Google Digital Marketing – How We Can Make It Work For Your Business?

kashif ali

  • Dec 27, 2021

All of us hear about the giant Google, where there are more than 3.5 billion searches made daily. However, we at Xcentric Services believe that it is much more than a search engine – literally A LOT more. In fact, there are countless Digital Marketing tools, along with the search engine of Google that we use as an agency to nail the marketing strategies of our clients.

So, if you are looking to take advantage of the search engine, get on board with us. Though before that, let us take you through the list of tools we use for marketing a business on Google.

FIVE Helpful Tools For Marketing Businesses On Google

We at Xcentric Services understand that using the Best Digital Marketing Tools is important to make sure that a business gets found on search engines like Google. Hence, our team uses the ones that work well for remodeling and targeting marketing strategies on Google. Want to know more about them? Keep reading the blog – we have all the details of the tools covered right below.

1.     Google My Business

Ever heard about free advertising? Well, we kid you now, it is a REAL thing on Google. When you hire us for marketing your business on the search engine, all we do is claim its presence on the Google My Business listing. Thus, featuring it in the search results and Google Maps as well for local searches.

The cherry on top is that, unlike Google AdWords, you will not pay for that position on local search results. So, if your Google My Business is not claimed already, let our experts walk you through the listing process.

Google Trends

2.     Google+ Business Pages

With the end of Google Authorship and the removal of Google +1s from the search results, the game is all about having an active Google+ Business Page. These days, if you are not a local business, given the massive empire of Google, having such a page helps play safe even if it is updated occasionally.

However, for local businesses, we at Xcentric Services set up and maintain a Google+ Page hand-in-hand with its Google My Business listing – making it even more critical. Also, considering that the listing includes a link to the Google+ Page, our team puts in extra effort and time to make it the BEST.

Lastly, if the target audience of our client is active on Google+, we smartly add its link to their website; particularly on the blogs. Moreover, because Digital Marketing on Google takes social signals as a ranking factor, website visitors can easily share the Google+ content and get it ranked.

Google Business Pages

3.     Google AdWords

If a business wants to give the organic efforts a jumpstart, we experiment with Google AdWords which is a pay-per-click product. Not familiar with how it works? It involves us creating Ads targeting specific keywords related to the client’s business. It then appears above or on the right of organic search results on Google when people search for those keywords. Technically, the cost of Ads will depend on the competition of the keyword that we are targeting. However, you will only have to pay for the Ads clicked.

Keeping in vide that AdWords is one of the expensive Types of Digital Marketing and unlike organic search it delivers quick results rather than in long-term, we do not ignore it. With that being said, our marketing experts use it smartly so that it helps boost the organic marketing strategy.

4.     Google Trends

Other than Google AdWords, we also consider Google Trends one of the great search and Social Media Marketing Tools. It helps our team make smart keyword choices, evaluate the popularity of specific terms, compare them with other variations of keywords, and show related ones too.

So, whether it is deciding between keyword variations for the blog title or a website page, we simply do a quick comparison in Google Trends – to see which has higher searches. Besides that, using it, we also identify the trendy news, topics, and content that our client can then leverage for growing in rankings.

How We Can Make It Work For Your Business

5.     Google Analytics

How many visitors on your website are returning and brand new? And, how much time are they spending on your website? Is its bounce rate high even after you invested in Digital Marketing? We can answer all such analytical questions for you by using Google Analytics. It is a free product providing smart insight into the website traffic and how visitors navigate it.

Though all things considered, the analytics it provides surely do not replace the analytics of other Online Marketing Platforms. Hence, as your partner agency, we will also integrate analytics tools like HubSpot; to track visitors and keep an eye on the marketing funnels – where leads convert to customers.


Not every business needs all the Marketing Automation Platforms and Digital Marketing tools in this list. However, if not used right, even the basic products like Google AdWords cannot grow a business. So, to make your marketing campaigns on Google run smoothly and use the right tools the precise way, hire Xcentric Services. We are a full-service marketing agency ready to help businesses as you stand ahead in the competition.







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