Which is the best Digital Marketing Or Traditional Marketing?

kashif ali

  • Aug 02, 2022


Setting a budget for marketing is important for every business and equally important is spending it in the RIGHT direction. So, how would you know where to spend the budget when it comes to traditional marketing vs. Digital Marketing? For many businesses, taking the right marketing decision is not an easy plan, even though it makes a HUGE difference in the results. Hence, we are here to give you some clarity on the digital vs. traditional marketing aspect.

Running a business successfully is not only about picking the right market or selling high-quality products. You need the right kind of marketing technique to reach out to potential customers and eventually convert them into leads and customers. While some businesses do not prefer marketing, others want to increase profit and set a proper budget aside for it.

Unfortunately, even if you acknowledge the importance of effective marketing, the whole debate between traditional and digital ways might stump you. Being a business, you have to be sure that you are ahead of the competition – which means that you cannot only depend on outdated marketing ways anymore. So, before you look beyond the traditional marketing ways and completely understand how the latest marketing techniques can be leveraged, let’s look into their key difference.

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Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing – Where Should You Invest?

Deciding on a marketing budget is one thing and making sure that you get a good ROI is something else. And, this is exactly why it makes sense to focus on those marketing channels only that are more likely to get you the BEST bang out of the bucks spent. Truth to be spoken, the digital vs. traditional marketing debate is decades old and far from over.

Best Digital Marketing Agency Websites

However, given the advancement of technology and availability of the Best Digital Marketing Agency Websites, there is no denying the fact that marketing on digital media is a win-win. Without even putting any dent in your wallet, it will generate qualified leads and increase your sales. If you think deeply, this risk is quite small compared to that of traditional marketing – where you do not even know if people are looking at your promotional material.

These days, businesses of all sizes and industries are taking advantage of marketing on digital media, especially because of the low cost and no entry barrier. Surely, people watching your commercials on TV does help in brand building, but why not do it on a smaller budget? Here is what you will get in return by promoting on digital media – even when on a tight budget.

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1.  High Customer Interaction Level

While traditional marketing does not allow interaction with customers directly, digital marketing offers a high interaction and engagement level. Whether it is through emails or comments on social media posts, your target audience will be connected instantly with you through different digital channels.

Moreover, through Digital Marketing, as a brand, you will also be able to build long-lasting and better relationships with the customers by interacting via webinars, surveys, and videos. All in all, your business will perform much better when it will run in conjunction with customer requirements – and digital media enables doing just THAT.

Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan

2.  Easy Result Measurement

Advertising in magazines, distributing flyers, and giving away brochures means that you will now know how far the marketing efforts will be successful. There are chances of being headed in an entirely wrong direction, but there is also no way to tell unless you are hit with negative feedback. Unlike traditional marketing ways, marketing on digital media enables measuring results.

When providing Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan, our marketers at Xcentric also play clear-sighted games – not blind ones like traditional marketing. Do the same by accessing tons of information about your customers to understand where you are going as a brand.

Right from the count of people visiting and leaving your website to the percentage converting, marketing on digital media helps know it all. Imagine such a high level of testing and tweaking which is nearly absent in traditional marketing – you can surely do wonders leveraging it.

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3.  Wider Audience Range

Believe it or not, traditional marketing is limited in different ways and one of the major restrictions that comes with it is not being able to go beyond the local target audience. Is your business bound geographically? If not – then do not limit the reach.

By hiring us as your Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan, let our marketers create highly customized marketing campaigns for you to reach different cities and countries. In short, say GOODBYE to the blanket approach of traditional marketing and say Hello to marketing on digital media that allows altering campaigns no matter how far you want to go.

Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan

4.  More Effective & Less Expensive

When spending money on marketing, the ROI decides whether the campaign was successful or not. This should not come to you as a surprise that Digital Marketing fetches a higher ROI because it is less expensive than traditional advertising and marketing in many ways.

So, would you rather invest in an Ad where you will be paying based on the performance or in a newspaper that will cost you a fortune and be seen by a limited target audience? Surely, you would never want the latter. Hence, market your business on digital media to spend less and gain MORE. Although for many businesses this is a no-brainer, trust us – digital media is a GEM.

Convinced with the facts and data that digital marketing is definitely your way to grow as a business? Get on board with Xcentric. For more details, ring us at 0300-800-2094 or email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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