6 Ways To Earn From Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 21, 2019


YouTube has been our source of entertainment since 2015. Surprisingly, by the end of 2019, it has become a staple for businesses and is now considered an essential Digital Marketing tool. Moreover, more than half of our savvy marketers have added it to their list of marketing strategies as YouTube Marketing Strategy. If you think that the audience isn’t on YouTube, then you might need to reconsider your research. YouTube Marketing is the new cool because every other person in this tech era spends more than half of their time on YouTube. The great news – you can now earn through YouTube by just following these ways we’ve listed down.

The YouTube Partner Program                                                 

This program gives YouTubers access to some features making multiple income streams. These features of YouTube Marketing Strategy get earnings from;

  • Advertising Revenue
  • Channel Memberships
  • Merchandise Shelf
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers Payments
  • YouTube Premium Revenue

If you already have a channel, make it successful enough to meet the eligibility requirements of the program. For the first step, set up an AdSense Account to monetize your channel and prove yourself as eligible for the program. However, each of the features mentioned above has different eligibility criteria, you get them enabled step by step. Once you get these features enabled, any activity based on them will get you earning.

Earn from YouTube

Become an Entrepreneur First

As a content creator on YouTube, you think of yourself as a creator first and an entrepreneur second. Let’s switch, from now, to earning from your YouTube Marketing Strategy, you’re an entrepreneur first and a creator second. Either way, it works the same, given the fact that your primary goal is to sell your merchandise.

To become a successful entrepreneur on YouTube, imagine and design a product that represents the healthy relationship between you and your viewers. The YouTube Merchandise Shelf should be your go-to feature to earn money this way. To be precise, your videos act as your lucky charm here, share your products in your videos or ask your loyal viewers to come up in your videos for promotions. Keep on reminding your viewers how good your products are, in your videos, to generate sales.

Create Sponsored Content

Instagram is not the only platform for influencers. Creating sponsored Video Content is another popular way to make money through YouTube Marketing Strategy. If you have a YouTube Channel with a great engagement rate and a larger audience belonging to a specific niche, Sponsors will probably want people to hear about them from you!


Before you approach a Sponsor or if it’s the other way around, make sure that your Channel has a perfect brand pitch. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. After you’ve got the deal of sponsorship, make sure that you’re in step with Google’s Ads Policies, to earn in good legal health.

License your Content on YouTube

In this era, where new trends come in with a swish, within seconds and rule over the Social Media World, any of your videos can go viral. And guess what happens next?

If any of your videos go viral, brands will want to get their hands on them, to jump into the trends. Like you never know when strikes lightning, you’d never know when your charm works and gets you another way to earn money. As a content creator, you need to be wise enough and license your work, so that whenever you become the star of the show, brands pay you to share and use your viral content. Altogether, to get the best results with this technique, keep your contact details updated on your channel and maintain your video content’s quality.


Now that you know all the ways to earn through your YouTube Marketing Strategy, it’s time that you scoop yourself to its benefits. Enabling these earning features is a bit time-consuming, so to save yourself some time, hire a Digital Marketing Agency and let them take care of this for you, while you create some amazing content.







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