7 Tips From An E-Commerce Marketing Agency to Grow Your Business

kashif ali

  • Feb 04, 2021

Super excited because your online web store just went LIVE, or maybe you revamped the existing one? But we have a question – is someone visiting your digital store? Well, if this question had you confused, it’s time to think ahead of just having an online web store. Do not take the fact for granted that your online web store remains OPEN 24/7.

There is a lot of effort that you need to put in after E-Commerce Website Development in the shape of marketing agency. Precisely, an E-Commerce marketing strategy depends a lot on the business goals, capital, and most importantly – the product. Being an E-Commerce Marketing Agency, we, at Xcentric Services, keep up with these tips to get our clients’ high sales volumes.

E-Commerce Website Development

1. On Point Social Media

You are probably thinking that why is this one the first of E-Commerce Marketing Tips that we follow? Isn’t it quite obvious? No, it is not. The savvy customers of today always double-check if the products they are about to purchase are a real deal. Hence, when revamping an online web store or building one from scratch, we make sure to keep the client’s social media updated.

However, amid this, we do not take a big leap and get the brand on every social media platform. Instead, we first analyze where the business’s target audience is and then count on the platforms where the business needs to be present.

And whenever there is a doubt, we stick to the basics – Facebook and Instagram. Besides it all, here is the checklist our social media managers never miss to tick off when creating a digital presence for clients:

  • The Logo – avoid using super high resolution or blurry images as a logo. While a high-resolution image might blur out when uploaded on Facebook, blurry ones make the business look unprofessional.
  • Consistent Posting – building a strong presence on social media requires consistency, not just on one social media platform but on all. Hence, when we focus a lot on consistent posting to boost online conversion rates.
  • Contact Details – you would be surprised if we told you that many businesses forget to post their contact details on social media, which costs them A LOT. However, when you leave the responsibility to us, we will ensure that the necessary contact details are up on your account.


2. Periodic Flash Sales

Usually, online retailers only offer discounts and offer on special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, and other than those days, they are out of luck. At Xcentric Services, we go the other way around too to generate revenues for our clients. Thinking how? Simple – by randomly offering a promo code or discount on social media.

E-Commerce Marketing Agency

3. Follow Up And Follow Up Once Again

The key to success in this Dynamic Market of E-Commerce marketing agency businesses is following up with the customer again and again. Our marketing agency team collects customers’ personal information while planning out marketing campaigns.

The trick we apply here is using emails out of personal information to ask the customers what they think about the product and ask them to leave a review. When they do so, we offer them a discount code on their next purchase. Because they do deserve it for giving us their time, right?

4. Retargeting And Conquering

Maybe, a business does not have customers following up after E-Commerce Website Development as we mentioned in the previous point. So, how to target people who are truly interested in your products and services? In such scenarios, we try on retargeting the prospective customers – the ones who have already visited our client’s online web store. And for that, we track the bounce rate of the business on Google Analytics.

5. Customer Engagement

No matter how creative visuals you post on social media, the influence of user-generated content goes beyond it. Hence, being an E-Commerce Marketing Agency, we never stay behind in hosting contests on behalf of our clients on social media platforms that initiate user-generated content.

This way, the customers not only feel appreciated but also connect more with the brand on an emotional level. And besides, a little fun and games never hurt anybody, right? You never know when a challenge or contest could go viral because of a customer creating amazing content for it.

6. Satisfying Customers

Showing customers support by thanking them for buying your products is essential in these challenging times. As an E-Commerce Marketing Agency, we do so on behalf of our clients by adding a review section on their online web store where the pictures and videos submitted by customers are highlighted. Thus, making the client’s business more transparent and friendly at the same time.

7. Google Shopping Campaigns

Have you ever purchased without searching for the product on Google? We know, it’s an absolute NO. Every customer first looks up the product details and images on Google before making a decision. Hence, our marketing agency team focuses a lot on Google Shopping Campaigns. The best part? You won’t have to invest hugely in campaigns to be on Google Shopping. We include these integrations in our E-Commerce Website Development Price in Pakistan for each client.

E-Commerce Website Development Price in Pakistan


With the E-Commerce world growing big continuously – thanks to the pandemic, businesses need to focus on marketing their online web stores the right way. However, keeping up with the marketing agency trends while managing an online web store is a hassle. The good news is; you can leave it all to us. Our marketing team will put in the best efforts to plan out an E-Commerce Marketing Strategy for your business and skyrocket your online sales. Sounds promising? Then get in touch with us at connect@xcentricservices.com.







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