How Xcentric’s Email Marketing Services Help Maximize E-Commerce Sales?

Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 09, 2020


Online retailers go around and generate E-Commerce sales in many ways, from PPC advertising to Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, and the list goes on. Though only a few of them know that one of the most dependable and result-driven ways to drive maximum sales is leveraging on email marketing campaigns services.

However, getting it right is a challenge in itself. A lot can go wrong in planning an email campaign, causing it to fail. Some of you might’ve given up the idea of it altogether after giving it a go. BUT, let us tell you that giving up on it is a huge mistake.

According to stats, Email Marketing accounts for around 35% of online sales in Pakistan, making it one of the most practical Digital Marketing channels at an online retailer’s disposal. It is very fair to say that Emails can have an immense impact on an E-Commerce business’s bottom line.
You know a few things about Email Marketing ahead of time but are finding it complicated to plan out a profitable campaign? Worry no more because Xcentric Services has got your back.

But first – What Our Email Marketing Services are about?

At the crux, email marketing campaigns services are all about helping online retailers. Whether its building trust with the existing potential customers, targeting new ones, or just encouraging loyalty, we accomplish it all by sending;

  • Promotional Emails
  • Personalized Transactional Emails
  • Free Shipping Coupons

Want to know more about what specific steps we take to get our clients the best results when providing Email Marketing Services Lahore? In this article, we’ve covered every step we take to maximize E-Commerce sales. Let’s get through them!

Getting people on the Email List

Email Marketing only gears up when there are people on the Email list in the first place. Regarding this, there’s one big question every client of ours asks – How will you get people on the Email list? There are several ways we use to get people to join the list.

  • If our client’s online web store is already generating sales, a list is already there – Buyers.
  • In case they don’t, our team uses some tactics to gather email addresses and make a list.

The first tactic involves creating a Pop-up that appears on our client’s online web store and offers the visitors a coupon. At this point, our team focuses on not asking for an email right away when the pop-up is displayed. The catch here is – Enticing visitors with a discount coupon. It will convince them to buy, and when they buy, they will eventually provide their email address. See how our pros make it work without making it seem pushy?

Another strategy that works for most of our clients is giving away free content that relates to their products or services. For instance, we have a client aboard, which sells furniture online. We offer their customers a free guide on how to style interiors with the right kind of furniture pieces. Turns out – The strategy was cost-effective and a big hit! 

Planning Campaigns that drive Quick Wins

After sorting the email list, our team focuses on getting those people to buy. And for that, we prefer running some promotional email marketing campaigns that engage people without sounding pushy. The kinds of campaigns mostly run include;

  • Welcome Emails – Sent to all the newsletter subscribers because this is an opportunity to encourage them to at least check out what our client offers.
  • Seasonal Event Emails – Whether it’s Eid, Valentine’s Day, or anything else, we never miss out on any chance to create a seasonal email marketing campaigns. Though this does take time and creativity, the results are worth it.
  • Cart Abandonment Emails – We send in such emails to contact those who once had an intention to buy from our client’s online web store. But then, abandoned the cart for some reason. Though once these emails roll, the purchases lost will recover automatically. 

Look! This is such a cool example of a cart abandonment email.

Email Marketing Campaign

Segmenting the Buyer List

Other than an all-in-one Email list, our team also makes up another list – a Buyer’s List. With it, they discover insights like;

  • The people on the list are willing to spend money on buying products.
  • They trust the brand and have had previous experience with it.

Besides, there’s still a chance to make a more effective list. And that’s by Segmentation. When we segment them based on the interests of people and what products they purchased before, the ROIs ramp up dramatically – All thanks to our Bulk Email Marketing Services.

However, there’s also another side to this story – The audience is tired of receiving promotional emails that are irrelevant. And in the worst-case scenario, they’ve started marking such emails as a SPAM, which drops the deliverability rate. The good news? Our marketing team at Xcentric Services segments effectively. Hence, your emails getting marked as spam won’t be an issue.


Are you an online retailer who hasn’t made Email Marketing a top-level priority yet? Quite honestly, if you don’t take advantage of our Email Marketing Services Lahore anytime soon, you’ll be leaving lots of money on the table (yes, we’re talking about sales).

Hence, to kick things into the drive and to discover what this marketing channel has in stores for you, give our services a go. We are an Email Marketing Services Agency just an email away!  







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