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kashif ali

  • Feb 02, 2021

Undeniably, this year has been strange for everything and everyone – including online businesses. Luckily, the E-Commerce industry is the one that benefited the most from the unfortunate year of the pandemic. Online sales in Pakistan and around the world skyrocketed in 2020, and 2021 promises to be the same. Or even better too? You never know.  Though the question here is – did you make good use of this opportunity? If you still haven’t, read this post about the ECommerce Trends 2021. These are the trends that we will be playing our hands on this year at Xcentric Services so our clients can sell more on their online web store.

The Future Of E-Commerce Trends 2021

Before this year, the E-Commerce trends were progressive and stable. Online shopping was growing little by little. People were marking more dates on their calendars for shopping hauls, such as Daraz 11.11 and the famous Black Friday. However, as we have mentioned before, the growth accelerated in 2020, not only because of the pandemic but the following reasons:

  • More people in the world now have access to the Internet.
  • Infrastructures are more developed.
  • Shipping and collections processes are more agile – and contactless considering the pandemic.
  • Countless tools are available to automate processes.

Combining all of this together with the pandemic, we being an E-Commerce Development Agency have started focusing on E-Commerce Trends 2021. Plus, we expect that this year’s trends will help us generate positive results for our clients with online web stores. Want us to talk about all those trends we will be tapping into? Here then, we have them all covered in this blog, give them a read!

5G Speed

If you are an avid reader of Xcentric Blogs, you must know that we have mentioned on many occasions that loading speed is an essential component to an online web store’s success. The faster your online web store loads, the better sales you will have. Hence, with the arrival of 5G, we have made it a mission to take advantage of it for each of our clients’ online web store. If you want us to increase your sales too significantly with 5G, get on board with us.

E-Commerce Trends 2021

Big Data

If you are a part of the E-Commerce world, big data won’t be something new for you, as the industry has been living with this trend for years. However, because of some tech advances in 2020, we assume that more data can be processed and stored now. Therefore, using advanced information, we help our clients in personalizing the user experience on their web store. The results? Added value to the selling sensation.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

With the new VR glasses and game consoles, new VR Trends and Augmented Reality Trends have begun taking strength. One of the first brands to leverage this trend was Ray-Ban. Did you know, it is now possible to try on their eyewear with a phone and computer camera? Have you tried the technology out yet?  Though this technology does require effort and is not adaptable for every kind of product and service, we are still geared up to take advantage of it for our clients.

VR Trends and Augmented Reality Trends

Virtual Wallets

We are sure that you have heard about virtual wallets. But to be precise, they are one of the E-Commerce Trends 2021 that we plan to put into action for our clients. With these solutions, we will allow the customers of our clients to accumulate money in a virtual tool and make online purchases – without having to enter bank card details during the process. Though the only prerequisite is that the wallet should be charged with money and be used only on online web stores that adapt to the payment gateway.

E-Commerce Trends 2021

Voice Commerce

Do you know someone who has a smart speaker at home? Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, and many more assistants – there are countless models who we can ask to play music, what is the weather like, or look for information. Soon, we will all be able to make online purchases using these voice assistants. And being an online retailer, you need to be prepared for it NOW.

It is all going to be as simple as saying – Alexa, add these headphones to my cart. This time seems far away to you? Well, it is right around the corner, and to be friends with it, you just need to hire us as your E-Commerce Website Development Agency.

AI And Automatic Learning

Imagine visiting an online web store and finding every corner of it customized according to your taste, interest, and relationship with the brand? The time is getting quite closer to reality – all thanks to AI and automatic learning.

With email marketing, heat maps, footfall counters, and countless other Artificial Intelligence solutions, we will now build personalized online web stores for our clients. Therefore, making online shopping more comfortable for their customers. In simpler words. We will acquire our clients’ competitive advantages that stand them out in the competition.

Chatbots – Our New Best Friend

Last but surely not least – we are now making Chatbots our new best friend, as they are the new cool boys in town. The Chatbots are programmed to provide the best of customer service by answering every teeny tiny concern of the customers in the E-Commerce world.

Chatbots, let’s say, will be the new virtual salesperson for the online web stores of all our clients at Xcentric Services. Though with this, we make sure that these bots are optimized to the maximum and interact like humans. We are up for this trend of 2021 to get our clients the best sales, are you? The answer certainly needs to be a YES.



All these trends that are going the take the E-Commerce world by storm in 2021 have won you over? And you now want to invest in our E-Commerce Marketing Services? We are just an email away. Contact us TODAY at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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