Optimize Email Marketing Campaign To Increase Conversions

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 08, 2019

A high conversion rate is an indication of a successful Email Marketing Campaign. To be exact, this means that people want what you are offering them. The more your site’s traffic converts into meaningful actions, the more your business grows. Is your conversion rate lower? If it is, this can be an alarming situation for you.

Sometimes, your offered products might sound off-base to your customers because they are not valuable to them. But if you’re sure that this isn’t the reason behind your low conversion rate, consider optimizing your campaign. Here’s how you can get a higher conversion rate by optimizing.

Plan Mobile-Friendly Email Campaign

In today’s world of emerging technology, the mobile phone is a new curse. Almost 53% of the emails are read on a mobile instead of any other device. This fact should be enough motivation for you to consider optimizing mobile-friendly campaigns. Are you worried about missing out on important conversations? To make your campaign super-optimized and mobile-friendly, focus on these details.

  • Create Shorter Subject Lines – This will make them fully visible on a mobile
  • Break up text into parts to make it more skim
  • Focus on Improved Readability
  • Create Visible and Clickable Links
  • Use Bullet-Proof CTAs because they run better on mobile devices
  • Avoid using Large Images

To get the best result, and to figure out what works the best for your email marketing campaign, test your email optimization for mobile. Evaluate the changes you’ve made and notice how your target audience reacts to it.

Keep Updating your Target Audience List

The quality of your target audience list determines your conversion rate. For example, you have a long list of friends on Facebook, but how many of them are there to help when you’re stuck somewhere? Get the point? The same is the case with your Target Audience list. These tips can help you find an audience with the same interests as your list.

  • Actively Monitor your List – Remove In-Active Subscribers
  • Update your List – Add New Subscribers
  • Maintain a Well-Segment List
  • Focus more on attracting High Potential Subscribers

Avoid generic marketing, targeting the same email marketing campaign to the whole list can cost you a lot. Targeted marketing is your way to a higher conversion rate, consider updating your target audience list. Segment your list after updating it, that’s exactly how your strategy will work.

A Killer Subject Line and Preview Text can help you Nail it!

A Subject Line and Preview Text are the most crucial factor in your email. They are your way to hook up your subscriber. What if they are not triggering enough? Well, congratulations, you’re going to lose your subscribers. But can you afford this happening? No!

Fewer subscribers result in a lower conversion rate. So here’s how you can nail your subject line and preview text.

  • Write Subject Lines that make people curious
  • Trigger FOMO ( Fear of missing out)
  • Include Emoji and Symbols, they make emails more interactive
  • Keep it short so that it’s viewable on a mobile
  • Use the Preview text as a Second Subject Line
  • Summarize your Email marketing campaign purpose in the Preview Text
  • Add a CTA to your Preview Text

Email marketing campaign recipients’ using Google and Apple Email support the fact that a Subject Line and Preview Text can make or break the marketing game for you. Avail of this great opportunity to boost your conversion rate.

Use a Subtle Tone

The right choice of words can make you stand out. Since emails are short, you need to make sure with the words you convey that your reader has a great experience. Avoid using unnecessary exclamation marks in your subject line and email body. Another mistake that can lead you to the spam folder is All Caps. Yes, you heard it right. Using All Caps in an email marketing campaign is considered shouting at your audience. Does this only hurt the audience? No, if you’re not using a subtle tone to communicate with your subscribers, enough of them will report your email as spam, hurting you in return. This scary nightmare doesn’t end here!

Spamming your subscribers can lead you to the blacklist by your newsletter service. To make sure that you don’t end up blacklisted, stir your reader’s imagination. The best way is, to use sensory words in your email marketing campaign and avoid sleazy marketing techniques.

Steal Trending Ideas

Stealing? Sounds Scary? Don’t worry. This kind of stealing in the world of Digital Marketing in Pakistan is perfectly legal. To know the secrets of your competitor’s email marketing campaign, subscribe to their newsletter. Furthermore, you can also get some help from Quora or Reddit. Use them as an inspiration and craft your own emails, according to your target audience and their needs.


Now that you know all the secrets to optimize your Email Marketing Campaign, you can surely increase your conversion rate. However, experimenting with these tips is the only key to success, because you need to be sure about what works the best for your target audience. But do you have the time to experiment? To save your time and energy for your other business tasks, hire some professional marketers from a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan and let them do their magic.







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