E-Commerce Trends that can shape your success in 2020

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 16, 2019

The end of 2019 is right around the corner, and with this, the highly-competitive E-Commerce trends need to be at your top-most priority, keeping relevancy a key. If you’re a business not focusing on this fact, watch out for what’s going to be trending in the future.  As a business, if you wish to keep your brand and your products, in front of the eyes and minds of the audience, gear up with the E-Commerce trends. That’s the only way for you to stay alert to the latest fads.

Everything being said, it is important that whenever the trends come in, you’ll only experiment once you’re sure that it will make things better for your customers. To help you out with pitching in trends accurately, we’ve listed down some of the trends that are making rounds in the E-Commerce trends sector and have the power to shape your success in 2020.

Make Google your Online Marketplace

Today, Google is proven to be one of the most powerful sales channels, and in the future, it is going to trend. Get the best out of your E-Store, by integrating your E-Commerce store with Google, and creating a Product Listing Ad (PLA), which will lead you to the top of SERPs. Start advertising today, through this lucrative channel, to ensure your success in 2020!

AR and VR are the new cool trend

In reality, selling products through an E-Commerce store is a bit difficult, as compared to selling at a physical store. This fact is spot-on because the customers cannot see the products before buying, making them double-minded over the purchasing decision. But don’t worry, E-Commerce trends have it all sorted out before 2020 begins!

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the new show stoppers of an E-Commerce store. With them, the customers are now able to virtually try on products. So take note of this technology revolution, aka E-Commerce trend that is surely going to rule the E-Stores by spreading like fire in 2020.

E-Commerce Trends

Personalization is the next Level

Interactive content like quizzes and surveys has a great purpose behind it, which many E-Commerce store owners haven’t figured out yet. But it’s time that E-Commerce stores took to the next level, which is Personalization.

Personalization is ultimately the peak level of customer satisfaction, providing custom-made products, tailored to each customer’s preferences and needs. Though this may sound easy, it needs some genuine efforts made. A great example of Personalization; Native is a brand using interactive quizzes to create a customer’s scent profile. Later on, customers use these profiles to buy their customized perfume or deodorant. What’s your take on this trend?

Payments are now easier to swallow

Converting the audience into customers, on an E-Commerce platform is hard, no matter how much the Digital Marketing world advances, customers still think twice, before making bigger purchases online.

E-Commerce trends now have found a solution to it, by offering flexible payment options, through systems like Afterpay, Final, and Affirm. These systems break down the payments of big purchases into several installments that can be paid over months, making it easier for the customers to swallow the payments. Get one of these systems integrated into your E-Commerce platform today!

Environmental Mindfulness

Environmental friendliness is now not only over the minds of Millenials and tree huggers; it’s all over the world now. People are now far more concerned about the environment than they were before. The result is; people supporting businesses who are taking steps into reducing their carbon footprints. This fact gives E-Commerce trends a green signal to go green asap!

Focus on reducing your shipping waste and use bags that are biodegradable. Take your environmental mindfulness to the next level, by being super creative which will surely pull customers over to your E-Store. Hint; What if your biodegradable bags turn into plants when put in soil?


Although trends evolve over time inherently, it is still very important for E-Commerce store owners to focus on upcoming ones. Capitalize on the trends we’ve mentioned and see incredible returns on E-Commerce store’s success. If you need some help, hire a Digital Marketing Agency to plan out your strategies for pitching in these trends.







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