My Website Does Not Drive Leads – Can SEO Marketing Fix It?

kashif ali

  • Mar 28, 2022

No one ever wants to say that their website does not drive leads. It is bad news for them, their team, and the company, which is why it is important to get a website back in business. And that is exactly why we have compiled this guide on how you can fix and increase the count of website leads through SEO Marketing. 

Keep on reading the blog to find out why your website is not generating any leads. Or, if you want an audit of your website by the Best SEO Experts in Lahore, contact the team Xcentric at connect@xcentricservices.com or give us a ring at 0300-800-2094 to speak to a strategist.

So, Why Is Your Website Not Driving Leads?

Let us share some common reasons your website does not drive leads and how to fix the issues to close more sales and earn more revenues online through E-Commerce SEO Packages.

1. Using SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the digital marketing strategies that are underused, with only 44% of businesses investing in Best SEO Services in Lahore last year. Yet, when it comes to digital marketing overall, it is important and massively impacts organic lead generation.

When you use Search Engine Marketing for your business, it means that you have adopted an umbrella of strategies. They work together to increase the visibility of a website on search engines like Google because that is where business buyers and people shop. For reference, almost 90% of online experiences start from a search engine.

If your website does not appear in the search results related to your business, industry, services, or products, you are likely to become nonexistent to the target audience. For your business, this can result in a direct decline in the generation of leads. Even if you target a strategy immediately, Search Engine Optimization is something that will not get you success instantly.

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    To develop an SEO Marketing strategy, you need skills as well as a technical understanding of SEO. It is also an ongoing investment that does not deliver instant results. But still, you have to make it a core part of your lead generation and marketing strategies.

    Now, the question is, how can you use SEO to increase the lead generation from your website? By following these steps, every business can start improving the lead generation rate of its website:

    • Audit the website in-house or hire a Professional SEO Agency to do it for you
    • Discover the pain points and wants of the target audience by researching the market
    • Compile all keywords relevant to your website in a list using tools like Keyword Planner
    • Optimize the multimedia and content following the best SEO practices
    • Publish optimized and keyword-rich content on your website
    • Check the performance of the content every month

    Mostly, businesses start seeing their content performing within 6 months – that’s what we have noticed as a Top SEO Company in Pakistan. As the visibility of a website improves in the search results, it starts experiencing an increase in organic traffic. The traffic consists of qualified website visitors because the right keywords related to the business are targeted.

    However, if you still face troubles with SEO Packages in Lahore performance after following the above-mentioned steps, consider getting on board with Xcentric. From doing a professional SEO audit to tweaking the optimization strategy and driving traffic, our team will do it all.

    SEO Services in Lahore
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    2. Improving Page Speed

    Page speed is another reason why websites underdeliver when it comes to generating website leads. The slow loading speed of the pages also impacts Professional SEO Services, which results in rankings going down, less organic traffic, and few leads. Hence, you do not only need to assess the SEO of your website but also its speed.

    From the perspective of a user, it is easily understandable why a website that loads slowly decreases the count of leads. Fair enough, no one wants to wait for a website to load, no matter how beneficial or great its services or products are. Users these days expect websites to load within two seconds or even less.

    However, to our surprise, many websites fail to meet this expectation, which is why improving the page speed will get your business a quick win. The improvement of even a second can increase the conversion rate by 7%.

    In addition to unsatisfied users, page speed also has an impact on off-page and On-Page SEO Packages. When a search engine like Google is ranking a website in the search results, it looks at the bounce rate of related pages. Bounce rate defines the percentage of users arriving on your website’s pages and leaving without taking any action.

    Looking at page speed from the perspective of a search engine, such a response means that the user did not find what they were searching for on your website. In response, the ranking of the website decreases, which impacts the lead generation efforts and traffic numbers. So, to improve the speed of your website and drive leads to it, optimize it by taking the following actions recommended by Best Companies for SEO:

    • Use the PageSpeed Insights tool of Google to check the website’s speed
    • Compile the results and recommendations of PageSpeed Insights
    • Update the publishing practices for multimedia and content

    Other than the actions listed above, to make your website faster, here are some changes you can make to the publishing policies on your website:

    • Compressing all the image files
    • Reducing the website redirects
    • Decreasing the size of CSS files
    • Optimizing the HTML files
    • Changing the website hosting provider

    Do you not have an in-house team of dedicated developers? Then, it is worth investing in the Best SEO Services in Pakistan that we provide at Xcentric. With us, you will maximize the speed of your website, improve the SEO score and increase lead generation.

    Website Leads

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    3. Optimizing Contact Forms

    As a business, you can generate leads from your website in many ways, including:

    • When a user calls you using the dedicated phone number given on the website
    • When users sign up for an eBook, email newsletter, or any other type of content
    • When a user completes the online contact form on your website

    Even though a phone call is very valuable, one of the most common ways businesses drive leads is through a contact form. That is why, if your website is not generating leads, you should look at the contact forms.

