Digital Marketing Services In 2021 –The New Trends We Have Tried Hands On At Xcentric

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  • Sep 16, 2021

Businesses around the world have had to suffer a BIG hit because of the pandemic because it changed the way people shopped. At this point in 2021, in-store shopping is not preferred as buyers are actively shopping on the web. Fair enough, most businesses have also switched to an online storefront to stay in touch with their customers. However, with this increase in online shopping, the competition between them is quite high. Many businesses are investing in Digital Marketing Services provided by agencies. Professional SEO Services and other online marketing channels, do not forget that the trends keep on changing.

Even though digital marketing has been around for ages now, its efficacy has increased during these stay-at-home times. Being an agency ourselves, we at Xcentric Services also try our hands on some trends. In this blog, we have covered all those we have tapped into for clients – keep reading the blog.

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Digital Marketing Trends – The Ones We Are Following

Staying at the forefront of digital media is important for businesses to survive in 2021 and the following years because the pandemic changed everything – quite literally. From how businesses communicate with customers to the way customers shop. As a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, we are currently tapping into the following new trends for our clients:

1.      In-Email Purchases & Precise targeting

Though email marketing has been there for over decades, it always involved adding links in the body, directing to blogs or product pages. This way, the purchases are made right within a marketing campaign – without the receivers having to leave their inboxes.

The newest trend that we have tapped into is offering an app-like experience with email marketing campaigns by embedding videos and other interactive activities. Safe to say, we are finding it a great medium for learning about customers, recommending products, receiving feedback, and generating sales.

2.     Progressive Web Applications

As a relatively new trend in digital marketing, this option has started becoming more rewarding in 2021 for businesses of every size. Having a mobile-friendly website or preferably, a responsive one can provide users a great online shopping experience. However, even after optimization, there can be hiccups – and a website with the slightest lag means missed customers.

Imagine visiting a shady website that does not respond well. Would you consider purchasing there? The answer will always be a big NO. With an increase in customers using mobile, we have started leveraging Progressive Web Applications. They make it easy for the customers to find a brand by simply searching on Google – which directs them to the website. The website then launched into a Progressive Web Application without any downloading requirement. Sound promising, right? Get our Digital Marketing Services, and let us bring in sales for your business by following this trend.

3.     Artificial Intelligence

Many agencies are often not good at segmenting the target audience for marketing a brand. The way they segments assumes that the audience is preferring one thing over another. And honestly, these preferences can be hard to track. Yet, the marketers need to know them. Therefore, as a Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan, we use Artificial Intelligence to segment the audience the smart way.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to analyze demographic and behavioural data more efficiently than a human. It can even learn about the personal preferences of a user visiting a website. And so, to help and support the customers of our clients, we use it to take into account demographic information, purchase history, and browsing history.

4.     Voice Search

When voice searches are used, the queries are answered immediately without the user having to bother scrolling through search results. Normally, in the case of text searches, the results are scrolled down. However, with voice, the user goes ahead with the first result that pop-ups because it answers their question precisely. Considering it all, for keeping our clients on the first page of search engine result pages, we optimize digital marketing campaigns for voice search. Because the winner takes it all, our team makes sure to draft content with words that the users search normally related to the products or services our client sells.

5.      Conversational Marketing

Marketing while conversing with the target audience is shaping the future. The brands today do not just keep praising themselves but also listen to the problems of their customers. After listening, we solve these problems individually and this results in better relationships with customers where they feel heard.

However, having conversations with every customer individually sounds impossible. Therefore, when providing Digital Marketing Services, we take help from Chatbots as they speed up the process of resolving issues and help clients create relationships with customers. Besides, we also ask the customers to rate their interactions with the brand – or say the Chatbot and provide feedback. And while the customers go through the journey of understanding the brand, we understand how the customer can be influenced to make a purchase.

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Without following the trends covered in this blog, no business can survive in the digital world – surely not beyond 2021. Hence, if you have still not joined these bandwagons as a business, hire Xcentric Services as your Digital Marketing Agency to tap into them. To get started, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com and we will get back to you with a marketing plan!







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