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  • Jan 25, 2022

In the past few years and even after the world went through a pandemic, the importance of Google Ads has not reduced even an inch. Probably, our question might have also sounded silly to you – because who does not want to double the Google Ads Conversion Rate and grow their business? Mostly, business owners are concerned about reducing the conversion cost and increasing the conversion rates.

Everything other than the two goals mentioned above is secondary, as without completing them, nothing else works. BUT, ever thought about how you will manage this non-technical sounding jargon on your own? Well, you will not have to after getting on board with Xcentric Services, as we know the jargon that keeps every Ads campaign on track.

5 Ways We Improve The Conversion Rates For Google Ads

Are you still skeptical about investing in Google Ads because losing money is not something affordable? You can take our word – based on the KPIs, our team can generate you high ROI and conversion rates. To convince you more, we have covered this article on how we improve Google Ads conversion rates for our clients. Every item in this list is proven to work wonders – let’s get through it!

Google Ads Conversion Rate

1. Using Remarketing As CRO Tool

Remarketing is a practical way we use to improve the Conversion Rate Optimization and convince the visitors on the websites of our clients to come back. We make this a part of the marketing goal and achieve it using a conversion tracking tool.

Usually, marketing agencies do not consider using remarketing as a tool for conversion rate optimization. However, we believe that it saves money and time. After all, it is very rare to convert someone to visit your website for the first time through Google Display Networks.

Hence, we employ remarketing by placing Google Ads for our clients that show to people who have already visited their website. This way, we bring them back and increase their odds of clicking the Ads and buying the product or service the client is selling.

2. Testing Landing Page Designs

Whether you use organic methods for driving website traffic or are getting onto running a Google Ads Campaign with our help, split-testing landing pages is one thing we do not miss out on. Technically, the Ad copy controls the click-through rate of a campaign, while the landing pages of a website influence the conversion rate.

Very smartly, our team decides which lead magnet to use. Sometimes, we suggest holding webinars for lead generation, and the other times, we create eBooks for the clients to yield more leads. To be precise, it all depends on testing – whichever option gets the most conversions, we go ahead with it. Thus, maximizing the traffic and clicks on the Ads, resulting in higher conversions.

Google Ads Campaign

3. Implementing Click-Through Rate Best Practices

Click-through rate is a ratio showing how often people click the Ads after seeing them. The more they click on the Ads and visit a landing page, the more they convert into buyers. Hence, rather than setting up multiple Ads and spending a lot of budgets, our marketers prefer improving the Google Ads Conversion Rate for clients at Xcentric Services. To get the Ads we place clicked by the target audience, we follow certain best practices that lower the cost of converting and increase the sales.

  • Title Capitalization In Ad Copy – instead of typing the title of the Ad copy in lowercase letters, we capitalize them and improve the click-through rate.
  • Marketing Search Funnel– to see the best results and target the right keywords, we think of answers to questions like where the target audience is in the buying funnel and then target Ads.
  • Ad Placement– no matter where people are positioned, they click on different Types of Google Ads. However, to get our clients a high CTR on them, we place them in the best position.
  • Testing Match Types– testing different match types of keywords also helps with improving the CTR of Ad campaigns. For instance, a phrase that exactly matches trending keywords gets a leg up in the ranking of the Ads.

Add Business to Google

4. Grouping & Organizing Keywords

Organizing the Google Ads campaigns is a difficult task to handle on your own, but it is also a necessity that you cannot let go off. Hence, if you want to boost your chances of nailing a higher conversion rate, get on board with us as we have what it takes to double the Google Ads Conversion Rate by effectively organizing and grouping keywords. To do so, here are a few things we do:

  • Effective Structure – when planning Ads campaigns, we organize them in an effective structure based on the characteristics like bidding strategy, budget, or the target audience.
  • Aiming Small Ad Groups – small and focused Ad groups work wonders, which is why we keep the Ads focused on particular products or services. It results in creating a more relevant list of conversion tracking in every Ad group.
  • Ad Variations –creating multiple Ad variations is a smart way out as it helps track the Ad, which can generate the highest conversions while running.


Placing converting Ads is a great way to Add Business to Google and get traffic on its website faster. So, if you are thinking that your target audience has thick skin and you cannot wait to pick conversions from organic leads, let Xcentric Services set up your Ads campaigns. They will drive traffic to your website and generate high-quality leads that will later convert into SALES. To get your pricing plan for Google Advertising or to know more about what we offer in our services, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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