    Many times, potential leads arrive on a website, view the products or services on it, and get a lot of information or have shared a broken contact form. It can make or break your lead generation game.

    The important question is how contact forms can be optimized for maximizing website leads through SEO Marketing. You can improve the performance of the contact forms on your website by following these tips:

    • Test the contact form to ensure that it submits the right details to your sales team
    • Ask friends, coworkers, and family to fill out the contact form and give feedback
    • Audit the contact form fields and determine which ones are mandatory
    • Add a catchy and benefit-rich CTA that compels users to take an action
    • Launch A/B tests for experimenting with different forms, designs and fields
    • Move the contact form above the fold on suitable pages like a product page

    Even after you complete an in-depth audience and tweak the contact form, its features and performance can be continuously improved using different tools and strategies. For instance, to keep moving your lead generation efforts, you can continue running A/B tests.

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    4. Adding Compelling CTAs

    You can check several aspects when your website is not generating leads. Mostly, businesses keep focusing on Backlink Packages. However, the important area that they forget to look at is the CTAs. While a call-to-action might seem negligible, it has a HUGE impact on the actions of the users.

    According to SEO Consultants, by using the right CTAs, businesses can provide recommendations to readers. For example, on a service page, you can advise the users to get in touch with your team to try the demo of your services. Or you can also ask them to fill out a form to receive an instant project quote.

    If there is no CTA on your website, you are probably leaving the users with so many options that they do not even know what to do next. In case you are using CTAs across your website but are not placed right, the uncompelling offer can turn away the potential leads. Either way, your website will not generate any leads. To turn your CTAs into convincing recommendations, follow these steps:

    • Research the target audience and determine their needs, pain points, and wants.
    • Evaluate the Unique Selling Points and CTAs of your competitors
    • Use the assessment and research for brainstorming potential CTAs
    • Update the page designs for making CTAs stand out on them

    Digital Marketing for Website

    In addition, for boosting the influence of the call-to-action buttons on the users, count on these tips:

    • Make the CTAs to-the-point and short
    • Focus the CTAs on what the users need or want
    • Run A/B testing on CTAs with Google Optimize
    • Keep the CTAs simple and free from buzzwords

    After you discover the formula that works wonders for your CTAs and increases lead generation, do not stop developing and testing some new ones. With each update, you will be able to uncover unique ways to motivate the target audience and maximize lead generation.
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    5. Targeting Leads In Buying Funnel

    Depending on the type of your business, the Website SEO Packages might focus on users at the bottom of the buying funnel. You should be attracting buyers who are ready to buy your service or product, not only those researching and comparing brands. However, such a narrow focus limits the potential of a website when it comes to generating leads.

    Businesses remove themselves from an important part of the market by ignoring the users in the middle and top of the buying funnel. While most of them now take a non-linear approach to purchase, marketing and advertising strategies can easily miss the valuable users in those stages. Hence, as a business, you should be targeting users at every stage of the buying funnel by investing in Affordable SEO Services in Lahore.

    With an all-encompassing and comprehensive approach to the buying funnel, you can build strong relationships with future leads and sign them up when they are ready to buy. However, targeting an entire buying funnel for generating leads is tricky. Being the Best SEO Agency, we suggest benefiting from it by:

    • Exploring what the users in the top, middle, and bottom of the buying funnel want to know about your products or services.
    • Creating content targeting users at the top, middle, and bottom of the buying funnel and optimizing it for search engines.
    • Promoting the content on social media platforms to earn valuable buzz and shares.

    Decided on adopting this strategy and hiring the Best SEO Expert in Pakistan to keep an eye on it? Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to deliver results. For instance, your content will not appear on the search engine result pages overnight unless you target a pay-per-click advertising campaign to promote it. Other than that, the results are quite long-lasting and impressive.
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    Ready To Churn Out Leads From Your Website?

    If your website is not generating leads, it is a BIG problem that only an SEO Expert in Lahore can fix. The buyers of today rely on search engines and the internet for researching products or services, comparing them, and contacting businesses. Therefore, you need to have a website that does both – performs on the search engine and provides users with the best online experience. Such an approach drives organic leads to websites, which is the ultimate goal of every business.

    NOW is the time you get started on increasing the lead generation numbers of your website using different optimization techniques and tools. Not to mention, the Best SEO Experts in Pakistan that we have on board at Xcentric can also help you generate and manage leads.

    So, to get professional assistance with planning, targeting, and monitoring an SEO strategy for generating leads, contact us at connect@xcentricservcies.com TODAY.  We are the Best SEO Company in Pakistan, with decades worth of experience in generating leads for clients. To chat with one of our dedicated strategists, give us a call at 0300-800-2094.







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