E-Commerce Platform: 5 Things To Consider While Choosing One

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 11, 2019

E-Commerce platforms ensure that you’re getting the hugest possible slice of the cake, apparently the audience. But choosing one that best suits your business is not as easy as it sounds. It is one big decision that can make or break your business’s online presence. Just like operating a physical store requires a high level of planning and strategizing, the same level of thinking goes in while picking on an E-Commerce platform.

E-Commerce platforms stream-line your business’s success, making it impossible for you to compete online, without considering one. When it comes to deciding on a platform, consider these points, so that you don’t launch an E-Store haphazardly.

1. Pricing and Payment Methods

Before choosing an E-Commerce platform, the first thing you need to focus on is the price you’re going to pay for it. Whether you’re a small business, or an established brick & mortar business looking out for a suitable E-Commerce platform, you need to ask yourself these questions;

  • Which platform do you prefer; Self-Hosted or Hosted?
  • Does the platform satisfy all your requirements?
  • Can you find a cheaper alternative to the platform you have chosen?

After you’ve analyzed thoroughly and gotten your answers to these questions, go for the best-suited one that ensures quality and functionalities. Precisely, pay for things which you’ve asked for, as a requirement. However, the customer is your top-most priority, so be sure that their comfort is catered too, by choosing a platform that supports different Payment Methods. Save yourself from cart abandonment, just because your customer got frustrated of lesser payment options. 

2. Integrations and Plugins are a Must

Considering an E-Commerce platform entails sheer focus. To choose the best one for your business, analyze your business’s objectives and needs. In the future, as 2020 is right at the corner, you might need to update things, as they come up in the trend. Keeping in view this fact, plan and choose a platform that supports different types of tools and plugins.

The best way is to keep a marketers’ eye on the platforms’ integration and plugins offered in such a way that it caters to both; Current Business objective, and Future Plans. Dwelling deeper, we’ve listed down some of the popular plugins you’ll surely need to mark over your checklist while choosing an E-Commerce platform;

Although Magento and Shopify are similar in different ways, the best way out is to choose the one whose plugins and integrations suits best to your business objectives and needs.

3. SEO Friendliness

SEO is the new cool boy in town, which an E-Commerce store owner can’t afford ignoring. Being friends with SEO can be highly beneficial for your store’s engagement rate. Because who doesn’t want customers to see them whenever they search for something relevant to their industry? Here’s how being friends with SEO can be at your advantage;

  • SEO gives you the ability to use your Domain Name
  • Allows customers to leave reviews
  • Lets you add Blog Posts to your Website

Sounds appealing? Make a smart move and choose the E-Commerce Platform which can help you be friends with SEO.

4. Customer Service

Having someone there to help you out 24/7 sounds great. In the world of Marketing, this is referred to as Customer Service, which every business strives to excel in. Physical stores have control over this side of the business. On the other hand, E-Stores need to work hard on this to run their business smoothly.

E-Commerce is a big ballgame, which you can only win if you’ve made the right choice of a platform, effecting both; Revenue and Brand Image. So analyze properly that which platform offers the best customer support services, at which level of availability and at what cost, to make a safer decision.

5. Security

Increased digitization has also made security one of the biggest concerns of all times because no one would want to share their details over a sketchy website. Before you choose an E-Commerce platform, make sure that it supports HTTPS/SSL, ensuring a safe and secure checkout for your customers.

In this era, most of the platforms support robust technology, which takes customers into a trust that their credit card information is in safe hands. Choose a platform that is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, to give your customers a safe and secure transaction experience so that they make a repeat purchase.

E-Commerce Platform

Moving to an E-Commerce platform from a traditional physical store can be daunting and you might have a lot of questions in your mind about how choosing the best-suited platform can help you reach success. Want to know more about what to look ahead in an E-Commerce platform? Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce; which one can help you keep up with your business objectives? Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan to help you choose between them.










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