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Mahum Khalid

  • Jun 08, 2022

One silver lining about living in an uncertain era is the constant increase in digital innovations, including how quickly businesses and retailers are adapting to the E-Commerce space. Even before the pandemic, the demand for online shopping and ECommerce Website Development in Pakistan was climbing. Of course, the reasons are obvious – online retailing is beneficial for everyone. While the customers get to shop conveniently from anywhere, the retailers are not limited to their brick-and-mortar stores.

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There is always room for improvement in this ever-evolving online shopping experience, especially when it comes to converting website visitors into customers. There are multiple reasons why buyers do not see the checkout page – regardless of their purchase intent. You must have been there yourself too.

It can go somewhat like this – first, you pick the products and hit the add-to-cart button. Then, it’s time to check out but you suddenly realize that the order is HUGE. You start thinking if you really need everything in the cart. After wrestling with the thoughts in your mind, in the end, you decide that it is not worth the plunge and abandon the cart. This is a common scenario and costs a lot to the retailers. Hence, we have covered the solutions to reduce cart abandonment in this blog. So let’s dig in!

Abandoned Carts

4 Ways To Reduce The Cart Abandonment On Your E-Commerce Store

No convenience comes without hang-ups, and it is the same in the case of online shopping. However, this should not be true for your E-Commerce store. Mostly, the reasons behind Abandoned Carts can be controlled by retailers. Below, we have covered all the ways you as a retailer can give confidence to the customers and alleviate the pain points. Give them a read before your customers leave the carts dry and high.

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1.  Share Costs Clearly

As online shopping is increasingly becoming the choice of customers, retailers should be transparent. Fair enough, no one likes to get last-minute surprises, especially when they are about to checkout on an online web store.

While it is obvious that everyone cannot offer FREE shipping, retailers need to still strive to be clear about the costs. For instance, if you are charging for the shipping, make sure that the cost is known to the customers throughout the checkout process. Or, you can mention it on the website so that the potential customers are aware of it beforehand.

Another way you can become transparent and boost the visibility of costs is by adding a shipping calculator on the website. When customers have access to such a tool, they will know what to expect at the time of checkout. Therefore, reducing the abandonment of carts.

2.  Seamless Checkout

Perhaps, one easy way to design a friction-free process is to eliminate the need for mandatory account creation. This has to be done when ECommerce Website Development in Pakistan is underway.

In simpler words, rather than forcing the buyers to create an account on the website that they are otherwise not interested in, allow them to place their order as a guest. Not only will this make it easy for them to shop but also make the checkout process quick.

Online Commerce

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3.  Payment Flexibility

When a potential customer is window shopping or just browsing through a website, there are countless ways to incentivize them to commit. It can be a discount code, free shipping, or a buy now & pay later payment option – which removes the fear factor of paying upfront.

When customers get the option to make payments in installments, they commit more to place their order. In fact, the customers using the buy now & pay later solution for Online Commerce are less hesitant to place orders because of the financial benefit.  Therefore, leading to bigger cart sizes, frequent orders, and better purchasing power.

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4.  Boost Trust Factors

Completely eliminating the anxiety of sharing sensitive and personal information such as credit card details is not possible. But, at the very least, being an online retailer, you can reassure your customers by showing that their information is protected with trust seals.

Other than taking just the basic security measures, there are many other ways to build the trust with customers that many Top E-Commerce Websites use. For instance, online web stores that have happy customer reviews posted are considered trustable.

E-Commerce Web Development Company

Customers these days are quite savvy and do not go ahead with purchasing a product without reading reviews about it online. Hence, make sure that when the potential customers vet your company or the products, they have something to read.

Increase the confidence of buyers by adding testimonials, reviews, and even user-generated content on your website. Being an E-Commerce Web Development Company, we guarantee that this is a money-back guaranteed way to build trust and credibility.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] There can be countless reasons behind cart abandonment, other than the ones listed above. And, tackling them all at once can be overwhelming for an online retailer. Hence, let the experts at Xcentric help you reduce the cart abandonment rate by getting rid of the friction points while E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan is underway or even completed. Doing so will turn your carts around like the Best E-Commerce Websites do and possibly increase revenues.







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