E-Commerce Data Migration Services – How makes sure that nothing gets left behind?

Ali Kazmi

  • Jul 30, 2020


Have you outgrown your Dynamics E-Commerce platform, and have you learned that the limitations of your current platform do not exist with others? Perhaps, you have been working on a restrictive platform that fenced you for too long. However, whatever the reason be, it is time to migrate to another platform and ditch the current one; with E-Commerce Data Migration Services.

Though we understand, moving to a new one can be as hassling as E-Commerce Website Development from scratch, you still need the flexibility that only comes along a modern platform. And for all this, you need the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration Partners because moving all the files, products, customer data, and other silos to a new platform is not an easy play.

Xcentric being one of the Best Magento Development Company jumps in right here to rescue you; We assist businesses by helping them pick the Best CRM for E-Commerce and later put together a plan to migrate all the data silos. Our Microsoft Dynamics Migration services cover various platforms, specifically – Magento E-Commerce Development, Shopify Microsoft Dynamics, Woo Commerce, and many others.

Is trusting your data to Just Anyone safe? Big NO!

No matter how many rounds of migrations you go through, unexpected twists and turns are bound to rise – Trust us; we have done quite A LOT. Every business has little traits in its data silos; an incredibly unique naming scheme here, and a set of duplicated products there. Hence, the advantage and proven success lies in working with an agency providing Digital Services – just like us. We count on years of experience and proven track records of successful data migrations. Thus, we see issues coming from a mile away.

We assume you must have discovered the automatic migration program. And at some point, you might have decided on going with it. But did someone tell you how it just dumps your data into a new platform? And if something does not fit right, YOU are the one who needs to fix it. Even though that’s a shame at the end of the program, unfortunately, you get what you get. And unfortunately, you need to clear the mess.

On the other hand, when you migrate with a Web Development Company like Xcentric, our Magento Commerce Developers manually set up a script after thoroughly investigating your data. We let our clients know if there is an issue with the way their data is set up. And we fix them before they are live on a brand-new platform with half the information.

E commerce data migration

The E-commerce Data Migration Process

When it comes to E-Commerce platform migration, there is no blanket statement forcing every business to follow one defined path. Just as each Dynamics 365 E-Commerce website and every retailing strategy is different, every platform migration also varies, in more than several ways. Every migration project usually differs from the conventional process in some way. As the data structure is always unique and the functionalities serve differently, particularly, the obstacles need custom solutions. At Xcentric, we follow a migration process that chronicles a customary path we intend to implement. However, it is always essential to keep in mind that we will customize your project. Especially for your transition, along with following the usual migration pathway that covers the following steps;

  • Initial Data Transfer

The majority of your data silos move to your new E-Commerce while we work on Web Design Services and Web Development in Pakistan on your new website. This way, we save everyone a lot of time; because our migration scripts run in the background, while we focus on other tech tasks that require human eyes. Once the data migrates, you can check it out and see if it fits right at the back end of your new Magento E-Commerce Website Development.

Plus, you do not need to worry about if that is the only trial because we will let you have a second look also, at how your data fits into the front-end and the Magento Website Design. All in all, we will let you double-check everything at every stage of Magento Migration from 1 to 2, to make sure that all your data has got a new home at the back-end and front-end both; of your new E-Commerce website.

E commerce data migration

  • Pre-launch Data Re-sync

Redesigning a website on an all-new platform is not a swish. It can take weeks, months, or even a year. Hence, as a Website Development Company providing platform migration services, we never ask our clients to stop running their business or manage it with one hand tied at the back, while we serve.

Instead, we offer a complimentary data re-syncing as a part of our data migration services. Considering this, our clients can continue updating their products, prices, and categories even after we have taken their data. And surprisingly, our clients receive more orders during this time and earn more sales.

Just before the launch, we re-sync the data variations in the live storage during Web Development in Lahore because this way, the data remains up-to-date when our Magento E-Commerce Designers launch your E-Commerce Web Store.

  • Google Search Console Support and 301 Re-directs

Migrating from one platform to another comes along with slight changes to your URLs. Even when you decide on staying in the same domain. So when we provide platform migration services, we include 301 redirects. They are a way to send Google the forwarding address of your website.

This way, we let Google know that even though your URLs look strange, it should still confer your domain authority and rankings on SERPs onto your new website that they did on your old one. All in all, 301 redirects are essential for platform migration processes.

Along with 301 redirects, our data migration services extend to offering Google Search Console support to clients. When migrating data to a new platform, even if 301 redirects are accurate, there is a chance that Google will be confused while crawling your new website. The crawlers might slap errors or even punishments for organic rankings.

Hence, as support, our assigned Magento Web Developer will keep an eye on your Google Search Console for some weeks following the launch of your new website. And in case we see any red flags raised by Google, we will investigate them and suggest fixes; if they are something that worries our client.

E commerce data migration

Why taking help from a Data Migration Agency is a smart move?

Every platform is different from the others. Hence, the possibility of your data fitting-in well when migrating is rare. However, if you play smart at this point and hire a professional Magento 2 Development Agency for E-Commerce Data Migration Services like Xcentric, the differences can be mitigated.

We make sure that your data finds a home on your brand-new website by creating custom fields or renaming some figures. Even though we cannot promise a platform precisely like your previous one, with our efforts put in, your data will surely stay familiar.

But the catch here is not only giving your data a new fitting space in your E-Commerce platform. If your previous web store had custom-designed components, there are enough chances they will not interact the same way on a new platform. We know we have stressed you out with these words, but don’t worry, we have got you covered. By analyzing each non-standard functionality of your current web store, we will figure out the best possible way to rebuild it so that it works well with your new Microsoft Dynamics E-Commerce website.

As a Web Development Company in Lahore, we provide migration services and Magento E-Commerce Development Services that bring along your previous customizations to make sure that nothing gets left behind. So get in touch with us and let us handle it all; we’ve rolled up our sleeves for some serious E-Commerce Data Migration and Magento 2 Website Development work!







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