2019 has More Reasons Why E-Store Owners Should Upgrade to Magento2

Ali Kazmi

  • Oct 01, 2019

In the world of digitalization, online shopping has become an integral part of a shopper’s shopping regime. Almost all the leading brands out there are setting up their e-commerce stores. E-Store Owners are working day and night to make sure their customers are satisfied. As well as the web design is user-friendly enough to avoid incurring any negative impact. While there are many CRM servers, Magento2 promises to hold its standing. Especially when it comes to a full-fledged shopping cart solution.

Now when you hear people saying that you have to upgrade to Magento2, you might want to ask them,  if my E-Store is working fine, why would I want to upgrade it. The answer is a simple one, you need to move ahead to grow up. For instance, if a child is happy to be in grade 1 because he has friends and because he is excelling, we still can’t let him stay there forever because, we all know that if he is not promoted to grade 2, any chances of him excelling in the future are next to none.

Magento is moving towards its end because the new software is taking over. So before you incur a big loss because you don’t have the competitor’s edge over the people who are doing better because they are up to date, you might want to reconsider your options. Let’s have a look at what 2019 has to offer in terms of Magento2 up-gradation and customer satisfaction. After all, your marketing strategies mean nothing if your customers aren’t happy with you or their online experience with you.

Magento2 Enterprise version

Magento2 Enterprise version

1. Customers feel important with Customization

Technology has advanced so much over the decade that understanding your customer’s wants isn’t a hard thing to do.  Audience’s shopping behaviors, preferences as well as their browsing history can be tracked to help you customize your store according to customer-specific needs. Your customer is the most important part of your business and his satisfaction paramount others. Your user can have the best online experience with Magento’s new update. It is fully capable of customization of the products, services and marketing incentives the specific customer will be exposed to, all on your direction. And as for the merchants out there, it offers up and cross-sells offers along with personalized payment methods and promotions based on their behaviors.

Not to mention, these features will help you with conversions and experience enhancement all at once with a bonus of customer loyalty. Your ROI increase will also experience a boost since the happy customer swings by, every now and then. With all this, it is safe to say that Magento Theme Customization is the way forward.

2. It is an Open Source platform

Being an open-source is a blessing in disguise. Magento 2 is everything, an open-source e-commerce platform needs to be. As a developer, you get access to templates, extensions, modules, widgets, documentations, training and consulting services. The major focus here too is to make your E-Store, customer-centric and Magento 2 hasn’t failed to mesmerize us with its ever improved features. E-Store owners seem to be in love with it.

3. It is Compatible

Compatibility means a lot regardless of which field you are dealing with. As an E-Store owner, you need to be sure that the new software is compatible with your database. So, considering the fact that Magento2 is a PHP-based open-source, it is made compatible with the latest PHP version as well as its frameworks including Zend. Magento2 works perfectly with the major databases like MySQL, CSS3, HTML5. Magento2 also uses jQuery instead of prototype.js.

4. Magento2 needs less Hardware!

As a new business, budgeting always takes a toll on the owners. It’s understandable that you want to cut on the cost as much as you can without adversely affecting your business. Magento up-gradation is just what you need right now because it has lowered its hardware requirements without compromising on the performance. Subsequently, bringing a positive impact on the costs.

5. Testing is more Efficient here

You might encounter conflict when you add new features and modules to the existing system. However, with the updated Magento’s built-in framework, testing has become more simple and easy. Automated tests can run on any Magento site with great ease.

6. Integration all the way

Nothing is better than a system that would integrate with different systems at an up-close level. Magento is famous for the way it amalgamates with other systems like inventory management and ERP. In the previous version, whenever there was a lack of integration, a lot of messages would get lost and the people would have no clue about how to track them.

However, this Magento2 Enterprise version makes sure this miscommunication is avoided to its full potential by introducing the built-in Rabbit MQ framework that helps us in the monitoring of the communication between Magento and other systems.

Magento2 Enterprise version

For an E-Store owner, it is okay to be unsure whether is it really a good idea to switch. What we suggest is that you contact us. Talk to us and let us help you understand better, that why is it important to upgrade as soon as possible. Xcentric Services being Magento partners, have a team of professionals to understand your queries and provide you with the best solution out there.







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