E-Commerce Specialist: Converting Customers With Sales Funnel

Sumayya Shahid

  • Jul 21, 2023

When B2B brands engage in online purchasing, they participate in a thoughtful decision-making process. Unlike impulse buying in a B2C context, B2B purchases involve careful evaluation and consideration of various factors. Consequently, a poorly executed sales or marketing campaign can have a significant impact on potential customers’ willingness to proceed with the purchase. To navigate this complex landscape and optimize their conversion rates, an E-Commerce Specialist relies on the sales funnel framework.

The sales funnel outlines the different stages that buyers go through in their journey, starting from initial awareness of a product or service to the final decision-making and purchase stage. Each stage represents a unique frame of mind for the buyer. By understanding the mindset of buyers at each stage, both sales and marketing teams at Xcentric tailor clients’ messaging and approach accordingly. This strategic approach ensures a cohesive and optimized customer journey. Ultimately, this leads to improved conversion rates and a higher likelihood of successfully closing deals with B2B customers.


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Understanding Sales Funnel For Better Conversion

A B2B sales funnel is a structured journey that every buyer undertakes when making purchasing decisions on behalf of their company. Commonly known as a sales pipeline, it serves as a visual depiction of how prospective buyers progress through the various stages of the buyer’s journey. As an E-Commerce Specialist, we at Xcentric think of the B2B sales funnel as a roadmap that guides buyers from initial awareness to final purchase.

At the top of the funnel, buyers become aware of their business needs and start exploring potential solutions. As they move further down the funnel, they engage in research, evaluation, and comparison of different options. Being an E-Commerce Growth Agency, we are going to look into the different stages of the sales funnel that help our clients in determining the stage their customer is currently in.

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1.    Awareness stage

When a buyer within a business organization recognizes a problem or pinpoint what they need to address, they enter the initial stage of the sales funnel known as the “awareness stage.” In this stage, the main focus of the E-Commerce Specialist is the buyer becoming aware of the existing issue rather than actively seeking out a solution.

During the awareness stage, the buyer’s primary objective is to understand and define the problem at hand. This stage is characterized by a sense of realization and a desire to explore potential solutions in the future. Therefore, the team at Xcentric makes it easier for businesses to easily engage in research, gather information, and seek insights to better comprehend the nature and scope of the issue.

2.    Interest stage

As a buyer moves forward in the B2B sales funnel, they transition from the awareness stage to the next critical phase. In this stage, the buyer shows a genuine interest in addressing the identified problem and enters what is commonly known as the “consideration stage” of the sales funnel. Being a B2B E-Commerce Development Agency, we at Xcentric help our clients in identifying these stages through various analytics tools.

As a professional E-Commerce Specialist, it is important to note that the buyer is not yet focused on selecting a specific supplier or vendor. Instead, they are primarily concerned with discovering products or services that are likely to solve their problem. They may create a list of essential features, functionalities, or criteria that their prospective purchase must fulfill.

3.    Consideration stage

Once business buyers enter the consideration stage of the B2B sales funnel, they actively embark on finding a suitable supplier to address their specific problem. During this stage, they engage in various activities that facilitate their search and evaluation process. However, E-Commerce Specialist at Xcentric accesses these activities by browsing B2B marketplaces, where buyers can explore a wide range of potential suppliers and their offerings.

Moreover, with the help of our B2B E-Commerce Website Development services, we create websites that have easy-to-understand features. We use different B2B website platforms such as Shopify to create functional websites for our client’s business.

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4.    Evaluation stage

When buyers in the B2B sales process reach the evaluation stage, they have narrowed down their options and created a shortlist of potential suppliers who they believe can effectively address their problem. At this crucial stage, the focus of the E-Commerce Specialist shifts towards convincing the key stakeholders involved in the B2B buying process that their company is the best fit for the job.

In the evaluation stage, buyers are looking for concrete evidence and compelling reasons to choose one supplier over the others. They seek reassurance that the chosen supplier can deliver the desired results, meet their specific requirements, and provide the highest value for their investment. Therefore, we at Xcentric develop websites and online stores for clients so that their company can shine and differentiate itself from the competition.

5.    Purchase stage

After obtaining approval from key stakeholders within their organization, businesses proceed to the final stage of the B2B sales process: selecting a supplier and making the purchase. This stage marks the culmination of the decision-making journey, where all the necessary evaluations, negotiations, and discussions have taken place. This process needs to be easy for buyers, that’s why we Xcentric design websites with user-friendly interfaces with easy navigation.

With the signoff from key stakeholders, businesses have reached a consensus and are ready to move forward with their chosen supplier with the help of our E-Commerce Specialist. The decision to select a specific supplier is based on various factors, including the supplier’s ability to meet the business’s requirements, deliver on promised outcomes, and provide the best overall value.

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Hire Us As Your E-Commerce Specialist

The profitability of a company in the B2B sales process is directly influenced by the amount of time prospective buyers spend within the sales funnel. One effective way to expedite the sales funnel is by transitioning the B2B business online. By implementing automation tools and technologies, we at Xcentric proactively deliver relevant and useful information to prospective buyers based on their actions and engagement. This automation helps streamline the buyer’s journey, ensuring they receive the right information and making the easy to understand for both customers and our E-Commerce Specialist. Furthermore, if you are looking for an E-Commerce Agency Near Me for your business, then contact Xcentric where we have the best packages for your B2B business.

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