How to Easily Double Your Traffic and sales from Social Media?

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 12, 2020

Many online retailers are publishing content as an approach to build an audience base and drive increase traffic by social media services. However, they might not succeed in achieving everything by just putting efforts into Magento E-Commerce Website Development and creating content for Social Media Platforms.

So, if you are an online retailer who is serious about content, then you need to be thoughtful about how to drive traffic to your online web store with the help of Social Media Marketing. One proven way to do this is by sharing content on social media for once, twice, or more times. Sound too simple, right? Well, it isn’t. Let’s look into this with an example.

At Xcentric Services, right after publishing a Blog, we promote it in different ways. We either opt for Facebook Marketing Pakistan, Instagram Marketing, or LinkedIn to share the blog. After each share on every platform, we get some likes and shares on our blogs. Everything looks great and our efforts pay off.

However, do you want to know what happens when we post the same blog the next day too for the second time? Is there an increase in traffic? Well, unfortunately, based on the diminishing law, the answer is a NO. Though that’s not what happened, we did drive in traffic.

To play around with the law once again, we shared the blog for the third time. And it did drive in traffic, once again, more than double. Surprising, right? We know, you might not want to argue with these results like these. But of course, being a Digital Marketing Company ourselves, we believe that this is a simple example. The point we are trying to make here is that the more often content is shared, the more traffic drives to the online web store when you get clicks.

The big question here is – Do we, at Xcentric Services, believe that these tactics work for every client? Well, let’s dive into some more details and let the conclusion of our blog answer this question.

Do we prefer sharing content more than ONCE?

Sharing content more than once on social media triggers strong reactions. While some online retailers don’t pay attention to this practice, usually, it is hard to claim results. A while ago, we shared a strategy with one of our clients on how we’ll be promoting their products on social media. Guess what was their answer? GO AHEAD!

The reality here is that no online retailer cares or notices how many times their product or service was shared on social media, the only thing they notice is the RESULTS. And that’s one aspect of Digital Marketing in Pakistan that we forget – Not every client notices everything you do, and how many times you do.

Hence, as a Social Media Agency, we focus more on results. And for that, even if we have to share a post twice or thrice, we do. Because what’s the purpose of sharing a post just once when the target audience didn’t even see it? Well, we assume that now you know why we consider posting more than one as essential when we promise every client an increase in traffic and sales.

Social Media Marketing services

What practices do we follow to not become a Spammer?

We usually come across people who complain about brands sharing too much content. Well, the complaint is valid. The brand must’ve installed a plugin that shares old posts randomly, twice, or thrice a day. Honestly, that’s too much and we call it SPAM.

Even though this strategy might be leading additional clicks to their online web store, this is not the practice we follow for our clients. That’s too much of bugging your target audience to buy from you, and they might unfollow you after this.

When our Social Media Managers at Xcentric Services decide on sharing any client’s content more than once, they abide by a few rules, such as;

  • Taking the follower count into consideration
  • Creating a smart schedule rather than a spam
  • Considering the habits of the client’s target audience – When do they use social media services the most?
  • Avoid posting something the target audience won’t like
  • Assure that they are providing value to the target audience

So, now you know how simple our ground rules are of how to now become a SPAMMER. Well, we have an offer for you then – Why not let us help you develop your Online Advertising in Pakistan schedules that double up your online web store’s traffic? Drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com if our offer seems profitable to you.

How we share content more than ONCE?

Like other Online Marketing Website in Pakistan, we also believe in going step-by-step when it comes to providing Social Media Management Services, especially for sharing content more than once. If you are convinced of getting our Social Media Marketing Packages in Pakistan, you might as well want to know how we do so. So let’s go through each step we’ll take once we get on board;

Step 1 – Developing a Sharing Schedule

For sharing your content on social media for more than once, we plan out a simple sharing schedule that serves as a guideline for how often we’ll share the content on each of your social media channels. Though with this schedule, we also tackle some questions like;

  • How often should we share this on every social media channel?
  • Does our client favor posting time?
  • How long will they stay fresh and shareable?
  • How much time should we put between every social media post?

All in all, we stay very careful while planning a schedule and make sure that we don’t send any message one after another on behalf of our clients.

Step 2 – Never Share the Same Message Twice

This is one of the most important steps that separates our Marketing Services strategies from disruptive spammers. When we share a product or a blog on social media, ideally, we include the post title, product link, and a few trending hashtags. This sounds fine. However, if we’d share the same information twice or thrice, it gets monotonous.

Hence, even if our Digital Services are focused on marketing just a few products of a client, we have the expertise of creating a variety of posts out of them. This way, we do share the same product twice or thrice, but at a different time, with a different message!

Plus, if you want to know how we tweak the messages every now and then, here’s a few of our favourite practice we follow at Xcentric Services;

  • Simple Posting with just a title and link
  • Asking a question that stirs up conversations
  • Citing a fact or figure as the caption
  • Add a quote as a social message
  • Intriguing the target audience with a teaser message

Sound worth your investment? It surely is. So just don’t let go off this opportunity and hire us to get Digital Marketing Services in Lahore.

Step 3 – Optimized Content for every Social Channel

Being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we understand that Online Marketing in Pakistan works differently on every social channel. Why? Because they handle visuals differently.

Hence, we make sure that our team that is covering the Branding and Graphic Design Services chunk of Digital Media Marketing creates visuals that are optimized for every social media channel. Thus, building on the strength of every channel and squeezing out some extra likes and shares, which we promise every client.

Step 4 – Monitoring the Results

As we always say, monitoring the results is essential to make sure that every post we share on behalf of our client is actually working. And for this, here are a few things we keep a check on for every client who trusts us for managing their social media channel out of all other Social Media MarketingCompanies

  • Did the activity on posts increase or decrease?
  • Is there any negative feedback coming in from the target audience?
  • Are our client’s online customers losing interest in the content?

We know, this seems like a medicine prescription that highlights every possible side effect. The good news? Neither of our customers has experienced any of these because we put in our best efforts to not become a spammer.

Want to go viral? Xcentric can help!

A few months back, one of our clients had a product going viral a full week after we originally published and promoted it. Thanks to our marketing team and their precise Social Media Marketing Lahore strategy.

The sharing schedule was pretty simple. They posted the product on social media platforms once it went live on their online web store, and then re-shared it a few days later. Even though the first post on social media went un-noticed, the other one took off and hit the heights of engagement.

Now you know, when we at Xcentric Services put in some extra efforts to drive traffic to your online web site and boost your sales, we nail it. So, are you all ready to partner with a Social Media Marketing Agency like us to double your chance of striking high sales, traffic, and go viral? We assume a yes, because who doesn’t want to add value to their Magento E-Commerce Website Development efforts and earn some extra sales.







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