. Moreover, this way, the target audience also stays engaged with the website.

For instance, you must have reached this blog through a newsletter email from Xcentric Services. Well, that is because we think that emails are a great way to deliver value to the target audience and our team does it by sending content in emails that in return generate traffic too.


Marketing through emails is one foolproof way to reach the target audience. It does not only increase website traffic and engagement rate but also boosts sales. Since an inbox is still a place where customers want to receive information, why not get there with our help? Using the right Email Marketing Software and strategies, marketing pros at Xcentric Services will get you some real sales out of emails, which businesses often think of as a dead marketing channel. To get started on the marketing channel and enjoy its benefits, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY. We will get back to you soon with a marketing plan customized to your needs.







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