Digital Marketing Trends That We Are Following In 2022


  • Jan 31, 2022


Marketing is evolving more than ever, and the marketers at Xcentric Services managing marketing campaigns know it BEST. They believe that even though chasing the latest trends benefits, their results are temporary and not reliable. Hence, for long-term results, they count on strong foundations and Digital Marketing Trends that are here to stay. Previously, some tactics and strategies showed great results and are likely to do the same in 2022. After all, marketing activities thrive on tweaks, and the more time our team puts into it, the better results they deliver.

Three Trends In Digital Marketing That We Will Follow In 2022

Confused about which trends to follow in this New Year and how we can be of any help to you? We have you covered with this blog highlighting all the trends that we will be following this year to nail the presence of our clients on digital media.

Digital Marketing Trends 2022

1. Search Intent

Search intent defines the reason behind the search of a person. Google tries to understand the meaning behind every query and the information category someone is finding. For instance, the search engine ranks a guide with the most information content regarding a query like – how to tune my guitar. Or, for another query saying – Daraz, the search engine knows that the users want to navigate to the E-Commerce store.

We believe that this trend is here to stay as search intent is the KING and will probably remain beyond 2022. To keep our clients on pace with this Digital Marketing Trends 2022, we optimize and design the content for their strategies by focusing on search intent. To be precise, this boils down to us identifying and nailing the 3 Cs of search intent, including:

  • Content Format– the common formats include list posts, how-to’s, comparisons and reviews, etc.
  • Content-Type– deciding if the content will be in the form of a video, image, blog, or product page.
  • Content Angle– identifying the unique selling point of the content such as “best”, “freshest” or “cheapest”.

New Digital Marketing Trends

2. Word Of Mouth

Acting as an invisible force behind the success of many brands, word-of-mouth is the hero that converts prospects into customers. Frankly speaking, businesses often do not care about this aspect. However, it is a major part of the New Digital Marketing Trends. Here are some statistics backing our point:

  • More than 80% of people on digital media trust the recommendations from their family and friends, while 70% of them trust recommendations they come across online.
  • Almost 70% of the buyers in the beauty and smartphone categories consider word of mouth as a major influence on their buying decision.

We at Xcentric Services believe that these numbers are relevant and consider word-of-mouth an important aspect of our customer acquisition strategies. Moreover, counting on digital media, we make this voice visible for our clients through:

  • Social Media Platforms– where word of mouth is visible in the comments and content shared.
  • User-Generated Content– fan pictures and product unboxing videos by customers posted on Instagram are good examples of such content.
  • Influencer Marketing– being a marketing type of its own, it is working quite well on the mechanism of word of mouth as people trust influencers more than businesses.

Besides everything else, to get word of mouth for our clients, we first ask them to deliver high-quality products every time because, without it, nothing works. After that, when the customers actually like the products, we get them to express their reviews on digital media. To do so, we apply the following tactics:

  • Encouraging customers to share short videos or pictures of the product they have received with relevant Hashtags.
  • Posting content that looks appealing to the customers using digital and social platforms leads them to take an action.
  • Sharing testimonials by the customers of the client without bragging about the products or services or sounding fake.
  • Making product reviews viewable on Google and social media platforms like Facebook.
  • Engaging in comments and controlling situations heading to negative word of mouth. While this might sound scary, transparency and courage go a long way in marketing.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends.

3. Omni-Channel Marketing

Imagine getting access to the products, support services, or offers by your favourite brand on every digital platform? Well, that is what omnichannel marketing is about. It is one of the Digital Marketing Trends that are not going anywhere as it provides convenience to the customers.

We have observed this trend quite often in E-Commerce. For instance, the big brand IKEA allows its customers to order from a mobile application, online web store, phone call, or directly by visiting their physical store. For clients at Xcentric Services, we too leverage this trend and provide their customers with omnichannel experiences on every device.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, the future is uncertain, and businesses cannot afford the luxury of waiting. Hence, to cope with the situation there is no other option than taking an action RIGHT NOW. However, for that, you need the help of professionals, right? Xcentric Services is here to brighten your path as you step ahead in the world of the Latest Digital Marketing Trends. To get on board with us, drop an email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.







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